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Rose and Scorpius discuss the repercussions of pronging. Drabble. One-shot, unless Anni kidnaps me and demands more. Wrote this in fifteen minutes, and my Snape/Lily work is always much better than this.


Scorpius swore loudly.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," Rose replied. "These potions don't lie. And also..."

"What?" Rose made a face.

"I may or may not have gotten the potion from Madame Pomfrey."

"WHAT?" He roared furiously. "What do you mean, from Madame Pomfrey?"

"There's a confidentiality clause so it's not like-"

"Not like what, she's going to tell my dad?"

"Right, but-"

"Yur dad?" Scorpius paled.

"Oh God. Your dad."

"My dad? My dad, Ronald Weasley my dad?"

"Please, my father's told me plenty of stories about-"

Rose put on a mocking tone.

"My father was secretly not a bad guy but actually was really misunderstood, my father's totally rich and awesome, my father's going to hear about this-"

"My father WILL hear about this if you don't DO SOMETHING!"

"Well from what I hear from my father, Scorpius, you and your dad have a lot in common."

Scorpius huffed.

"Besides," Rose continued, "If you think your father or my father hearing about it is bad..."

"What, who else in your giant family of mutant redheaded freaks could possibly scare me?"

Rose inherited her mother's brains while her brother took on their father's temper - most of the time.

Obviously, this time was totally different.

"How about when he tells my MOTHER, Scorpius? You know, the one who punched your father in the face?"

"That was a total lie, my father told me-"

"Aunt Ginny? I'm sure you've heard of her Bat-Bogey hex?"

"It's almost as famous as her husband," Scorpius muttered sarcastically.

Deciding that she had had entirely enough of this arrogant Slytherin's snark, Rose reached into her arsenal for the single most dangerous person she knew.

"Grandma Molly?"

Scorpius went white.

"That's what I thought."

"You don't think she'd-"

"What, find out that her grandbaby was pregnant by a Slytherin Malfoy?"


"Damn right, and now we're back to square one."

Scorpius swore again.

"Now. As I was saying Madame Pomfrey doesn't have to tell anyone if we decided to... you know..."


"Okay, well when a couple gets pregnant but decides-"

"No, Rose, I meant no. No I don't want that."

"Well what the hell do you want?"

"I'm sorry. This is just kind of big news."



She looked at her boyfriend and sighed.


"I love you."

"I love you too, Scorpius, but we've got to figure something out."



Scorpius was silent as he tried to screw up the courage to ask what needed asking.


"I'm thinking."

"Well there's a first."

"Honestly, Weasley, I don't know what to do with you sometimes."

"I'm sorry. I'm just... kinda freakin' out right now."

"Mmhm. I understand."




"Hey Rose?"

"Yes Scorpius?"

"Do you think that Grandma Molly would kil me if we got married first? We are seventh years, after all."

"You know," Rose said smiling, "I think... probably not."