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The burning of the mako, the bright green shining through his eyelids, was what woke Cloud. The instinctive deep breath resulted in an onslaught of mako in the lungs and Cloud forced sluggish limbs to start moving.

Feeling as if he was swimming in a container of glue, Cloud painstakingly swam to the surface. Breaking through, Cloud grabbed onto the edge of the mako pool and took in gasping breaths. Ocean blue eyes flickered to illuminating green and then back to flaring ethereal orbs.

Cloud's nails dug into dirt as he pulled himself out of the pool. Muscles protested against the action and Cloud collapsed onto the ground, soaked in mako.

[Aeirth smiling and she looked so sad.]

(Why was she so sad?)

Cloud forced himself up, heading to the entrance of the cave and not looking back. It was too painful to look back. The sun was setting outside and the snow looked like it had melted a foot and now only was about six inches high.

On the way, back down the trail all Cloud could think about was what Aeirth had said. Deep down, Cloud probably knew what she meant but right now, it was as if the thought was buried within his mind. Sighing, Cloud ran a hand through his golden locks and wondered why his body hurt so damn much. It felt like it had been run over by a pack of wolves.

Echoing laughter that was followed by distinct voices put Cloud on alert. Hiding behind a tree, Cloud's eyes zoned onto the trio that was following the trail that lead to the burned down Nibleheim.

Cloud wondered what they were going to do up there. There was nothing but ash and debris left. Cloud observed them a bit more closely, focusing on their clothing and their appearance. The Shinra uniform popped out first and the thought of Shinra made Cloud grit his teeth. But the company was supposed to be dead.

Confusion filled Cloud's head and when his eyes landed on long silver hair, his heart stopped.

(I will…never be a memory!)

The words rang inside his mind and Cloud mentally told himself to breath because this couldn't be real and he was just hallucinating and Zack was not standing in between himself and Sephiroth.

(Would you say….I became a hero?)

Cloud gasped and put a hand over his mouth as Sephiroth sharply turned on his heel and examined an area only a couple feet away from where Cloud was.

(You're nothing but a puppet.)

Zack turned around in concern, "What's wrong Sephiroth?"

Sephiroth shook his head, giving the area one last glance before following Zack. "It was nothing."

And Cloud fell to his knees, a panic erupting inside him. Because somehow, reality had shattered and there was two of him walking around.

But the worst part was—Sephiroth was alive, and he was only an hour away from destroying Cloud's live forever.