The car spun out of control. Damon desperately tried to slow down, but the car just kept spinning around faster and faster. Elena was holding on to the dash board, looking down. When she forced herself to look up, she saw a huge rock that they were about to crash into.

Elena screamed and Damon shielded his eyes as the car collided with the rock. They were jolted forward and Damon hit his head on the steering wheel. Elena had put her arms in front of her face so she wouldn't hit her head on the dashboard.

There was one loud bang and then everything stopped.

Elena and Damon both looked up and then looked at each other. What the hell had happened?

"One of the tires must have popped" Damon muttered, answering for both of them.

"A tire popping can make a car spin out of control like that?" Elena asked, surprised.

"Apparently so"

Elena ran a hand through her hair and sighed. How were they supposed to save Stefan now? Damon probably wouldn't want to leave his car and they didn't know how far Stefan was ahead of them.

Damon, knowing what Elena was thinking, patted her arm.

"We'll get to him, I promise" He assured her.

Elena just looked at him before shaking her head and slumping back against the seat.

Damon sighed and got out to inspect his car. It didn't look as bad as he thought, but it wasn't going to run right, either. They would either have to go back to that creep pedophile for help or continue on foot. Damon heard the door open and close and saw Elena tying her hair in a ponytail.

"What are you doing?" Damon asked.

"We're going to have to walk the rest of the way" Elena said simply

Damon groaned. He didn't want to walk. It was hot and he was tired.

"We have to save him, Damon" Elena said. "We have to"

"Yeah, yeah, I know"

"Let's go before it gets dark out"

Damon groaned again but obeyed Elena. They both started to walk down the hot desert when something-or someone-dropped down in front of them.

Elena screamed and Damon jumped back. The person-or creature (Damon had no idea what it was) - looked deformed. A clipped mouth, wild white hair, blistered skin, and a crazy look on his face. It made Elena want to throw up. Not to mention what he was wearing. Is this how people dressed in the desert?

"What the fuck are you?" Damon said with disgust in his tone.

The creature merely laughed wildly.

"Okay, then. Move out of the way or get your heart ripped out of your chest. Your choice" Damon smirked.

"You harm me? HA!" The creature began to laugh again.

Damon was about to show him that he could very well do so before he heard Elena scream again. When he turned around, he heard a loud bang and pain shot through his chest. It was so terrible that it knocked him down and the last thing he saw was the creature and someone else, laughing wildly again.

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