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Eugene was sitting in a chair in his room while reading a book when Rapunzel burst in.

"I'M FINISHED!" She yelled holding up a bunch of papers. Eugene was started at the loud yet beautiful voice and dropped his book. He looked up at her as she was smiling very big.

"Punzie, what are you talking about?" he asked with a questioning look. Rapunzel ran over to him and sat down in her chair next to his.

"Okay. Remember when Disney came by a couple weeks ago?"

"No. Why?"

She continued anyway. "Well, they did. They interrogated me about my life and what I went through 3 years ago."

"Your 18th birthday." He smiled. "What an adventure THAT was."

"Well, they asked if they could do a movie based on me but in historical times."

"That's pretty cool."

"I just finished writing the script!" She held up the papers and waved them. "They asked me to write every detail I remember. I kinda made you a bit of a narrator." She kept smiling and Eugene asked if he could read it. "No, silly! You have to wait for the movie to come out!"

"I'm your husband!"

"Doesn't change the fact that those are the rules. Oh, and I changed the fire to water. Instead of suffocating from smoke, we almost drown. I kinda changed a few things here and there to make it like t was from back then."

"So what are you gonna call it?"

She smiled.


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