April 3

I think I very nearly had a heart attack when I walked down into my living room this morning to find Prussia lounging on the chesterfield. When I first saw him, I thought maybe it was just because I slept in a little later than normal and simply passed it off as me seeing things. I mean…I can't exactly say it's never happened before…

But after I got my coffee and went back to the living room to watch the news, I found out that I was perfectly sober and awake and there was actually a Prussia on the chesterfield, dozing off. I just kind of…stood there for several moments staring at him. I didn't really know what the make of it. What are you supposed to do when you find a semi-stranger asleep on your sofa! I'm sure I could have yelled or something or maybe brought out my hockey stick…but…

Oh god, it was just so surreal I don't even know.

At least he had the courtesy to shut the front door, but still…

When he woke up ( about five minutes after I found him there ) he shot up and started pestering me to make pancakes and give him some more of that syrup from yesterday. Again, not knowing how to act I just sort of stood there and stared. He ended up yanking on my curl trying to get my attention and the weirdest thing happened. It was like my entire body had suddenly gone numb and I sort of collapsed on the ground. My coffee upended onto Prussia who let out a right awful holler because of course it was near scalding.

After several moments of him bouncing around trying to get the coffee to stop burning and me just lying on the floor trying to get feeling back in my limbs, we got things back to normal. Sort of.

I tried to explain to him that barging into people's houses is not normal. And it's actually rather rude and uncalled for and considered breaking and entering. Prussia tried to reason that he didn't break anything, and if anything, I should be the one to apologize because I spilled my coffee all over his shirt. It was a moot point, and I figured that arguing with him wouldn't do anything to help the situation.

He absolutely refused to leave until I made him pancakes and gave him a new shirt. So, begrudgingly, I gave him an old sweater of mine for him to wear until I got the coffee stain out of his shirt and set to work on making pancakes. The quicker I got him out the better, right?


I made twenty two pancakes. Twenty two, and I only ate three of them. Not only am I out of maple syrup, eggs, and flour, but Prussia refused to reimburse me for it. He said he didn't have any money anyway and then plopped down on my couch and turned on the telly.

Oh god, the migraine I get from this man and it hasn't even been a day since we became "acquainted".

I called Papa to see what he said I should do. He just told me that trying to kick Gilbert out would prove futile and that I could either call Germany or simply get to know him. As luck would have it, I couldn't find my address book and Prussia refused to give me his brother's number. So I was stuck with him until further notice.

Further notice meaning four in the afternoon. And he didn't even give me my sweater back after I went through the trouble of cleaning his shirt! There is so much frustration building up and I have no idea what to do with it. I was always bad at handling anger. Usually I would just rant to Alfred about it, but he's not here today so…ugh…

I'll go…chop firewood or something later. That should probably help. It's a little early to start stocking up for the fall and winter but better late than never, I guess…

Overall, Prussia just sat around and talked. I don't think Alfred even talks that much when he comes to visit. And practically every word that came out of that man's mouth was about himself. He kept rambling about his "awesomeness" and how he was just too cool and…oh I don't even know. I ignored most of it.

But now that he's gone, I can take out my frustration on finishing with the attic. But, then again, swinging an ax at a block of wood sounds much more entertaining at the moment.

I'll just…pretend it's his foot or something. Cruel, yes, but after stealing my sweater and devouring all of my pancake supplies, I think it's perfectly fine.

Next time, I won't let him take advantage of me!