This was extremely fun to write. Very easy too... a self contained character bashing as well. The words are sung to the flute-ish part in her song. The main melody repeated twice.

Yuffie's Theme Lyrics

My legs hurt and I
Haven't slept in four days.

I truck on without
Any money or praise.

I haul my butt on the airship
Just to keel and urk.
And the crew:
Mister creepy man
Double D's and a cat,
Lab subject.

I know that Cloud's hair is obnoxious
And that Barret is way too grumpy.
And we could fly straight if
Cid would just try.

But I need
Their materia....

Sometimes I get mad
I want to scream and shout.

And then I stop short;
Wonder what it's about.

And so I tell myself it's cool
Not to get stressed out.
I've been through
Things much worse than this
And I guess I could blame
All you guys.

Although my intentions were not pure
Although my bravery was futile
And at sometimes I was
A pain in the ass

We made up.
You put trust in me.