This is my first story, so I'm sorry if it sucks.

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Friday night at Ethan's house, Ethan's POV

When the doorbell rang, I nearly had a heart attack. I fell out of my bed with a loud and painful crash.

"Ethan? Are you all right?" called my overprotective mom.

I yelled back, "Fine!".

"Come down Ethan, I have something to show you." came a voice different from my mother's. It was Sarah!

I leaped up from my floor and ran to the stairs where I slowed my run to a calm and cool walk.

"Hey Sarah. What did you want to show me?" I asked.

"Oh, just a new book that I got this morning" She replied sweetly. But the look in her eyes told me it was urgent and it was something that should'nt be talked about in mixed company...(I'll give you a hint-fangs.)

My mom interupted our silent communication. "Well, we don't want to be late for 80's movie night, right honey? You kids have fun!"

"Not too much fun, though." My dad added in a undertone.

Crap. Why does my dad always assume that me and Sarah might...nevermind. Focussing my attention back to Sarah, I led her to the couch and plopped down.

"Ok, What happened?" I asked. Sarah looked both ways to make sure that Jane, my sister wasn't listening to our conversation. Lately, our conversations have been a little more than G-Rated.


Friday night at Ethan's house, Sarah's POV

I just didn't know how to tell Ethan that over the past few days I've been craving his blood more and more. It was just so special, and he was so vulnerable...And Ethan's blood wasn't all she wanted...Stop! You've got to stop thinking that.

"Are you going to tell me, or are you going to sit there like a statue forever?" Ethan said.

I took a deep breath. "Well Ethan, I don't know how to put this but-"

"PIZZA'S HERE" Screamed Benny as he burst through the door. His overnight bag was slung across his shoulders and was suspiciously full. Candy.

"Hey Benny." Ethan said. Then he took a curious side glance at me. I rolled my eyes at Benny, and all of a sudden I was leaning on Ethan for support because I couldn't stay upright I was laughing so hard. Ethan was laughing too, his warmth almost overpowering me.

"Ooooh I see what's going on! Nice job E. As I told you before, She is a Babe-o-"

"Benny!" Ethan and I said together Benny looked totally wounded for a second, but then returned to his usual goofy self.

"So what did I miss?" Benny said while purposly climbing onto the spot right between Ethan and I.

"Well, Sarah was just going to tell me something very important." Ethan said to Benny.

Benny's face lit up in mock excitement "A STORY? Oh I wanna hear! Please? Please? PUUHH-LEEEZZZZ?" He curled up practically in my lap. Since Benny is like twice my height and weight, and he was jumping around so much, I decided to let him win.

"Yes, I guess I can tell Benny, too. But as long as you get off me and act like a human". Benny automatically straightened and gave me his 'Best little boy in the world face'.

Again, I took a deep breath, and readied myself for what was about to come. "Ethan, you remember the blood drive, right?"


"Well, you remember all the hype about your special blood?"


"I...uhhhhhh...have been sorta...craving your blood. Really badly, actually. Like it's hard to be around you, you smell so good." There. I said it.

"Oh God. Really?" Ethan said, noticably freaked. I intsantly regretted telling him.

Benny broke the silence."Man, this is awkward." Thanks Benny.

Friday night at Ethan's house, Benny's POV

Ok, This is officially the most awkward situation I've ever been in. My nerdy best bud's babe-tastic babysitter just told him she wants his blood. I perched uncomfortably between them. Sarah and Ethan were just staring at each other. I pulled out my phone and texted Erica.

Benny: u got2 help me! Come 2 E's house ASAP

Erica: y shud I?

Benny: it's E and Sarah. & I promise we can sing+dance 2 anything u want l8er

Erica: In that case, i'l b rite over

"Sarah? Erica is coming over, ok?" no answer. Hmph.

"Ethan, is everything all right?" I ventured

He responded!"Yep. Could you get me some cereal?" It's about time someone other than me spoke. He probably just wanted to be alone with Sarah.

"Yeah, ok. Back in a bite!" I have never seen Ethan with such an evil look.

"Sorry dude! I'm getting your cereal...just wait." I walked off into the kitchen and grabbed two boxes. When I walked into the family room, I saw something that nothing in life had ever prepared me for. I fell over with a silent scream.

Friday night at Ethan's house, Sarah's POV

When Benny got up to get Ethan cereal, I kind of came out of a mental state of shock. Ethan was looking at me, his face pale. Oh Crap. What have I done to him?



Oh this was a classic. Saying each other's names at the same time. Wow, how romantic this could have been if I hadn't just admitted I wanted to sink my teeth into him. To my delight (and suprise) Ethan scooted a little closer. That was when I heard a faint hissing noise from the fireplace. I didn't know what it was for a few seconds, just taking it as some wind. Yet it kept getting louder and louder.

"E-Ethan, do y-you hear that?" I asked failing to conceal my uncontrollable trembling.

"No...Sarah, are you ok? You're not about to kill me, are you?" He answered worriedly

"The's coming c-closer...uhhh," I mumbled before I passed out, "It's Jesse's..."

Friday night at Ethan's house, Ethan's POV

"Benny! Shhhhh" I whispered. Of course my knight in shining armor would curl up in a fetal position an start to cry. I started to listen to Jesse Monster's words. They were horrible, almost making me want to do the same as Benny. But I fought my urge and grabbed Sarah, who was shuddering uncontrolably. Jesse Monster immediatly pushed me aside with an invisable force.

"How DARE you even touch her you worthless mortal!" He screamed.

I shrank away, because he was intimidating. "I am not worthless..." I muttered meekly. Then I corrected myself. "I AM NOT WORTHLESS!" I bellowed at him.

"Oh, have I struck a nerve, nerd boy?" He chuckled.

Hey, that what Sarah calls me! "Let her go, Jesse! Sarah hates you!" I yelled.

Jesse Monster smiled. "Ok. I'll let her go. As long as you give me you friend." He lifted Benny with the same force he was using to hold me back.

No way would I let him take my best friend and my future girlfriend. I reached out my hand and plunge it into the strange green glow of the magic force and let myself slip into a vision. In vision, I saw myself yelling insults at Jesse and confusing him. Then a blinding white light brought me back to reality.

"Hey dumb ass? I think that you should return that shirt to your great grandmother!" I yelled.

"What?" he answered confusedly. In his confusion, his grip on Benny loosened, and Benny was able to cast some spell to set himself free. My visions are never wrong.

Before I knew it, Benny had saved us.

Friday night at Ethan's house, Benny's POV

I seriously don't know how I did it, but I got rid of Jesse. It was probably my ADHD speaking. Anyway, now Ethan and Sarah can be a happy couple. But firstly, I need to find a lady. Because I'm way too sexy for my shirt. Obviously.