Disclaimer and Other stuff: This is AU almost a spinoff of "what if" from my other unfinished work Campaign of Shock and Awe. The premise was pitched to me by EnsignRoLaren. The premise is simple: What if Quinn really was Supergirl? This is my response to it. Please don't expect regular updates or anything but I'm offering what I've got. We can take the ride together and see where it goes. Much love to you all.

There is a purpose in life a purpose for her life and it's not to save the world for all of Human Kind. It's just to protect the world for the handful of people that are in it that mean everything to her. At least, that's how the whole saving the world thing began. She just wanted to protect her family, her friends and Rachel...always Rachel. Quinn Fabray needed to make the world a safer place for them, and sometimes doing that meant her standing in the background blending in with the crowd. Sometimes it meant watching the life she wanted pass her by. Sometimes it meant watching the girl she was in love with walking hand in hand with someone else. Sometimes it meant a broken heart.

"Are you even listening to me?" Rachel asked irritated that her best friend seemed to be ignoring her. "I have to tell someone about my first date with Finn."

Quinn blinked a couple of times and then refocused her attention on the girl walking beside her. "Of course I'm listening." She didn't know how to not listen. Every word, whether intentional or not, meant something more than the syllables that compiled them.

"So he told me to meet him in the auditorium after school," Rachel carried on as she saw Quinn's attention drawn back to her. "He had a picnic laid out for us and he brought sparkling cider and…"

Quinn didn't need to hear the details. She already knew them because she's the one that had handed Finn Hudson Rachel's perfect date on a silver platter. She had held his hand as he fidgeted through deciding what 'kind' of girl Rachel was and the sorts of things Rachel would enjoy. He liked her, he really did and he was so eager to not screw anything up that Quinn couldn't deny him aid when he asked for it.

Letting him trip over his own thoughtless planning would have been selfish. It would have fed into Quinn's desire to see Finn fail and it would have allowed her to not sit beside Rachel during lunch break and hear her best friend pontificate about her best date ever with the best boy ever. It would have saved her from the tiny pricks to the heart each happy word that escaped Rachel's mouth caused Quinn.

"I'm really glad you enjoyed it, Rach," Quinn uttered, not quite sure if she was interrupting Rachel's story, but needing it to end. "You deserve it."

Rachel's eyes widened, caught off guard by Quinn's abrupt interruption. She reached out and covered Quinn's hand with her own. "Are you okay?"

"Of course I am," Quinn whispered. "It's Monday; I'm just tired."

Rachel looked over her childhood friend. They had grown up together and she took some pride in knowing when her best friend wasn't okay. "Are you sure? You seem…distracted."

Quinn started to reply, but her words were halted as she heard…something that didn't sound quite right. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. "I think I forgot my homework in my locker. I need to get it," she rushed out an explanation before she hurriedly stood and then rushed out of the cafeteria. She kept walking until she was well away from any curious eyes, and then she looked up at the sky and flew away.

Quinn arrived at the scene of the accident before the authorities. She quickly assessed the situation, seeing the overturned vehicle and the gasoline pouring from the ruptured gas tank. Gasoline bled onto the pavement and already a small spark had caused the gas to ignite. Without thought, she sped towards the overturned vehicle needing to save the unfortunate person who might be caught inside. She came to an abrupt halt when her eyes looked over the passengers and she could see that they were clearly already dead.

She was too late.

"Damn it!" She cursed as she hit the side of the car in her frustration. "God damn it!"

She couldn't understand why her life had to be so unfair. Of all the days, she needed this…one thing in her life to not suck. She had chosen to let Rachel go because of this and even this she couldn't get right.

Sirens began blaring in the distance, drawing closer by each passing second. Quinn looked around at the fire that engulfed her but didn't burn her skin and then back at the young man who was staring blankly at his failed rescuer. She shook her head and then quickly blew out the fire.

Reverently, she unbuckled the young man from his seat. She removed his body from the vehicle and then laid him out on the pavement. She looked him over once more, wishing she could have done something to make everything better. The sirens continued to grow closer and she knew that she was running out of time. So, she reached down and closed the stranger's vacant eyes and then took off again.

She returned to the school just in time for Algebra. She quickly took her seat behind Rachel and did her best to focus her attention on Mrs. Atwood instead of the scene she had just left. She tapped her pencil against the edge of her desk as she pretended to take notes drawing Rachel's attention.

Rachel looked over her friend once more and then abruptly raised her hand, "Mrs. Atwood, Quinn and I need to be excused."

Accustomed to Rachel's unusual outburst, Mrs. Atwood raised her brow at the interruption but didn't offer any reprimand. "Don't forget to take the hall pass," she muttered before returning to her lecture.

Rachel stood and then reached over and grabbed onto Quinn's hand.

"Rachel," Quinn quickly protested, "don't."

Rachel raised a challenging eyebrow. Quinn rolled her eyes but allowed Rachel to pull her out of her seat and then out of the classroom.

Quinn pulled her hand out of Rachel's as soon as they had exited. "What!"

Undisturbed by Quinn's ire, Rachel placed her hands on her hips clearly indignant. "You are clearly under distress, Quinn."

"It's Algebra," Quinn shrugged. "Everyone is under distress in there. Have you seen what Mrs. Atwood is wearing?"

Rachel leveled Quinn with a disbelieving look. "You aren't a very good liar."

"What are you talking about?" Quinn narrowed her eyes. "I'm an excellent liar."

Rachel's right hand dropped from her waist. She reached out and brushed the tips of her fingers against Quinn's left cheek. She brushed her fingers against soft skin and Quinn couldn't help but close her eyes. She couldn't but help but take comfort in the contact no matter how brief.

"Is that soot?" Rachel asked, but didn't wait for an answer. "How did you end up with soot on your face?"

Quinn's eyes fluttered open and she looked down at the tips of Rachel's fingers that were covered in a fine layer of dark dust. "I'm not sure that's any of your business."

"Quinn…" Rachel began but was interrupted by Finn yelling her name from halfway down the hallway. He hurried his long gait so that he could get closer to the two girls obviously in intense conversation.

"Hey, Rachel," he said again. "Uh, what are you doing out here? I thought you had class." His eyes quickly swept over Quinn. "Hi, Quinn," he added almost as an afterthought.

"Hello, Finn." Rachel stepped away from Quinn.

Quinn looked between her best friend and the boy. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm going to the bathroom," she muttered and then walked away. She could feel Rachel's eyes following her, but also felt when their attention turned away from her and towards Finn Hudson.

A part of her had hoped that Rachel would chase after her and demand answers, and a part of her was broken hearted that Rachel stood still and fell giddy at Finn's untimely….timely appearance. Quinn roughly pushed open the bathroom door. She walked to the sink and then carefully looked over her face. Whatever dirt had been there from the car wreck Rachel had already wiped away.

Quinn closed her eyes and leaned onto the sink. She tried to focus on the silence around her, but instead found herself focusing on the conversation that was taking place too close to the girl's bathroom. At least, it was too close for her.

She could hear Finn Hudson stumbling through asking Rachel out again. She could hear Rachel's excitement as the invitation was accepted. She could hear the pieces of a normal life that she wanted fade further away.

Quinn reopened her eyes. She took in a deep breath and looked back into the mirror at her reflection.

"Buck up, Supergirl," she told herself. "There's a world to save."