Jaina's POV:

A blurred girl was clutching a little bundle, tears running down her face. As I watched, Zekk threw himself in front of her, and a small woman with black hair and orange eyes advanced on them.

He shoved the girl back, and pulled out his lightsaber. The woman just laughed, and pulled out a whip that crackled with bloody red electricity.

I looked at Zekk, but he and the woman were fighting so quickly, I couldn't see what exactly was going on. The girl was sobbing, clutching the bundle to her chest.

A scream echoed through the room, and I saw Zekk on his knees, hands on his stomach, as blood seeped through his fingers.

The girl set the bundle down, and pulled out her own lightsaber, and struck the girl from behind, cutting her down.

Zekk relaxed, and I could tell he was in a healing trance. He was going to make it. The girl clutched the bundle to her chest, and whispered

"This world is no longer safe. I'll have to send you to…earth. Goodbye, Mara." The whisper was barely audible, and the bundle disappeared with a pop.

I snapped awake, eyes flying open. I was in a cold sweat.

"Jaina?" Zekk's soft voice came from the other end of my chambers.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, sitting up.

"You were screaming." He said simply.

"Oh. Well, I'm fine. Dream vision." I said.

"Was it about last year?" He asked.

I sighed. Last year an attack had been launched on the Jedi academy, and nearly killed us all.

"No. Something similar. A new sith." I said quietly. I heard the soft wish of air as Zekk moved across the room.

I felt him slip his hand into mine.

"Are you ok?" He asked, and I could since he was attempting to remain calm, for my sake.

"Is she ok?" light temporarily filled the room as Jacen opened my door.

"Yea." Zekk said. The door closed again.

Zekk never left my side that night, not even after I drifted into unconsciousness….

1 year later

" I'm gonna shoot him!" Han yelled angrily, jumping up from the couch, his hand going for his blaster.

"Han, no!" Leia yelled, the blaster flying into her hand, and she forced him back onto the couch.

I winced.

"Dad, I'm sorry…" I started, but he was in explolo-mode, so he just got a darker shade of angry red, and uttered several curses.

I did the dumb thing. I burst into tears and ran. I ran into the cave, the secret meeting place…..

Zekk's POV:

I waited for Jaina in the cave where we usually met, to avoid attention, to keep people from knowing we were meeting each other.

Then she flew in, tears running down her cheeks.

"It didn't go well?" I guessed. She nodded, and plopped down on a rock. I sat next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, and let her cry.

Tenel Ka's POV:

I allowed myself to melt into jacen's kiss.

He pulled me closer, his lips moving to my jaw. I sighed.

If only we could do this every day without being bombarded by the press….

Suddenly a blur of images flashed in front of my eyes, and I fell to the ground, Jacen with me.

I could only make out 5 things:



A sith girl

A baby

A body

(A/N is it good? Set 2 years after shadow academy's attack. Another sith academy attacked the jedi academy 5 weeks after the shadow academy thing. That's what Zekk's talking about.)