The band ended when Dewey moved to the big apple to pursue his dream, leaving a dishevelled group of 17 year old sixth formers behind In England.

Theres Freddy Jones, the guy with absentee parents, a bad attitude but a good heart. But the band was all he had, and now that's been torn away from him. But the lifestyle will never go Deweys not around to mentor him, is he going to drag himself down into the downtown wonders of drink and drugs, with no guidance? And the blonde haired drummer might realise that he does love someone..

Theres Katie, known as posh spice and girlfriend to Freddy. She spends her time wondering why Freddy only treats her like a friend, is she not attractive? But down the line, shes going to realise that's definitely not the problem, and she has no idea how to handle it.

Katie also realises that her potential is something that is not allowed to be wasted, and delves into the attention-giving world of modelling. Will the disintegration of her relationship mean that it's a welcome obsession to divulge into?

Zack has a father that's trying to force him into a international medical academy. He means well, he always does, but Zack wants to study songwriting to further his musical career, and there may be another big distraction on the cards, something that his pressurising father will definitely not appreciate.

Summers whole life has been revolved around controlling the band. Now she has nothing but a empty briefcase and a brain motivated into management and law. But when she notices her friend's lifes going up in smoke one by one, will the nurturing side of her resurface, or will she commit to her dreams once and for all?

Billy is in the cut-throat world of fashion, and he still has a squeaky voice and a judgmental attitude, along with a golden heart. But when one of his closest friends enters the industry and immediately puts toes out of line, will he be the one to reel her in, or will be left out in the cold?

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