"Are you sure?"

Hermione sighed, "Yes, I'm sure."

Hermione was attempting to make Ron Weasley eat a Mars Bar. A muggle candy, she told him, with caramel and some fluffy stuff on the inside, and chocolate on the outside. Ron was suspicious of the treat, although it looked harmless, it was strange to him that someone would name candy after a planet.

"But does it taste like Mars?" Ron questioned.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "No. It tastes like chocolate."

"Just chocolate?" Ron couldn't believe her answer.

"Well, yes."

"Then why would anyone buy it?"

The skinny brunette was tired of the endless questioning. Ron would normally eat anything, why not this? Hermione had finished her chocolate bar ages ago; she had been sitting here, in Ron's bedroom at the Burrow, convincing him to eat it. Finally, she decided to be blunt about it.

"Eat it, now."

Ron shrugged his shoulders, "Okay.", and he broke off a piece, popped it into his mouth and smiled.