Sebastian was doing his regular nightly duties when all of a sudden he a got sharp pain in his side. He gasped in pain but just ignored it and went back to his duties. After a while, it was morning and Sebastian's pains went from bad to worse, but Sebastian just thought he was coming down with some demon sickness so he went to Ciel's room to wake him up.

He got to his room and went to open the curtains when he was struck with the worst cramp ever. He gripped the curtains tight and stifled a groan.

Finally the pain went away.

He opened the curtains and said, "Young master it's time for you to..." but he was cut short when another pain crashed over his body making him clutch his stomach and fall to his knees and groan.

Ciel woke and said "SEBASTIAN! What are you doing on the floor? Are you ok?" Sebastian looked up panting heavily and said " I honestly don't know, young master. I've been having these really bad stomach pains since last night and they have been getting worse and..." Sebastian was cut off by a warm gush from between his legs and forming a puddle under him.

"Sebastian did you just piss yourself?"Ciel asked in a disgusted tone.

Sebastian just stared at the growing puddle with wide eyes and looked up at Ciel.

"No young master I didn't pee", he said his voice sounded a bit shaken.

Ciel looked confused. "Then what is it?"

Just then Sebastian groaned in pain. "AHHHH! I… It's wa...water."

"Water?" Ciel questioned.


Ciel looked really confused and asked, "Where did it come from?"

Sebastian looked up and said, "It came from ...m-me"

After those words were spoken, it clicked in Ciel's head. "Sebastian is there any way you could be pregnant?"

Sebastian's eyes became saucers just then he was struck by another pain but this time he felt the strong urge to push and Sebastian started to take of his pants and underwear. After seeing this Ciel rushed to Sebastian's side and helped Sebastian out of his pants.

Ciel didn't know why he was doing this: maybe it was because Sebastian was in so much pain, but as he helped Sebastian get out of his pants, Ciel caught a glimpse of what looked like the top of a head coming out of Sebastian.

Seeing this made Ciel's eyes go wide he looked up at Sebastian who was panting and sweating.

"Sebastian you're having a baby!"

Sebastian looked at Ciel in shock he opened his mouth and said, "What!"

"You're having a baby. The pain you have been having is contractions and that water that was coming out of you was your water breaking, and I can see the can see the top of the baby's head. This baby is coming now!"

Sebastian just stared at Ciel absorbing every thing he said.

He opened his mouth, "I...need to push", was all he said when another contraction racked through his body and Sebastian bore down and started pushing.

Sebastian screamed. When the contraction finally ended, leaving him panting.

"Sebastian you are doing really good the baby is crowning one more push and the head will be out."

Sebastian looked at Ciel in amazement and asked, "How do u know so much about childbirth, Young Master?"

"Well when me and Lizzy were engaged she always talked about having kids and made me read up on pregnancy and childbirth so that's how I know. Kinda lucky I read up on it though, huh?"

"Yeah it...AHHHHH!" Sebastian yelled as he started pushing again. And as he pushed the baby's head out, the door flung open.