"New Mexico?" Elena practically screeched. "He's in New Mexico?"

"Please, calm down"

"Damon, Klaus has taken Stefan to New Mexico! Why the hell should I calm down?"

"Because first thing tomorrow we're heading after them" Damon answered matter-of-factly.

Elena was taken aback. "Are you serious?"

"Don't I look serious? I want Stefan back just as much as you do. After all, he did save my life. I owe him"

Elena nodded. "But New Mexico is so far away…what if they're already gone when we get there?"

"Then we'll be screwed"


"Look, Elena, I promise you, I will not stop until we get him back, all right?" Damon snapped. He didn't mean to be grouchy, but he was tired and Elena was aggravating him. Couldn't she just say "okay" and leave it at that?

"I wonder what's in New Mexico" Elena muttered.

"Mexicans and burritos" Damon snickered.

"Very funny, Damon"

Okay, short, I know. But this is more like a preview than anything else, really. BTW, I just watched THHE yesterday, and it was amazing. New favorite horror movie of mine.