Wow, my first entry on the site. I have been working on a different series but this one just came to me while I was writing it. I have a new poll up for people to choose the pairing in my digimon story that is coming soon. Review please.

I was being chased by a pack of flaming dogs. As I reached the cliff, I looked down to see the sharp ocean rocks 300ft below me. I screamed to the heavens, "Why do the gods hate me so much?" With the dogs closing in on me, I took one final look over the cliff before I crossed my arms and fell backwards to my awaiting death below. But maybe I should tell you my history and how I ended up falling to my death. My name is Haseo Inari and I am the son of an Olympian god.

"Haseo, are you up yet? You don't want to be late for your last day of school, do you?" my mother called up to me. As I got up from by bed and noticed I was still wearing what I wore to school yesterday; which was a slipknot shirt and jeans. "Damn. I need to stop falling asleep while doing my homework. I look like crap," I said as I quickly changed into clean clothes. When I opened my door I was attacked by my favorite pet, a red fox I adopted 3 years ago. "Rena, get off of me. I need to eat and get to school." Rena jumped off of me and climbed on to my bed and quickly fell asleep. "I can't wait to be out of school. I'm tired of having too much homework. I blame the Dyslexia and ADHD," I said as I got to the table. "Well, it's almost over and you will be free from homework for a few months," mom said as she finished fixing my favorite breakfast food; crispy bacon with eggs. "What do you want to do for your 13th birthday tomorrow?" "I was going to go play paintball with Atoli and the guys," I told mom as I finished getting dishes for our food. "So you're playing paintball with your new girlfriend and you best friends? Well bring them over after your done so I can meet Atoli and you guys can eat cake and relax till your cousin Thalia gets here to take you to your birthday supper with her like you do every year." "Ok mom. Just don't embarrass me," I said. "I won't make any promises," she said giggling. "Crap. I'm running late again. See you later mom," I said while grabbing my skateboard and running out the door.

When I got to school I found Atoli waiting by my locker, "How dos it feel to be thirteen tomorrow?" "It feels the same as every other day Atoli," I said before grabbing her and giving her a kiss. "Mr. Inari. How many times have I told you to leave that bloody board of yours at home," said Mrs. Debower the schools new principal in her British accent. "I was running late today and my moms' car is still in the shop. It's my only way to get here in time for the first bell Mrs. Debower. I'll leave it in my locker." I said as Atoli walked away, not wanting to get in trouble on the last day of school. "Don't get snippy with me. It may be the last day of school but that won't stop me from giving you detention. Now get to class before you're tardy again." Mrs. Debower said before walking away to her office down the hall.

The day pretty much went the same; teachers yelling at him because he didn't finish his homework, having to eat what appeared to be a hotdog but was green and pink looking, and trying to avoid the schools bully. But as it turned out he couldn't avoid the bully for very long. "Hey Haseo, still dying your hair white I see. Well let's put some color in it to make it look normal," Bobby Debower said while grabbing a bucket of red paint from his locker. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. What if your mother sees the mess you made?" I asked while trying to back away. "I'll just blame you and she will believe me like always." Right before he threw the paint at me there was a loud roar coming from outside. We rushed to the window and saw the biggest dog I had ever seen. Riding on the back of the dog was a large man with only one eye and what looked like a tattered kilt. "Come out Inari and these kids will not be harmed." The rider screamed in a deep booming voice. When I heard the creature say my last name, I started running out of the school to fight it. "Who are you and how do you know me?" "Finally, I have been looking for you Haseo. Now come with me and no one will get hurt," he said as he held up Atoli. "Put her down now or you will pay." "What are you going to do about it?" It was then that I decided to look down as my hands started glowing and turned into razor sharp claws. "What the hell?" The monster then threw Atoli into the bushes and charged at me, so I did the only thing I could think of; I slashed at him when he was close enough and ripped him to shreds. As he lied there dying on the ground he said," you may have gotten lucky but your mother wasn't." As soon as he said that, my hands turned back to normal and I ran home after I grabbed my board.

When I got home, tears started welling in my eyes as I saw my mother pinned to the living room wall by a sword in her stomach. I quickly ran over to help her down when Rena ran up to me and started whining. When I got my mom on the ground she woke up and started crying. "I failed to protect you from them. Haseo promise me that you will take Rena and go find Thalia. She will make sure you reach Camp half-blood safely." "Why did that monster attack you?" I asked trying to hold back tears. "It's about your father," she said with a look of pain in her eyes. "What about him he died years ago and what is with my hands turning into claws when I fought that monster?" I said beginning to yell.

"Haseo I need to tell you the truth about your father before I die. Your father didn't die in the war, he is a god of Olympus," my mother struggled to say as she kept bleeding. "What did you say?" "Your father is a god. I met him when I was researching rare animals in New Mexico. He was the nicest man and had a way with animals. He asked me out, one thing lead to another, and nine months later I had you. But you were born different than other babies. You were born with fox ears and a tail." "WHAT?" I stumbled back and leaned against the wall. "Your father told me later that he would put a spell on you to make you look normal until your 13th birthday or if I die before you get to the camp you are going to. But it turned into a curse and your hair turned silver and your right eye became crimson in color." She explained "So I'm cursed, that's why I look the way I do?" I asked. "Yes. I tried to ask Apollo to remove it but he said that the curse can only be removed by your father, who was missing." "Who was my father? Tell me," I yelled. She said with her last breath, "your father was Pan, god of the wild."