I Just Found out I'm Addicted to You

Chapter 1: Something is wrong with that girl

Len's P.O.V

I stared blankly at the board and ignored Haku sensei drone on about some formula. I didn't need to pay attention because I already knew what this lesson was about. Don't get me wrong… I'm no nerd… I just have an image to keep. Everywhere I turned I saw at least one girl drooling over me. I smirked, ha some people are so shallow… but hey, who can help but love me? Let's take a quick scan… To my right: two girls, behind: one girl, front: three girls, to my left: …. Heh, just that Kagamine girl… whatever her name is. She is the only girl who doesn't practically kiss my feet. That doesn't bother me… I still have 99% of the school's girl population kissing up to me. Yeah, that's how awesome I am. I have the looks, grades, style, money… oh did I mention looks? I am Len. Len Kagamine, the most popular kid in my grade.

I coolly (I don't care if that isn't a word, I'll MAKE it a word) walked out the classroom only stopping to wink at a few girls. I swear I saw them melt… Maybe I should carry a few buckets around just in case they decide to stay a pool of liquid. Soon I arrived at the cafeteria where my friends Kaito, Gakupo, and Mikuo were waiting for me. Though we were from different grades (me being the youngest) we still got along great. We sat down in our usual spot. I was eating my lunch when I noticed the group of girls sit in the table next to ours. I knew all of them…Luka, Meiko, Miku, and Kagamine girl. Meiko was the oldest and whatever her name is the youngest. Miku catches my gaze and winks. I give her a small smile and look towards the short-haired blonde. She had transferred at the beginning of the semester and was still shy around her friends. Miku had practically dragged her away and insisted on being her friend. There are just some small details that creep me out about her. One, we both have the last name Kagamine. Two, we both have blond hair. Three, we both have blue eyes, mines being a slightly darker shade. Four, we are the same age. Five, we can basically be named twins based on looks. She is like a female version of me. Yes, it still manages to freak me out.

She turned to look at me. Instead of her blushing and looking away, I was the one who quickly averted my gaze. Maybe it was how alike we were that made me look away. I never get nervous because of a girl, much less look away. I focused on the conversation the guys were having and joined in. Suddenly Miku came up behind Kaito and covered his eyes with her hands. She went through the same "Guess who…" ritual that I found pretty pointless. As if he wouldn't guess his girlfriend was the one covering his eyes. I can't stand Miku's bubbliness (another word I created just for her). That is why I ended our relationship… she was suffocating me! Soon after that Kaito got with her and she seemed happy, yet why did she still wink at me? After we finished eating, Mikuo practically waltzed over to Luka and Meiko who were chatting at a table. Miku said goodbye to Kaito and caught up with them, dragging Kagamine who had been seated at an empty table. It was just Kaito, Gakupo, and I left at the table.

"So Kaito, how are the things with Miku going?" Gakupo asked while trying to avoid staring daggers at Mikuo who was currently flirting with Luka.

"It's going great! I still can't believe she accepted after I've been after her for so long."

"Well you actually never asked up until now."

"And she was too busy trying to get ME and since I dumped her she had to settle down for you." I added. Ooh, maybe too deep?

"Oh so the great player Len Kagamine has all the girls at his feet eh?" retorted Kaito.

"Yea pretty much," I said while playing with my hair "At least more than you."

Kaito looked pissed, "Well then, what about her!" He pointed to the girl's table.

I followed his finger and it landed on Luka. I saw Gakupo's eyes flare but they soon returned to normal.

"Luka…? I asked her out once and she said yes. We went out and ate at a restaurant… Yeah that's all we did, but it was something." I replied smoothly.

Kaito angrily scanned the crowd and pointed at Meiko.

"Meiko..? Ugh, she's too old. She has some good points but her drinking habits…" I shudder, "Not someone you wanna mess with when she gets drunk."

"Hah…" Kaito said as he began to smirk.

"Not that I couldn't get her at all. Didn't you guys see the way she tried to seduce me at Miku's party?"I said defensively, "I had to run to escape her."

Kaito's smirk quickly vanished but returned just as fast as he pointed to yet another girl. I followed his finger and it landed on a blonde short-haired girl… Oh no.

"What's wrong Len?" Gakupo asked and I realized I had gone pale and was still staring at what's her name.

"Nothing…" I said, regaining my composure.

Kaito smirked, "So she is the only one who you've yet to capture."

'More like the only one who ignores me' I thought.

"I can get her." I said as I stood up and walked over to her.

She looked up at me. I smirked my best smirk (if you can even do that) and winked. She rolled her eyes at me, stuck her tongue out before completely turning away. I stood there with my mouth open at what had just happened.

'Oh no she didn't!... ' I thought to myself . Nobody, I mean NOBODY disses me like that; especially not this girl with a ridiculous bow.

I furiously walked back to the table where Kaito and Gakupo were doing their best to refrain from laughing out loud.

"Oh I didn't think I would live to see the day a girl would just pass you up like that!" said Kaito between muffled laughs.

I had never been so… humiliated! I turned and saw the girl and she simply stuck her tongue out again before turning away.

Kaito had finally stopped laughing. He straightened up and so did Gakupo.

"Hey Len, if your such a great ladies man then why can't you get the attention of Rin over there?"

'Rin… So that was her name…'

"I don't know!" I said drastically "There is something wrong with that girl. I mean come on how could she NOT like me?"

"Tell you what, I bet you one hundred dollars that you can't make that girl fall for you."Kaito said.

"What?" I said a little too loudly. I didn't need money, so I would do it for fun. Plus, that girl had injured my reputation.

"What happens if I don't?" I asked cautiously.

"Nothing, you pay me and I have the satisfaction of seeing the great Len Kagamine get turned down by none other than Rin Kagamine. Oh and you will have to admit Miku is better off with me."

'Oh so that is what this is really about.' I thought, 'Well, I won't turn down a good challenge.'

"Okay ice-cream boy I accept your bet."

We both shook hands and then the bell rang, bringing lunch to an end. We broke up and went our separate ways. Rin was also in my next two classes… This wouldn't be so hard. I watched her as she walked away and saw as she turned and waved at Miku, a big smile on her face… 'Rin Kagamine, I'll make you fall for me.'