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Author: D. Gelyn

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Characters: MasaomiXMikado, and mentions of Shizaya (ShizuoXIzaya), and I guess you could say there is some super mild WalkerXErika

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Summary: In which Masaomi uses dirty pick up lines, confesses, cops a feel and gets some. Mikado is continuously humiliated, sexually harassed, kidnapped, and takes it like a man. Erika drives the get away van and has another nosebleed, whilst Walter laughs his ass off (some more).

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The Yaoi Fangirl Destroyed What was Left of his Innocence (Curiosity Killed his Innocence 2!)

"Ryugamine-kun! Kida-kun!~" Erika yelled as she dangled out of the van. She flailed her arms and legs in excitement when she spotted the two school boys. Walker, who was once again at the wheel, drove slowly and kept a firm grasp on the rough cloth of Erika's dress to keep the crazed girl from falling head-first out the window.

Mikado stopped immediately when he heard his name. Anri paused beside him, tilting her head in mild curiosity as she stared up at the odd girl hanging out the window of a large van. Masaomi, however, had been too intent on staring at his best friend's ass (while prattling on senselessly about girls as a cover up), and so he ended up walking directly into the innocent blue-eyed school boy.

"Kida-kun!" Erika screeched again, this time waving ecstatically from her dangerously off-balanced position. "Kida-kun! You lost the bet! You know what that means don't you? ~"

Walker stomped on the brakes, causing the van to come to a shuddering halt beside the uniform-clad trio.

It took a moment for Mikado to realize what Erika was talking about, but as he did, his cheeks once again adopted their brilliant crimson shade. The dark haired school boy glanced at Anri, thankful that she did not know what Erika was talking about.

"R-right now? Karisawa-san?" Mikado asked, his voice cracking slightly as he spoke.

"Yes Ryugamine-kun! Right this second! You and Kida-kun have put this off for a week, but I want my payment, boys.~"

Mikado exchanged a glance with Masaomi, expecting his blonde friend to flat-out refuse. Hadn't Masaomi been saying only moments before that he wanted to go pick up some girls? Using Anri as bait, of course.

To Mikado's surprise however, Masaomi let out a lofty sigh before stepping towards the van. "Karisawa-san," he said, in the most polite voice he could manage. "May I tell you, that you and Yumasaki-san should probably not follow school kids around in a van like that."

Erika raised an eyebrow, waiting for the punch line of what was sure to be another one of Masaomi's dim-witted jokes.

"The police might think you are pedophiles," Masaomi said, and he immediately burst out laughing, utterly amazed by his own ingenious.

This comment earned the poor blonde school boy a stinging slap on the head from Erika.

"Come on Kida-kun, Ryugamine-kun, get in. Or should I tell everyone that you two wouldn't stick to the terms of a simple bet?" Erika said with a devious smile. She had their egos in her hand, and she was ready to crush them.

Masaomi groaned, but there was a playful smirk on his lips as he turned to Anri.

"Ah, Sonohara-chan, alas I must bid you farewell. Don't get any more beautiful while we are apart, or you may outdo the radiance of the sun.~" Masaomi pressed a hand to his chest and gazed adoringly at Anri. "My heart will yearn only for you until we are together again."

Mikado rolled his eyes at Masaomi's overdramatic proclamation.

Anri's cheeks were tinted a soft pink as she bowed shyly and resumed walking, leaving her two school friends beside the van.

Once Anri had faded from view, Masaomi grabbed Mikado's arm.

"Come on Mikado!"

The blue-eyed school boy reluctantly followed his exuberant blonde friend into the van.

Erika clapped happily as she slid back inside, closing the window with a snap. Walker slowly released his hold on the hyper otaku and glanced around the back of his seat to see the two school boys who were now sprawled on the messy floor of the van.

Erika clambered clumsily over her chair and dropped down next to Masaomi.

She grinned, an eerie smile akin to that of the Cheshire Cat. "Okay, I'm ready," she said, crossing her legs and folding her hands in her lap. "Begin."

Masaomi and Mikado merely looked at her, both surprised by her abruptness.

"Umm…ok," Masaomi said. He placed his palms flat on the dirty flooring beneath him and slid himself closer to his red-faced and flustered friend.

The blonde boy positioned himself so that he sat directly beside his friend. Oh how Masaomi had dreamed of this moment. Ever since that fateful day when he had witnessed Shizuo pounding so heatedly into Izaya- a man the cigarette-smoking bodyguard had sworn to kill- Masaomi had been plagued by dreams. Very, very good dreams. Dreams in which his dear friend Mikado would come into his room wearing a short school girl outfit, an apron, and sometimes nothing at all. Yes, whenever Masaomi closed his eyes these days, his imagination would run wild.

And now so close to Mikado's flushed face, Masaomi couldn't hold back the scorching excitement that stirred in his stomach, causing his blood to flow to a very specific area.

Masaomi closed his eyes, tilting his head sideways slightly to perfect the angle, and began to lean forward.

A soft rustling and a squeal from the opposite side of the van caught Masaomi's attention, and his light brown eyes fluttered open.

He glanced at Erika, the obvious source of the gleeful noise. His eyes sparkled with mirth when he saw what she held in her hand: a small silver digital camera.

"No cameras Karisawa-san," Masaomi whined playfully.

Erika pouted, but she grudgingly tossed the offending item into her canvas bag.

Once the camera was out of sight, Masaomi turned back to his friend. Masaomi could see his own reflection in Mikado's wide blue eyes as the nervous boy stared up at him through thick dark eyelashes. Mikado's shoulders quivered in anticipation, and his lips trembled slightly. Watching the dark-haired school boy, who was currently a picture-perfect blushing virgin, sent a jolt through Masaomi and yet another unexpected rush of blood to his nether regions.

Masaomi leaned forward, trying to control the sudden shaking of his arms and legs, but there was no helping the weakness in his limbs. Closing his chocolate colored eyes, Masaomi gently brushed his lips over his friend's, catching Mikado's lower lip between his and sucking softly before releasing. He had never felt something quite so perfect and pure.

Masaomi pulled away, unable to look Mikado in the eyes as he attempted to hide his arousal.

Mikado was the first one to speak. "S-so that was it?"

Masaomi looked at him in surprise. Was he just imagining things, or did Mikado actually sound disappointed? Masaomi glanced at his own lap. No, thoughts like that were not helping his situation. The blonde shifted uncomfortably.

There was a soft laugh from the opposite side of the van, where Erika was leaning leisurely against the back of Walker's seat. "Ah-ah-ah," she sang, waggling her index finger at the two boys. "You aren't getting off that easily. I need to see some tongue action or it doesn't count!" She grinned cheerfully, knowing she had the two boys cornered.

"W-what?" Mikado gasped in embarrassment. "You never said that before…"

"Hmmm…well I'm saying it now, so get to it!" Erika leaned forward onto her elbows, her eyes sparkling predatorily.

Masaomi looked at Mikado. The blue-eyed boy stared back pleadingly. Neither knew how to get out of their current predicament.

"Come on Kida-kun! I don't have all day," Erika whined, but after a moments consideration she lowered her voice. "Well that is unless you guys were planning on taking all day,~" she squealed and directed a not-so-subtle wink at Masaomi.

Masaomi barely stifled a groan, and he quickly pushed himself away from Mikado and towards Erika.

Once he was seated at Erika's side, Masaomi leaned in to whisper into her ear.

"I don't think this is such a good idea, Karisawa-san."

"And why is that?" Erika whispered back.

Mikado, sitting far enough away that he could not here their hushed conversation, watched Masaomi and Erika in confusion.

"Well, you see…the other day when we were watching Orihara-san and Heiwajima-san I started thinking about Mikado…"

Erika giggled. "I know," she said.

Masaomi blinked at her, stunned. "What? How?"

"As a yaoi fan, I notice these kinds of things!" Erika said, looking slightly offended.

"Oh...uh…of course." Masaomi said haltingly.

Erika sniffled softly, hurt by Masaomi's lack of faith in her fangirl abilities. After a moment of silence however, she placed a firm hand on the blonde's shoulder and pushed him back towards Mikado.

"Don't whine about it to me," Erika hissed, and then she pointed at Mikado. "Do something about it."

Masaomi gazed longingly at Mikado, who appeared to be thoroughly confused.

"Okay Ryugamine-kun!" Erika squealed shrilly.

Mikado slapped his hands over his ears to protect them from damage.

"Kida-kun has given in. Now I would like to see some real kissing please. I'm sure you won't be able to put on as good of a show as Orihara-san and Heiwajima-san did, but please do your best!~"

"W-wait I thought we were only k-kissing," Mikado stuttered.

"Which is exactly why it won't be as good of a show," Erika said morosely. "Now please shut your mouth and continue. No, wait! Keep it open for Kida-kun."

Walker laughed at Erika's words, and she quickly quieted him with a sharp elbow-jab into the back of his chair. "If you want to be useful Yamasaki-kun, please start driving."

"Where to?" Walker asked.


Walker laughed again, and obediently started the engine.

The van jerked into motion, sending Masaomi flying into Mikado's lap.

The blonde school boy sat there for a moment, unsure of himself for the first time. Where had his confidence gone?

A soft sigh signified Erika's growing boredom and pushed Masaomi into action.

Without a second thought, and not giving himself time to hesitate, Masaomi straddled Mikado's slender thighs. With sudden boldness, the blonde school boy wrapped his fingers into his friend's dark hair and crushed his lips forcefully against Mikado's.

The abruptness of Masaomi's actions surprised Mikado, and his lips remained motionless. After a few seconds, however Mikado felt something strange: a pleasant sensation in the pit of his stomach that was steadily growing. The feeling was wonderful, and Mikado wanted more.

The blue-eyed boy knew what he wanted, he just wasn't sure how to ask for it. With hesitant fingers, Mikado reached up to grasp the back of Masaomi's neck. He could feel the blonde's tongue inside of his mouth, sliding playfully against his own.

He moaned, unable to contain the sudden arousal he was feeling as Masaomi's thighs slid against his, and their lips pressed together fiercely.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Mikado felt a tide of loss and loneliness sweep over him as Masaomi pulled away, his lips plump and slightly reddened from the harshness of their kissing.

All Mikado could do was stare. Stare into those brown eyes…and silently beg for more.

The sharp sound of clapping filled the silence, and Mikado looked up with a start. He had forgotten they were not alone.

"Wow," Erika said, a grin spreading across her face. "That was excellent! So passionate! I could almost picture Kida-kun sliding off your clothes and lovingly taking you right here! Ah~ if only…"

Mikado blushed furiously and pushed himself away from Masaomi. "I-I need to get home..." he said shakily, brushing the back of his hand over his lips.

"We've been at your home for a little while actually, Ryugamine-kun," Walker commented.

Mikado's blush deepened and he hesitantly peeked out the back door of the van. "Oh" was all he said as he slipped shakily out of the large vehicle and started towards his dingy apartment building.

Inside the van, Masaomi watched Mikado's slowly fading figure, and then he turned suddenly to Erika. "Karisawa-san. As greatly erotic as that was, I need more."

Erika smiled thoughtfully, placing her fingertips gently against her lips. "Well then Kida-kun, I believe I can come up with a plan for you to get more of your dear Ryugamine-kun~."

"Mikado~!" Masaomi yelled, and his blue eyed friend, who stood silently at the opposite end of the school yard, lifted his head at the sound of his name. Masaomi beckoned him over with a single slender finger as he trotted along happily beside Anri.

For the first time in a long while, Masaomi did not attempt to sneak a peek at Anri's large breasts as she jogged slightly to keep up with his half-skipping gait.

Mikado hurried to catch up with his two friends, panting slightly as he fell into step beside Masaomi.

The carefree blonde wrapped his arm around his dark-haired friend's shoulder. "Ah~ there you are Mikado!" he exclaimed loudly.

Afterwards, however, Masaomi pulled Mikado close and whispered proudly into his ear: "Did you see that, Mikado? I just made you come with one finger."

Mikado blinked, taken aback by Masaomi's abrupt change in tone. What had moments ago been cheerful and loud was now seductive and secretive. Mikado felt his cheeks warm as the meaning in Masaomi's words slowly sank in.

Quickly, Mikado slid out from beneath Masaomi's arm and distanced himself from his obviously insane blonde friend.

Masaomi, not one to lose so easily, spoke again. "Say, Mikado! Sonohara-chan and I were just talking about getting donuts on our way home-"

"We were?" Anri wondered aloud, glancing up through her glinting lenses at the gleefully wriggling blonde teen.

Masaomi ignored her entirely, much to the surprise of all present, and continued. "- so I was wondering, do you like yours cream filled?" He asked, blinking innocently at his blue-eyed friend.

Mikado shuddered at the not-so-subtle innuendo in Masaomi's words, glancing at Anri to make sure that she hadn't noticed.

Masaomi, unperturbed by Mikado's lack of a reaction, carried on. "Mmm…Donuts, they are perfect aren't they. You can let them melt in your hand…or in your mouth." He glanced devilishly at Mikado. "Oh, but if you don't want donuts, we could go to Russia Sushi; I wouldn't mind feeding you some meat instead."

Mikado gagged slightly at the obvious sexual implications in Masaomi's suggestions. His blushed deepened, and he shook his head at his blonde friend in a silent plea for him to stop.

At least Anri seemed to be oblivious, Mikado thought, as he glanced over to see his her eyes intently watching the cloudless sky.

Masaomi, not to be deterred from his course, leaned against Mikado again. "That uniform is very becoming on you, my friend, but I suppose if I were that shirt… I would be coming on you, too."

Mikado gasped. What had gotten into his friend? "Kida-kun! S-stop it!"

"Oh am I embarrassing you Mikado?" Masaomi asked, his brown eyes wide and childishly innocent. "But you're so cute when you're flustered!"

This caught Anri's attention, and she turned momentarily to give Masaomi a quick worried glance.

"K-kida-kun, that's enough!" Mikado said, attempting to keep his voice firm, but ending up sounding all the more nervous and uncomfortable.

"Kida-kun, Ryugamine-kun, this is where we separate," Anri interrupted, motioning shyly in the direction of her home, which took a detour down an alley unknown to either of the boys.

"B-bye Sonohara-chan," Mikado said, bowing his head slightly to the bespectacled girl. "See you tomorrow."

As soon as Anri disappeared around the corner, Masaomi turned to Mikado, a mischievous glint in his eyes. The poor blue-eyed school boy gulped as Masaomi's hungry gaze fell upon him. Mikado thought for a moment about sprinting after Anri, but he was already cornered.

"Oh Mikado~ do I have a surprise for you," Masaomi whispered, before stalking towards his best friend much as a starved feline would hunt its prey.

Mikado held his hands out in front of him, fingers splayed, and he pushed against Masaomi's chest as the blonde leaned closer. "Stop Kida-ku-"

Mikado was cut short by a hot mouth pressing against his, and a warm body sliding against his own.

Blue eyes widened, and Mikado fought desperately to wriggle free, but Masaomi had the dark-haired boy's hands pinned between their chests.

Masaomi's tongue probed the inside of Mikado's mouth, inviting its counterpart to intertwine. The sensation was alluringly familiar, and the innocent boy found himself falling into the sinful feeling.

Masaomi, not one to cut-corners decided at that moment to make it very clear what he wanted. He simultaneously deepened the already heated kiss and allowed his hands to wander down the curves of Mikado's hips to clutch his lovely ass.

Mikado could feel Masaomi's long fingers groping him through his trousers as the blonde suddenly pulled him closer.

Mikado jumped at the sudden intimate contact and jolted back to his senses, blushing and averting his eyes as he pulled away.

"W-wait Kida-kun. D-don't you like Sonohara-chan? You always say she's …e-e-erotic," Mikado flushed, as if merely speaking the word allowed had made him irreversibly dirty.

Masaomi grinned and tweaked Mikado's nose teasingly. "Maybe now I find someone else erotic~," the blonde paused and winked suggestively at the other boy; Mikado turned a predictably darker shade of pink. Giggling, Masaomi yelled, "Ero-ero Mikado!", and grabbed the thoroughly mortified blue-eyed boy by the waist.

Despite his embarrassment, Mikado had to agree with his reckless blonde friend. When had he stopped noticing how cute Anri was? When had he stopped thinking of her as his 'crush'. And worst of all…when had he started feeling jealous of the bespectacled girl whenever Masaomi flirted with her? Mikado bit his tongue. Why did Masaomi's spontaneous kisses feel so natural, as if they had been lovers for many years? When did everything become so confusing? Mikado remembered only a week ago being dragged along on one of Masaomi's infamous 'girl-hunting' expeditions. Everything had changed so quickly, but Mikado found himself hoping that Masaomi would not revert back to his old ways.

From around the corner came the low hum of a car's engine drawing near, jarring Mikado from his thoughts.

"Let go of me Masaomi! There is someone coming," Mikado said, not wanting to be caught in such a compromising position with another male, and he attempted to wiggle out of Masaomi's arms.

"Oh don't worry Mikado, that's our ride," Masaomi said with a lecherous wink, his fingers gradually sliding back towards the dark-haired boy's godly ass.

Mikado promptly twisted away from Masaomi's wandering hands and peered down the street. "O-our ride?" he asked suspiciously. Mikado had a nagging suspicion as to who that could be, and as the top of a familiar van came into view, he felt a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach. Uh-oh.

"Oooohhhhh Ryugamine-kuuuuunnnnn~" sang an all too familiar voice as the van came to a gentle halt beside the two boys.

Mikado shivered. Wherever that voice was heard, strange, strange things were certain to occur. Today Erika was missing her black cap, so her previously concealed hair was now free to blow insanely around her face in all of its dark-brown glory. This windy-day hairstyle only added to her crazy-person appearance. Mikado reflexively backed away.

Masaomi stepped forward to great the girl, much to Mikado's alarm. "Right on time Karisawa-san," Masaomi said calmly.

Mikado was shocked and utterly confused as his blonde friend looped an arm once more around Mikado's thin waist before half carrying, half dragging the struggling blue-eyed boy towards the rear entrance of the van.

"Oh you know I would never be late! For the sake of yaoi!" Erika chattered excitedly as Masaomi pulled open the back doors of the vehicle and dumped his squirming best friend unceremoniously onto the discolored carpet within.

Mikado lay completely still on the van floor, his school jacket rumpled from his multiple escape attempts. Maybe the crazy people will forget about me if I don't move…yeah.

Realizing that hoping for an opportunity to flee was most likely not going to present itself; Mikado sat up, his anxious eyes finding their way to Erika, the one who was surely the mastermind behind this madness. Erika smiled, and it was an energized grin that clearly said 'I win'.

"So," Erika said, clearing her throat with a girly cough as though she was ready to get down to business. Mikado shuddered, fearful of what that 'business' might be. "Shall we begin?" Erika continued, and she pulled a stack of papers from her canvas bag while turning so that she was sitting backwards in the front seat.

She shuffled the papers in her lap and cleared her throat again.

Mikado and Masaomi eyed her warily.

"Walker, you may start driving again," Erika said, waving lazily at the light haired boy sitting behind the wheel. The van immediately began to trundle forward, and Masaomi, deciding it might not be best to stand in a moving vehicle, dropped onto the rough carpet across from Mikado.

"What is that Karisawa-san?" Masaomi asked, glancing skeptically at the stack of papers clutched tightly in the otaku's fist.

"This, my poor deprived child, is one of my great works of art. I was thinking it might get you and Ryugamine-kun in the mood."

The mood? Mikado thought nervously; he was definitely starting to get worried. His blue eyes flicked towards the van's double doors, and he tried to determine whether or not he would be able to lift the latch and jump to freedom before either Erika or Masaomi were able to reach him. With a resigned sigh, Mikado decided against the escape endeavor after taking into account the speed at which Walker was driving.

Erika understood Mikado's sigh as one of surrender, and without further explanation or warning, Erika lifted the papers to her eyes and began to read aloud. Her voice gradually increased in volume and pitch as she spoke: "Shizuo takes Izaya's dripping cock in hand, listening to the sweet, sweet moans pouring from his lover's mouth," Erika groans loudly for effect before continuing. "'You want it don't you' Shizuo mutters huskily into Izaya's ear. 'Yes! Yes Shizuo!' Izaya screams, arching his back in an erotic display of all his naked and erect glory. 'Oh Shizuo I want your thick, warm co-"

"Gahhhhhh!" Mikado cried, and he placed his palms firmly over his ears in order to block out the disturbing mental images Erika's words conjured up. He scrubbed his fists over his ears until they were a soft pink in color, trying with all of his might to rid himself of Erika's descriptions. But it was too late; the damage to his poor, innocent mind was done.

"Karisawa-san!" Masaomi scolded light-heartedly, an obvious grin battling his mock serious expression. "Don't go ruining him with such crude stories."

Erika was aghast, and she pressed her palm to her chest as if Masaomi's offending words had truly pierced her.

"Now if you don't mind turning back around, I will handle things from here. And no, you can not video tape," Masaomi said, seeing Erika start to reach into the folds of her dark canvas bag. Erika slumped backwards pouting like a child who had been denied candy, utterly defeated.

Suddenly, a spark alit in her eyes, and she leaned forward once again. "Wait, wait! Kida-kun before you start, you have to prepare him first!"

"Prepare me for what?" Mikado ventured cautiously, his voice nothing more than a squeak, for he was completely lost in the current conversation. He had understood enough, however, to reconsider leaping out the back of a moving vehicle.

"Penetration!" Erika squealed the word as though she were hollering 'Hallelujah'.

Mikado's eyes bugged out of their sockets, his jaw falling open in fearful surprise, and he quickly pulled his knees up to his chest, covering himself completely. His gaze drifted longingly to the handle on the rear door of the van.

Masaomi shot Erika a look that was strangely serious: a cutting glance that unmistakably said "shut up".

Erika may be slow on the uptake, but she was definitely not one to ignore obvious glares clearly requesting that she tone down her fangirl-ness. Sniffling at the injustice of it all, Erika turned in her seat, facing forward once more. She crossed her arms over her petite chest and glowered at the ceiling.

With the hyper otaku's attention finally diverted, Masaomi slowly turned back to Mikado, excitement shining in his cheerful brown eyes.

Leisurely, the blonde approached his quivering dark-haired counterpart.

Erika was completely put out. She had designed the plan in the first place, but Masaomi wasn't letting her have any fun. First, the no video taping rule, and now she wasn't even allowed to watch! Erika grouchily blew her bangs out of her eyes so that she could glare crossly at the deserted street ahead. Yes, the kidnapping had been her idea of course, for she was always ready to participate in something illegal for the sake of yaoi.

Having lost her main source of entertainment, Erika turned to Walker, who had his eyes on the road like any good driver should. Ugh he's totally ignoring me.

"Sooooo…..nice day right?"

Walker smirked slightly- eyes crinkling good naturedly at the corners- and nodded.

They sat in silence for a moment, Erika blinking up at Walker and hoping that he would do something more interesting than just nod. Finally, letting out an exasperated sigh, Erika shrieked, "Dammit! I really want to see them yaoi back there!"

Walker chuckled. That girl could go from talking about anything to raving about yaoi in a single stride, and he loved her all the more for it.

Erika glowered at Walker. "You suck," she said as he laughed at her grumpy expression.

Walker responded with a sly wink, but he never removed his eyes from the strip of gray asphalt in front of them.

Unable to control herself any longer, Erika peaked into the rear-view mirror. "What the hell! They aren't even making out yet!" she cried in panic.

Erika knew that she was going to have to take matters into her own hands. With the thought of wonderful yaoi to give her strength, Erika grabbed onto the wheel. She pushed Walkers hands out of the way and turned sharply down the next alleyway.

"There. That should do it," she giggled, thoroughly pleased with the results of the psychotic risk she had taken, as it had jostled Masaomi in the lap of his love. Erika settled back optimistically into her seat, dark brown eyes glued to the rear-view mirror and enthusiastically awaited the show.

Masaomi groaned as he carefully lifted himself off of the slender form beneath him. "Eh, Mikado, are you okay?"

Masaomi glanced towards the front seats, wondering why the van had lurched so violently. What did that girl do? The force with which the van had reeled had knocked Masaomi off of his feet and sent him tumbling awkwardly into Mikado.

Mikado did not answer Masaomi's question, and the blonde quickly glanced down, worried that he truly might have injured his friend.

The boy's blue eyes were shut, and his eyebrows were drawn down in an expression that looked to be one of pain.

Masaomi quickly started to scramble backwards, so as to completely remove his weight from the other boy. When he started to withdraw, however, Mikado's lips parted and he emitted a soft gasp.

Masaomi blinked in surprise. That gasp had not sounded pained, quite the opposite in fact. Masaomi closely examined his friend, and eventually realization took hold. Mikado's cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, not paled from the pain of an injury. More importantly, Masaomi's hand -which he had attempted to use to stabilize his fall- was trapped between Mikado's thighs, and the blonde's long fingers were brushing against the warmth of his best friend's crotch.

"Oh-" Masaomi breathed, but before his mind could form coherent thought, his body had taken action. He pushed Mikado back against the van door, pinning him against the ice cold metal. Without faltering, the blonde crushed his lips against his friend's trembling ones. It was not a battle; there was no competition in the kiss. Mikado submitted immediately, allowing Masaomi's smooth tongue to slide into his mouth. He had known this was coming, and he welcomed the intrusion whole-heartedly, accepting every thrust of Masaomi's warm tongue.

Mikado groaned and wound his fingers into his friend's dyed hair, dragging him closer and inviting him to push deeper between his parted lips.

Masaomi complied, gathering the smaller boy into his arms and pulling him up so that their chests pressed together and their legs tangled.

After only moments, Mikado found that he could no longer breathe, and he pushed away from Masaomi, winded from the sheer intensity of the kiss. The boy's cheeks were pink as per usual, but for the first time they were tinted by something other than embarrassment.

As Mikado gasped for air, he could already feel Masaomi leaning in for another kiss. The dark-haired boy was overwhelmingly aware of his partner, as if every nerve ending in his body had been set on high alert by his excitement. There was no possible way that he could hide his arousal. They were so close…chests rubbing, thighs sliding against each other's provocatively. Mikado parted his lips in anticipation for more.

Masaomi gazed at his friend. Mikado had always possessed striking good-looks (something Masaomi had begrudgingly noticed the moment they became friends), but nothing could compare to the stunning beauty Mikado had become in his fully awakened state. The boy's blue eyes were glazed with lust, cheeks virginally pink, soft pants falling from his moist lips, and soft pink tongue visible beyond.

Masaomi could feel arousal taking hold of his mind, excitement pooling in his stomach and a painful stiffening bellow. Masaomi knew he could not control himself any longer, there was no holding back. Not when Mikado was looking at him like that. They would both just have to see where their actions led them.

The blonde slid forward and embraced Mikado once more.

Slick tongues and warm bodies melded together in a flurry of passionate motion. Masaomi grasped Mikado's thighs- groaning at the way Mikado shivered encouragingly beneath his touch- and pushed them apart so that he could slide in between. As he did, Masaomi's knee brushed against something hard. Masaomi bit down violently on his lip to keep himself from crying out because of the breathtaking stimulation of having Mikado's hard on rub against him. No, Masaomi wanted to have the last word before their sanity crumbled completely due to the potency of their lust.

"Mikado~" he whispered teasingly in the other's ear, nipping gently. Mikado clapped his hands over his mouth to stifle a moan, his blue eyes rolling back as he fought the urge to scream. "Is this turning you on Mikado~"

Mikado shook his head quickly, attempting in vain to defend his masculinity, fingers still covering his tempting lips.

"Don't lie~" Masaomi chided, and as if to punish the dark-haired boy for his dishonesty, the blonde pushed forward, grinding his hips into the other boy's crotch.

Mikado screamed in pleasure as intense heat jolted through his stomach, fingers falling away from his lips as he scrabbled desperately for support. Finally he grabbed onto Masaomi's shoulders, his fingernails digging through the cloth and into the other boy's skin. Mikado had never felt such bliss, and his body jerked and writhed of its own accord.


I need more

Mikado thrust upwards, so that his clothed member grazed against Masaomi's again. He needed this. The friction was unbelievably good, and yet it was too much to bear. He needed more.

Masaomi had been caught off guard by Mikado's abrupt upward thrust, and the dark-haired boy's sudden, almost animalistic arousal. The blonde doubled over, gasping as he felt his member throb achingly from the brief unexpected contact.

"Kida-kun…please…" Mikado moaned, spreading his legs farther apart, and lifting his hips slightly in an unspoken request.

That was all the invitation Masaomi needed. Unable to look away from the outline of the hard-on tenting the cloth of Mikado's powder blue trousers, the blonde dove towards his friend.

He claimed those perfect lips once more, and his fingers – numb from arousal- fumbled to unzip the front of Mikado's school uniform slacks. He slipped his hand inside, and pressed his palm against the heated flesh, eliciting a satisfying moan from Mikado's enticing lips as his member twitched from the intrusion.

Masaomi gently teased the dark-haired boy's cock through his boxers, sliding a single finger along its underside, feeling the veins pulse and throb with need. Eventually the blonde became bored of toying with his friend and stopped, though it was more because Mikado's alluring moans were beginning to make Masaomi's own erection ache painfully.

Masaomi hastily reached into Mikado's boxers, which were already damp and slick with pre-cum, and gripped his friend's warm cock. He began to slowly pump Mikado with his hand, wetting the entire shaft with the clear liquid that seeped out of the tip.

Mikado was lost to the sensation, and he thrust wildly into Masaomi's talented fingers, begging for release. Mikado covered his mouth with the back of his hand. He bit down harshly on his knuckles to keep himself from moaning out loud, and he closed his eyes as he was conquered by a wave of pleasure.

"Mikado…" Masaomi moaned, and he reached for his own zipper. "Mikado, do it for me too."

The blue-eyed boy obliged, although shyly, and Masaomi knew that if Mikado's face wasn't already so red he would probably be blushing at such a lewd request.

Mikado's fingers were hesitant as they encircled Masaomi's shaft; he had never done this before- not even to himself- and he was not exactly sure how to go about jerking Masaomi off. Carefully, Mikado attempted to copy Mikado's ministrations to his own cock.

Masaomi trembled and let out a raspy gasp as he felt Mikado's small hand glide over his sensitive manhood. "Mikado-" he whispered hoarsely, and he tightened his grip on the dark-haired boy's quivering cock.

Mikado arched his back in surprise, and cried out at the blissful feeling that shot through his stomach and thighs as Masaomi's hand tensed around his member.


Masaomi's hand stopped moving immediately, and Mikado whimpered pitifully, bucking his hips into his friend's fingers.

"Call my name Mikado~."


"No. My name."

"Masaomi!" Mikado yelled, as the blonde simultaneously fisted his cock.

"Mikado…let's try something…ah.." Masaomi gasped into the other boy's ear.

Mikado had lost all ability to speak, and so he just nodded dumbly, eyes glazed over with desire.

Masaomi shifted and circled his arms around the smaller boy, digging his fingers into Mikado's magnificent ass and pulling him into his lap. Still clutching Mikado's backside, Masaomi thrust his hips forward so that their dripping cocks brushed against each other.

"Ahh…" Mikado moaned, and Masaomi buried his face into the curve of his friend's neck. For once, even the blonde was at a loss for words.

"Mikado.." Masaomi said, trying to explain what he was feeling, but unable to find a way to express the pure pleasure he felt, he merely tilted his head back and seized Mikado's lips in a sloppy yet adoring kiss.

As they kissed, their hips moved fervently, and they grinded against each other rhythmically, stomach muscles tensing as they neared their release.

Mikado was the first to come, and he did so with Masaomi's name tumbling from his lips in a satisfied cry. Unable to contain himself as he felt Mikado's warm seed spurt across his uniform jacket and heard the blue-eyed boy scream his name at the peak of his orgasm, Masaomi came too.

Neither of them moved for a while after they had finished, Mikado stayed where he was, straddling Masaomi's slender thighs and clinging to the blonde's shoulders, incapable of mustering the strength to move.

Covered in the white sticky evidence of their deeds, the two boys eventually parted. Both so satisfied from their release that they were too exhausted to even bother tugging up their trousers or straightening their wrinkled clothes.

Mikado's arms lay limply at his sides. His body was spent, and a pleasant fog was clouding his thoughts, pushing away all troubles that usually consumed his worried little mind.

Masaomi lay beside Mikado on the abrasive rug in the back of the van. The blonde glanced over at his best friend, whose eyelids were fluttering softly as he struggled to remain awake.

Masaomi rolled over onto his side to gaze at the beautiful boy beside him. He leaned forward and placed a light kiss on Mikado's lips, humming quietly as he gently brushed some of the damp black bangs out of his friend's cerulean eyes.

"You're so cute Mikado," he said softly, and then he grinned. "But I guess you aren't quite so innocent anymore ~ neh?"

Mikado blushed and bashfully averted his eyes.

Masaomi laughed and wrapped his arms around the other boy, pulling him so close that their foreheads pressed together and the tips of their eyelashes brushed. The blonde placed a final sweet kiss on his best friend's lips as the two young boys drifted off to sleep tangled in each other's arms, secure in the knowledge that they were not alone.

Walker nudged Erika, but the girl did not move. Her head rested peacefully against Walkers shoulder, her dark-brown eyes closed.

Walker sighed and put his arm around the unconscious girl, using the sleeve of his gray sweatshirt to remove some of the blood from her upper lip. She was sleeping contently with a smile on her face. It was odd to see her so…quiet.

Walker gazed out at the alleyway he had parked in quite some time ago, due to the distracting moaning coming from the back of the van and the sudden spurt of blood that had erupted from Erika's nose as she squealed in joy over her accomplishment.

Walker pulled Erika closer to his chest and gazed down fondly at the sleeping girl. Walker supported her, just like he knew he always would, for she was the best friend he could have asked for.

"You're crazy, you know," Walker whispered.

His laughter echoed softly in the dimly lit alleyway.

Izaya lifted his newly stolen phone to his eyes. "New message from Shizuo" was displayed on the glowing screen. Izaya glanced down once more at the van parked in the alley below him, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. Humans never failed to amaze him. He laughed quietly as he opened the most recent text from his lover.

Izaya swiftly tapped out a response to Shizuo, chuckling to himself. Ah, yes, humans seemed to have an uncanny knack to find one another, no matter how different they might be.

Having promised Shizuo an all-night game of 'tag', Izaya leapt joyfully towards the fire escape in order to descend from the roof of the apartment building and meet with his sadistic lover. He left the van and its sleeping occupants behind; they would never know that all of their actions that night had been an entertaining show for Izaya Orihara.

"Oh how I love humans~" Izaya murmured gleefully as he disappeared into the dark, cloaked by the warm city night.

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