HI! How are you all doing? Great? I hope so.

Just so you know, Kingdom Keepers Percy Jackson Maximum Ride Crossover is up and has one chapter so far.

Two things:

1: It's under a strange category, considering it crosses with 3, and Fanfiction only gives you options for 2, so I said 'Percy Jackson' and 'Maximum Ride'. And Fanfiction thought Kingdom Keepers Percy Jackson Maximum Ride Crossover was too long, I didn't have another title on hand, so I have a temporary title for it. 'Kingdom Keepers Percy Jackson Maximum Ride Epic'. Not the best, but I couldn't think of anything else. Hey… what if you came up with the title? That would help immensely… -cough- PLEASE. Review and tell me, either on this story or the KKPJMR Epic, for short.

2: THERE ARE NO REVIEWS. –gasp- For people who are so hyped up… anyways, please review! It makes my life much, much happier and makes the future chapters much, much better, if that was possible, you know. I'm kidding, I don't think my chapters are all that great considering from all the things I read. Oh, Finn says hi.

So… here you have it. Come up with a title for KKPJMR crossover, and I hope it's short enough. It doesn't have to be KINGDOM KEEPERS PERCY JACKSON MAXIMUM RIDE CROSSOVER… oh. Really, Kat? Really? You just came up with the perfect title right now? –ahem- You remember when I said come up with a title? Pretend that never happened. Pretend you got distracted and saw Mr. Sparkles the unicorn Pillow Pet prancing over the hill and eating caramel apples from a rainbow tree. BUT ANYWAY. Just review on it please. Oh, wait, I probably should tell you the title huh? That way you can find it. And review it, I hope. Or you could not be lazy and just check my stories on my profile page. C'mon you silly Americans… Wait! Don't non-Americans read this stuff too? In that case, don't be fat either.

Read and Review? Partially? I hope you realized I typed this on the spot and really have no idea what I'm talking about. So, please review the dang story. Mmkay? THANK YOU!