A/N: Something I wrote for my Aunt Christy. She has AML (a form of Leukemia) and now has an infection in her lungs. She's on life support because she can't breathe on her own and the worst part about it is the fact that she's only 35! And the fact that she's in another state and I can't tell her my goodbyes in person if she passes away; isn't doing me any favors ): We can only pray that she pulls through, sense she's in a coma. In any case, this is for her. Writing this hurt a lot more than I thought it would, although it may not seem that emotional- it was for me. She passed away though, not to long ago. Sorry I couldn't be there u.u R.I.P.

Have faith.

I know times like these are hard

and you may think that I don't understand.

And in all honesty, I probably don't,

but that doesn't mean I can't sympathize.

I could say, "Don't worry! You'll pull through,"

but no one is able to escape fate.

Although, I wish you the best

and hope you'll survive;

I want you to know that I'm praying for you,

that we'll always be here.

I'm sorry I can't be there in person,

routing for your recovery,

but we'll be there nonetheless.

No matter what happens,

we love you and we won't forget.

All we can do now is have faith.

I may only be fourteen,

but I'm old enough to see that the world

doesn't have much of that nowadays.

Take care and be safe!