Hi. Sorry guys. I'm doing a re-start on this. somewhere along the way my plot got all mixed up and...well I didn't want you guys to read such a horrible mess. Anyways, I've noticed in my writing that I rush or make things progress too fast. If you could point out some of those spots or give me a warning when you see it happen, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Dim light shone into dead blue eyes, and surrounded the lithe figure of the man, creating almost a glowing aura around him.

His golden locks were in disarray, covered in blood and slime. Ethereal blue eyes were focused onto a cup held between two hands, which only held a drop of alcohol left. He was so still that he could have been mistaken for a statue.

A silence rested upon the pub, almost as dead as the eyes of the golden haired man. But it was broken by the slam of a door, and the irrigated voice of a brunette woman.

"Cloud! The reason I lock the bar is so people can't go in. That includes you too," she said with frustration in her tone.

Cloud pushed away the cup, turning around as he sighed, "Tifa, you gave me the key. Now you say I can't use it?"

The aggravation in Cloud's voice was pronounced as glowing blue eyes glared scathingly at Tifa.

The dim lighting made it hard for Cloud to see her expression but he could tell by the tone of her voice that she was tired. Reno must have done something to cause an argument again.

"Cloud," Tifa ran a hand through her hair, signifying that she was stressed, "….I think you should see someone to talk to about your…"

Cloud could see she was struggling for the words, but he remained silent and as Tifa continued, a bright spark of rage glowed in his eyes.

"….experiences. Just so you could get better—," the sound of the chair scraping the wooden floor made Tifa freeze and Cloud could see how she resisted the urge to step back in fear.

"Better, Tifa? Am I sick? Does it seem to you like I'm losing my mind?" Cloud's voice was barely a whisper, but it was cold and it echoed in the pub, resonating inside Tifa's ears.

This time, Tifa did take a step back as she stammered, "C-C-Cloud, you know that's not true, it's just—,"

"Just what?" Cloud snarled out, the fire not fading from his eyes, the anger curling and growing inside him.

The only light in the pub flickered, and for the one second that Tifa could not see Cloud, she felt as if she was in danger. But she was with Cloud.

"You," Tifa whispered, "wouldn't hurt me, would you Cloud?"

Then the fire in Cloud's eyes extinguished and he looked at her in shock.

[Hurt. Pain. Cold]

Cloud exhaled, slowly.

(Specimen C reacts wonderfully to the pain stimulant's, healing only takes mere seconds— remarkable.)

[Cold hands, touching him, hurting him.]

Chains digging into skin and—(Please, stop!)

Tifa watched as Cloud took in a shuddering breathe, and she neared closer cautiously, "Cloud? Are you okay?"

Blue eyes zeroed in on her and once again, Tifa froze. Cloud's eyes….they looked so dead.

The lights flickered again.

Then Tifa's eyes landed on the spot Cloud had been, and she frantically looked around for him. Finding no one, she sat on the bar stool and prayed. Because Cloud was gone.

The sudden rush of freezing air did not faze Cloud, nor did the blinding sun. His thoughts ran frantic as he put one foot in front of another in the pure white snow.


Cloud had for a second let the anger take control. He could have hurt Tifa. This frightened him more than Sephiroth ever could.

[Broken glass on the floor, warm soothing hands, and comforting whispers.]

Cloud stumbled up the mountain trail, glowing blue eyes set ahead, determination flaring in them.

(Cloud. Cloud. It's okay, now. You're safe. I'm here, remember me? Zack?)

Dropping to his knees, Cloud clutched his head, whimpering, "Zack." Taking a gasping breathe in, Cloud stood, staggering across the trail.

[Sunlight graced pale skin, and the truck shook as it rode on the rough rode.]

(We're friends, right?)

The weather got colder and the snow higher as Cloud climbed. He had walked off of the path a while ago. Now there was nothing but white and trees surrounding him.

[Large warm hands ruffling his hair, wind blowing in his face, and then—]

(Cloud? Stay here, okay? I'll protect you.)

The entrance of the cave was hidden between two large granite rocks, the hole just barely large enough to let Cloud through. Inside, millions of tiny rocks embedded in the rock shone like stars. But, Cloud's eyes were fixated on the green bubbling pool of mako.

[A smile. A warm hand in his hair and then Zack's back was facing Cloud. Getting smaller by the second.]

Cloud slowly approached the pool of mako, every step closer it started to boil faster and then an outline of a person started forming.

Cloud froze as the mako started boiling so hot that it created a fountain in the middle of it. The silhouette in the middle of the fountain suddenly sharpened and Cloud croaked out, "Aeirth…"

She smiled at him, brown eyes sad and her sundress flowing around her. The sudden ambush of pain and guilt nearly overwhelmed Cloud. He opened his mouth to say how sorry he was, how much he wished that he could have saved her but Aeirth just shook her head.

"Don't Cloud, it was not your fault."

Cloud's eyes glowed brightly at the words, "You don't understand Aeirth. Everything was my fault." It was spat out with such loathing towards himself that Aeirth's eyes glittered with tears.

[Dead bodies everywhere. Zack laying on his back, watching the sky as if waiting for an angel to come and take him.]

"Cloud," Aeirth's voice echoed off of the cave walls, "take my hand."

Cloud looked at her outstretched hand, and then at the bubbling mako.

(Cloud, you're my legacy.)

A step into the pool and Cloud instantly felt the searing heat that came with mako. Another step in and he was on fire. But then Cloud's outstretched hand touched Aeirth and he was numb.

Aeirth smiled sadly, "Trust him Cloud, you just have to trust him and everything will be okay."

Surprise showed on his face, and Cloud's mouth slightly opened to ask who. But before the word could ever be uttered, Cloud was enveloped by the mako. It was as if it had a hold on him and was drowning him.

Aeirth faded from his sight but the image of tears streaming down her face, and her mouthing the words trust him was imprinted in Cloud's mind. As it forever would be.

Then there was nothing but mako green.

Am I off to a good start?