This is the full version of the song Canna sings in Chapter 11 at Daragan's grave. It's a cover of the vocaloid song "The Tear of the Sword" sung by Megurine Luka.

(I was not able to go anywhere and just stood here

You and I were dancing in the distorted world with lots of lures)

In this world that is becoming engulfed in night

I fondly remember you

Everything you gave me and your love despite

The hardships we went through

I want to protect a lot

(My country, my friends, and you)

All of them I treasure

But if I have to, I still cannot

Point this blade at you as your faithful lover

Believe you, trust you

Even if I must point this claymore at your head

I know that you'll just restrain your tears

And give me a smile instead

As you softly disappear

(We were both together.

I knew that one day, you'd awaken

I called your name out again and again

Though I understood my voice couldn't reach you)

Even if water can erode all of my sword

I won't let tears break my heart

Your love like a drop I adored

Slowly breaking it apart

The day when they came to take you away

All the colour in my heart turned back into grey

Come over here and listen to me

The day when you finally came back to save me

You cried tears as you tried to talk of

Your last plea

To die as the only one that I love

(I believe myself, my duty

You have awakened. I must protect the nation and the people

I believe in myself, this is your wish


Why am I shedding a tear?)

Believe you, trust you

This claymore resting in my bloody hands

Shaking and trembling

Your claws reach up to brush my hair strands

You kiss my forehead and start disappearing

(You were smiling, opening your arms

You snuggled me with your hands red

Believe you, trust you

The sword was shedding a tear in my tremulous hands)