Oh, gosh, it felt so wrong to feel this way! And maybe it was wrong, but he turned out so different from her first impression and why, just why did she have to start feeling this way about him after the S-class exams? Especially when he had started out being such a colossal jerk, only accompanying her so he could get in on the fighting. And he was actually disappointed that they got the quiet path, where there were no fights! Did it not matter to him that the reason they might have made it so far was because they didn't have to fight anyone? But it's not like he cared. He just wanted to be in on the fighting, so maybe it was a good thing that Grimoire Heart showed up.

And it was them that he saved her from. The weird chicken guy and that one other guy who were going to kill her, but then he came bursting in, and said those sweet things! Like how it was harder to find her because she was small. And oh, that just made her face light up like the fourth of July! Really! Why did he have to go and say something like that, just when she was mad at him? Did he know that if he told her that, she wouldn't be mad at him anymore? That her anger at him would just melt away?

Levy McGarden didn't have any clue just what it was that drew her to Gajeel Redfox, but she knew it wasn't something she could just get over.

After that incident at the S-class exams, she began to start engaging him in conversations. At first, she was so nervous she almost fainted (and what in the world was that about? Since when did she, Levy McGarden, ever have trouble talking to someone? Except for when she'd really been scared of him), but slowly it got easier to do. And she started to realize that he caved in each time, to her and only her. And jeez, it felt so horribly wrong, but deep down it just felt right. Really. And since Natsu and Lucy seemed so happy together, wasn't it natural that Levy, with her best friend kind of taken away, start searching for her happily ever after?

When Levy successfully convinced him to go shopping with her (when Jet and Droy weren't present, 'cause she couldn't have them attacking Gajeel, could she?) and even managed to get him to carry her bags, she started to wonder if he might, if he just might, have a weak spot for her. Because really, since when did the big, bad, iron dragonslayer cave in to such a request as "Will you please come shopping with me and carry my bags?", and that was pretty much how she'd asked. And then when she was hiding from her Shadow Gear teammates, and ran into Gajeel and begged him to hide her from her teammates, and he did (with an oddly pleased glimmer flashing through his red eyes, though his studded eyebrow was raised questioningly), she started to realize that she might feel for him, in like, the romantic sense. Which was just so weird, but then again, seemed so right.

He just invaded her senses, and it's like she couldn't think of anything else.

Which, she admitted, was starting to feel weirdly…right.

It wasn't long after that Levy found herself gazing at him from across the guild when she wasn't talking to him, even when her teammates were nearby. Thankfully, they hadn't noticed yet, but it was only a matter of time. So in order to resist the temptation to gaze (longingly) at Gajeel, and not to mention avoid the questions she knew Mirajane was just dying to ask, she started to confine herself to the library more and more. Here, she could usually get lost in a book. And for a while, she still could. But then thoughts of the iron eating man would return, and she would gaze off into the distance, unseeing.

Levy began to wonder just how hard it would be to stand on her tiptoes, grab his shirt, and just pull him down to kiss him - but she was the adorable, cheerful little blue haired angel of Fairy Tail! Could she really just walk up to one of the most frightening men she had ever met and do that, even if she did really like him? And it still seemed wrong, so wrong! But it still felt right.

And then, when she finally started reading again, the library door burst open much more loudly than she was used to, and she looked up to find him there, and he had such a determined look in his eyes that she hardly knew what to think. So she stood, smiling brightly (just because he was there) and started to greet him. She could tell the words went in one ear and out the other, and found out why just a second later when he reached her, grabbed her by the shoulders, and leaned down to kiss her. It was kind of rough, but what would you expect from Gajeel Redfox? And so it was perfect.

When he pulled away and searched her gaze, almost fearfully, she beamed at him and knew now that this feeling could never go away. Especially when she saw the relief spread through his expression.

And besides, why would she want something that seemed so wrong but felt so incredibly right to ever go away?

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