A CSI Miami FanFic

By NiteJasmine

Set: S8, Ep:"Dishonor." Calleigh and H are in a serious, romantic and committed relationship. But Kyle's return from duty brings tragedy and trauma, and threatens to upset everything…

I don't own anything or any characters from CSI Miami, I just borrow them for fun on occasion…


*This is MY take on the Season 8 Episode "DISHONOR." I have been rather irritated by some of Kyle's behavior since the very first time I saw this episode, but had to ignore the urge to do anything about it, as I had so many other projects and stories going. But after watching the episode again on DVD recently (which I do during summer hiatus!), this particular story was just begging to be written... so I finally had to oblige.

*This will not be a long, involved story, only a few chapters…

*So… here is MY version of the events as I would have them. Major variances from the actual epi: Kyle is NOT slated to deploy to Afghanistan... and Horatio and Calleigh are in a deeply loving and devotedly romantic relationship… and Kyle doesn't know that yet…


Calleigh was in the ballistics lab when Natalya walked in and got her attention. "Hey, did you hear about Horatio and Kyle?" the dark-haired CSI said, her eyes wide with disbelief.

Alarm bells went off in Calleigh's head, and she immediately put down the gun she was test-firing and gave her friend her full attention.

"No," she answered cautiously. "What?" She knew Kyle was finally back in the states after his 12 month tour in Bosnia, and that father and son were having a leisurely breakfast together at a waterfront restaurant. Had something happened to them?

"I'm sorry Cal, I don't mean to be a gossip or anything, but you and Horatio being, you know, involved…"

"Nat, just cut to the chase, please," Calleigh said urgently. "What happened?"

"There was a burned body, wrapped in tires, execution style. It appears to be one of Kyle's Army buddies, his best friend actually. Kyle was the one who found him, actively burning… he and Horatio tried to help… but, it was just too late."

"Oh my God…" Calleigh breathed.

"That's just the start of it…" Nat continued. "I was on scene. I was canvassing the perimeter and found an antique military flashlight. I bagged it and gave it to Horatio. When he showed it to Kyle, that kid just… went nuts. He bolted across the road and started yelling at this guy next door. Then he tried to physically attack the guy, right there in front of everyone. It was pretty intense, Kyle just kept screaming at the guy, until a couple uniforms had to forcibly take him away. Horatio ended up having to apologize to the neighbor for the attempted attack. I mean, I couldn't believe it. Kyle was completely out of control. I'm sorry, Cal. But, I just thought you should know."

Calleigh was stunned. For the past several months, things between her and Horatio had been so wonderful, so smooth, so relaxed and enjoyable. They had grown very close, and had managed to comfortably balance their romantic relationship with their professional one. They were each other's best friends as well as passionate lovers. They had even been flirting with the idea of moving in together, which wouldn't be much of a stretch since Calleigh practically lived at Horatio's place anyway.

But Horatio had wanted to wait for his son to come back home from overseas, to leave that door open for the boy, in case Kyle needed a place to stay for a while, just him and his Dad. Kyle knew nothing of his relationship with Cal, Horatio had wanted to tell him in person. Calleigh completely understood all of that, and was behind it one hundred percent. She knew how much Horatio loved his son, as well as how much that wonderful man also loved her. So when the word finally came down last month that Kyle was coming home, Horatio had been literally counting the days and the hours.

But now to have something like this happen? So brutal and traumatic. It was unthinkable. She hadn't yet spoken to Horatio since he had left to meet his son for breakfast this morning… so she had no idea how much Kyle knew… or didn't know…

However, trauma or not, she still couldn't fathom Kyle's violent behavior. Horatio must be feeling mortified…

She caught a flurry of activity outside the lab doors. Horatio walked by briskly, followed by a very angry looking Kyle. She fought down a flash of her own anger as she took off her white lab coat, hung it up, and hurried down the hall after them.

She lost sight of the two men briefly, but then eventually spotted them up in the 2nd floor conference room. Horatio was maintaining a controlled and calm demeanor, while Kyle was rapidly accelerating into a full blown rant. She stopped short and stood there, watching in disbelief as the scene upstairs unfolded before her eyes.

She couldn't hear what they were saying, but it was clear that Kyle was obviously very upset. And he was clearly taking it out on his Dad. Calleigh watched as the young man threw his little tirade, allowing his temper to vent. Obviously, Kyle didn't notice that he and his father were in a glass-walled room, in the middle of a Police station, where his father worked. He was too caught up in himself and his own selfish anger. Then she saw Kyle angrily yelling at his Dad. Actually yelling at him! Horatio kept his cool, and stayed calm, and apparently this further fuelled his son's belligerence. She watched in quiet horror as the boy went over and violently kicked a row of chairs into the back wall with a heavy military boot.

She was appalled. She tore her eyes away and looked around the busy hallway, which was in full view of the upstairs conference room, and noticed some questioning glances being shared by several of the uniformed officers passing through, and more than a few raised eyebrows. Hushed disjointed whispers caught her ears. "…Jeez, he's in uniform," "…no military discipline there," "…imagine acting like that," and then she heard the comment that made her blood boil… "…Wow, isn't that the Lieutenant's kid?"

Calleigh nearly shook with fury. How dare that boy behave so badly! Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever spoke to or treated Horatio Caine like that. Much less his own son! But the red-haired Lieutenant just stayed quiet and stoic, keeping his internal feelings buried deep and well-hidden, like he always did in public. But she knew better. She loved that man dearly, and she knew him well enough that she could see the hurt and disappointment that Horatio was feeling, just from the subtle manner of his body language. And it made her heart ache.

Calleigh had seen enough. What she wanted to do was to storm up those stairs and teach that indignant boy some respect. But she thought better of it. The last thing Horatio would want would be another emotionally charged public scene. He had enough to deal with right now without having her actions add to it. So instead, she turned and hastily retreated back to her ballistics lab to try and cool off.

Before she could get there, her cell rang and she received a new assignment. The burned body was proven not to be Kyle's friend Brian, but rather a man named Raheem Farook. Calleigh professionally put aside her own personal turmoil, and soon found herself and Jesse in the grieving widow's living room. There had been a moment of excitement when the woman's fingerprint had turned up on the gas can found at the scene, but that had faded with the very plausible explanation. The two had left with more questions that they had arrived with.

As the case unfolded, both Brian and his girlfriend Maya, the dead man's daughter, had been brought in and questioned. And throughout the rest of the day, Calleigh had a few more chances to observe Kyle's selfish behavior and the disrespectful way he sometimes treated his father. It kept her anger at a slow boil.

But duty took the forefront. There was work to be done. Further investigation had revealed a sad tale of modern love battling against old world ways. And it was eventually discovered that the murderer was actually Mr. Farook's wife. It was a tragic crime of passion, mother saving daughter. And Horatio was the one to finally close it out.

It felt like the entire lab had breathed a collective sigh of relief, albeit a sad one.

However, the personal fireworks were far from over…

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