Heiter should have never given her that drug. He'd already known it was a bit much for the cramps she was suffering from, but he'd thought she'd sleep through it. Most of the patents he'd given it to fell asleep after about twenty minutes. It'd been two hours and she was still bouncing around the place. At the very least, she wasn't her normal, moody self. She was just so talkative. And not upset. He wasn't used to such behavior, and this was making him fairly uncomfortable.

"What's your favorite color?" she asked brightly as she leaned into him, a smile on her face as their eyes met.

"I don't have one." he answered flatly, "Are you sure you don't want to sleep yet?"

"Stop asking that. I'm not even tired, Heity." she...nuzzled his arm, her arms wrapped around the limb as she buried her face into it.

She was so affectionate. Why was she so affectionate? Codeine did not make people feel things they did not already feel. It wasn't like some of the other drugs out there that made you see things and hear voices. This was a glance into her head, into who she was, the inner self most people would hide from the world. This was how she would act if she didn't consciously keep herself from acting in this way. She was not yelling at him, something he'd thought she'd stopped doing only because she did not want to be punished again. She was not trying to escape, she was not a sobbing mess.

She was cuddling him.

She began to shift, and he could only watch her curiously as she, with difficulty, rolled onto her back, and rested her head on his lap. Unintentionally, he was sure, she caused the fabric of his pants to rub up against him. "What's your favorite time of the day?"

"I have no preference." he replied, and nudged her head away from him, toward his knees. She whined, protesting the movement, grabbed his hand to stop him, and defiantly put her head back where it had been. He let out a light, hissing breath, "I would rather you get off of me, Puppe."

She giggled, "Aww, little Heity is shy."

"I am not shy." he said, "I would just prefer- stop it."

She'd turned her head to one side and tried to press her face into him through his cloths. When she showed no sign of listening, he scooted over to the side and let her head fall back onto the bed where it belonged. She seemed even more amused than before, "If you aren't shy why are you moving away from me?"

"Because you are under the influence of a narcotic, and you are acting irrationally."

"So? Haven't you ever had fun, Heity?"

He didn't answer, though he did move away from the bed, away from where she now sat at the edge, staring at him with that toothless smile of hers. He leaned with his back to the wall, watching her thoughtfully. She was getting increasingly flirtatious with him. Before, she'd acted like his refusal to take her body in return for personal gain was hurtful to her. She'd been getting increasingly disdained of her own appearance.

"Puppe. How old are you?"

"Twenty four."

Ah. She was that much younger than he was? He'd known she was younger but...

More importantly, this shed some light on her recent behavior. She was looking for a sexual outlet, and finding none. He'd been considering getting her a vibrator, but at the time he'd been thinking of it as a reward. This...this was making him think that she actively needed a way to satisfy her urges.

Something that was as important as food, for example. She needed something, and he was failing to give it to her, and thus she was suffering for it. Again, he had failed. His Three-hund had needed him. His Centipede had needed him. Both had come apart because of his ignorance.

He was not going to let it happen a third time. He would get her what she needed tomorrow.

He had no idea where to buy the things.

"Are you a virgin?"

She grinned, "Are you?"

"Just answer the question."

"Pushy. No. Collage. Drinking. Hot jocks. You know how it is." she laughed, "I do have a bit of skill though. Just putting it out there. I could-Hey, where are you going?"

He ignored her protest and slipped out of the room, closing the door behind him. He didn't need to hear any more of her nonsense. She was not going to sell her body to him, and she was not going give it in some drug induced haze.

He swallowed, hard enough to hear it, as he became aware of a warmth in his stomach. Maybe, instead of getting her a device, he could...no. No, he couldn't. This was not something he could give her himself.

Shaking it off, he locked her in his room and started down stares. If he was going to get her a vibrator, he was going to need to find a store. The internet was a good place to start. He wouldn't buy one online, though it was tempting, and it would save him a trip. If he was going to be getting it for his Puppe, he'd rather be able to look at it first, hold it and examine it, make sure it was safe for her.

Was there anything she could do to damage herself with one of those things?

He'd just have to watch her, then...