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Chapter 2: Watching from the sidelines

It was now weeks later and already we do have a new WWE Champion and that man's name is John Cena, he deserves it and also is the guy who can lead Raw I place my faith in him.

Rehab was going to be tough but after my surgery I've been going now for several sessions a week and all it's been is that and my attendance to give talks on telling kids and people to not try this at home.

I was determined to return and get back the title but until then all I could do was watch as the show went on.

I wasn't alone however of course Aeon stood by my side but she wasn't here all the time due to her travel schedule but I did get visits from the locker room, Jason giving me his usual pep talks on recovery, John with his keep at it attitude but the most of my support was coming from the man I fought at WrestleMania.

He wished me a speedy recovery and was hoping to face me again real soon as did I.

But mainly now I kept my eye on what was happening in WWE and so far the winds of change were blowing, after I defeated Miz on NXT to take Daniel Bryan under my wing he made it to the finals but lost to Wade Barrett as I told him I was proud to call him my rookie.

That was until the most shocking moment in WWE history happened…

I watched Cena vs. Punk and it was a great match until I saw the arrival of Wade Barrett at ringside but then the appearances of Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young and Daniel Bryan joined him as then they surrounded the ring and entered as they beat down the S.E.S. and then ganged up on Cena, he fought them as hard as he could but they just destroyed him as then they went on a rampage and destroyed the ringside area, attacked King, Striker, the timekeeper, the cameramen, security even watching Bryan choke Justin Roberts with his own tie.

Then the all out assault on Cena, Bryan spitting in his face, Sheffield clothes lining him, Tarver KO'ing him, Young slamming him, Otunga spinebustering him, Slater facebustering him, Barrett decimating him with that Wasteland and Gabriel nailing that 450 splash.

Just watching it all and seeing EMT's take Cena out on a stretcher and attending to everyone was just…I can't describe what I was feeling it was too much to watch but these past few weeks on were hard to watch.

But few days after I got a call from Daniel and he told me he felt guilty about what he did and he got himself kicked out of their group now called The Nexus.

I was glad he did feel bad but still it didn't save him from getting the can by WWE.

However Nexus would go on to beat up almost everyone they saw and even costing Cena the WWE title twice.

But that made Cena fight back and bring in a team of WWE superstars together to take on Nexus, he assembled John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Edge, The Great Khali and Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

They had a formidable team but it was all falling apart on them as Khali got injured and Jericho had enough and left them to it they were running out of options as I decided to intervene.

"John…yeah it's me, look I know what's been going on and well I could help you out with your team shortage." I said.

Raw was chaos as Nexus and Team WWE were beating the hell out of one another but Nexus were outnumbering them as then the lights went out and Nexus were getting the heck beaten out of them by…MICHAEL STORM!

He was beating the hell out of all seven members with the baseball bat as he chased them out of the ring and seemingly saved Team WWE from annihilation as Cena and the rest of them looked on in confusion as Storm just left the ring.

It was now next Monday night as it was the end of Raw…Down with the sickness hit and Michael Storm made his way back onto Monday Night Raw after several months of missing action he was back and got a mixed reaction from the crowd and had a mic.

"I came back tonight because I want to make two announcements, firstly I am back and I came back to save WWE from The Nexus." Storm said as the crowd popped to that.

"Second I am a part of Team WWE at SummerSlam and I know people are asking why would I help? Redemption…Trust…Respect…but also because I was asked by a friend of mine who right now is recovering from a serious injury." as the crowd knew it was a shout out to me. "So I got a call from him and he said that the WWE is in trouble by these angry rookies and they needed someone to help them replace Chris Jericho who just up and left them as he said he's "The Best in the World at what he does" yeah running away from a fight to save your company." Storm stated.

"So since I know that my team does not trust me in any way, I will issue a challenge not for one member of Nexus…not two…three…four…five, six but all seven members tonight!" Storm stated wanting to fight The Nexus.

We walk alone, the unknown, we live to win another victory, our sacred scars, show who we are, it's time to face it…

We are one hit as the entrance of all members of the faction known as The Nexus made their way out and the crowd booed the NXT rookies as of course the leader had the mic.

"Are you serious? Did you injure that head of your so badly at WrestleMania that you'd want to fight the most dominant faction in the WWE? Let alone all of us? If that's what you want just to prove to those men and to these people then so be it as tonight The Nexus will take out Michael Storm!" Barrett said.

"You do that and I'll bring my little friend for backup." Storm said brandishing his baseball bat.

They then left the top of the ramp and began surrounding the ring as Storm got ready to fight as they got up to the apron and surrounded him as he then drew first blood hitting Barrett with the bat to the gut as Nexus attacked him but he fought back holding his own armed with his weapon nailing anything that moved.

But the numbers were too great as they overwhelmed him as Nexus preyed on him like the pack of hyenas they are, the beat him down as Storm was all alone with no one to help him.

However Nexus began bailing the ring as in came the remaining members of Team WWE as Cena, Truth, Edge, Morrison came out with backup from the locker room filled the ring as Nexus got chased off as Storm realised what had happened Cena looked down on him as did everyone and Cena extended his hand to him as Storm took it and it seems Cena accepts him into the team but on the benefit of a doubt.


"What did I say, he's not the same guy right?" I said.

"He's changed I'll give you that but we're still one guy short and asking Miz may have been a mistake." Cena said.

"Look Miz has a ginourmous ego it won't allow him to join on your request it has to be on his terms, so let me give you someone who knows and hates Nexus as much as you do." I said.

"Who would that be?" Cena asked.


I watched on as it was WWE vs. The Nexus as I saw them out in the ring and awaiting Team WWE and were all assembled including Storm I saw then Miz come out but Cena had something to say.

"Whoa there Miz, you took way too long to answer so I got a call from a friend who's on the bench right now and he got us a partner who know and hates Nexus as much as us…IT'S DANIEL BRYAN!" Cena announced as music hit and out came my protégé made his way out and he just darted after Barrett and the fight was on between both teams.

Bryan went on to eliminate two members of Nexus but thanks to Miz he bashed Bryan across the head with the briefcase and got him eliminated, but in the end it was all down to Storm and Cena versus Barrett, Slater and Gabriel.

Slater and Gabriel worked as a great unit to be honest they isolated Cena but he managed to tag in Storm and he was cleaning house as he took out Gabriel and Barrett and grabbed Slater…HE NAILS THE DARK MOON! 1-2-3 HEATH SLATER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

As Gabriel made his way in to battle Storm he went for a clothesline and Storm ducks it and kicks Gabriel in the gut and HE GOT THE DRAGON DRIVER! 1-2-3 JUSTIN GABRIEL HAS BEEN ELEIMINATED!

From behind Barrett assaults Storm and quickly brought him up on his shoulders and HE GETS WASTELAND! 1-2-3 MICHAEL STORM HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

It was down to Cena and Barrett all this was down to the two leaders of both teams as they went fist for fist but Barrett got a rake to the eye and went for WASTELA-NO CENA COUNTERS AND ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! AND THE STF IS LOCKED IN…BARRETT TAPS OUT!

WWE is victorious as Cena poses for the celebratory win but also and maybe the WWE has given Storm a second chance.

As months passed on my knee was getting better, I was also told if it continued that I could come back earlier as I wanted to train and improve my ring skills.

However WWE's landscape was changing and what shocked me more was that Storm and Edge got themselves traded off to Smackdown!

I guess I will not be facing him again anytime soon but also was this new Anonymous Raw General Manager, whoever he may be he's making some fair but harsh decisions.

I was also proud of Daniel Bryan as he made Miz tap out to become United States Champion.

It was shocking that Wade Barrett beat John Cena and making him Join The Nexus after he lost to Barrett at Hell in a Cell, then making Cena into his personal slave and even using him to win matches and get the WWE title as it went on to Survivor Series as Cena had to make a choice either hand him the title and be free of Nexus or not let him win and be fired, he chose fired and I'm glad he did.

But that didn't last long with Nexus getting assaulted anytime, anywhere by a fired Cena as Barrett rehired him.

However the most shocking thing was witnessing the moment and a nightmare come true…"MIZ IS THE NEW WWE CHAMPION!" the announcement echoed throughout the arena as the booing was deafening I however was just speechless seeing that smug jackass hold up the title after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on an injured Randy Orton, it was a cheap win for The Miz.


As the Slammys were announced and awarded as David Arquette made his way back out as he was to present another award.

"Well it's been a night alright and now it's time to present the award for WWE Universe Fan Reaction of the Year, the nominations are…

Angry Miz Girl.

Woman crying at Shawn Michael's retirement speech.

Guy looking shocked at the Smackdown! Money In The Bank PPV .

Kid shocked after John Cena Lost to Wade Barrett at the Hell In A Cell 2010 PPV and was forced to join The Nexus.

"And the winner is…ANGRY MIZ GIRL!" Arquette announced.

As the Angry Miz Girl herself also known as Cayley made her way out and accepted her award as she went to make a speech…


I came to play hit and out came the reason why she was called Angry Miz Girl as the man responsible for giving her this award interrupted her as he and Riley made their way out and of course that smug look on his face as he looked down at one of his biggest "fans".

"Well…well…well, we finally meet The Angry Miz Girl, I gotta say you made the front page on and around the world with that look and now your getting an award for doing that face…why don't you do it for me right now?" Miz asked as he was scaring her.

As then he sunk lower than ever and stole her slammy.

"You don't deserve this I made that moment for you happen so this award is mine!" Miz said as then from the back was the World Heavyweight Champion Michael Storm and he came to Cayley's defence.

"Seriously Miz? First you steal the WWE title now you're stealing a slammy for a kid? Really?" Storm said.

"So the all mighty Michael Storm is now standing up for little kids now? Really? Really? Really? It's pathetic you seek forgiveness with these losers and after you got kicked off Raw you won the title but I have this the WWE Championship because I'm The Miz and I'm AW-

"AWFUL!" Storm interrupted him.


"Alex…take care of this clown!" Miz ordered as Riley had the steel briefcase ready as Storm had the belt as Miz was about to leave he was stopped by someone and turned around to face…ME!

I had a crutch in my hand and was threatening to use it on him as I then took the slammy off of him and he called Riley back and they left seeing it was even ground.

No one could believe I was on Raw after several months of absence I surprised everyone including Storm as I then approached Cayley and gave her slammy back which she earned and me and Storm raised her arms up as the crowd gave us a standing ovation.

"I thought you were still on the injured list?" Storm asked.

"I am but it's the Slammys I had to be here tonight, we got nominated for some awards if you remember." I said.

"Oh yeah we didn't get match of the year but I do have an award to present so why don't you do this one with since your out here?" Storm asked.

"Why not it's been such a while since I was on Raw." I said as we took the podium to present the next award.

"This award is for Rivalry of the Year." I said reading the card.

"The nominations are…

Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker

John Cena & Batista

CM Punk & Rey Mysterio

Xander Cage & Michael Storm

"And the winner is…you have to be kidding me…XANDER CAGE AND MICHAEL STORM!" I announced us as the winners.

The award was right in front of us as the we both had our hands on it but there was a problem there was only one trophy and two winners.

"Okay we have a problem here, who gets the Slammy?" I asked.

"Well I'm the World Heavyweight Champion." Storm said.

"I have one leg!" I said.

"I came back a changed man!" Storm said.

"I've been out for months!" I said as the arguing was getting us nowhere.

"Okay how bout we flip for it?" Storm said as he had a coin in his hand.

"Alright I call heads!" I claimed.

"Tails because it never fails!" Storm said as he flipped the coin and we watched it go up then land on the floor…

"OH YEAH! I get the Slammy!" I said as I got to take it.

"Okay you won that one but one of us will be Superstar of the Year." Storm said.

"I'm going for two years in a row!" I said.

"Well it's you, me and five other guys so good luck." Storm said as we shook hands getting an ovation from the crowd.


It was Christmas time in the Hardy house as I was celebrating with the Hardy family as a full blown trade of insults were being directed at the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling and his title belt from me.

"I'm just saying that belt looks like a glorified Divas Championship." I said commenting on Jeff's Immortal World Championship.

"Not you too! Look it took me weeks to design this and after I finally get it done you start throwing insults about it!" Jeff complained.

"Yeah but I'm not insulting you just pointing out it looks like this belt." I said holding out Aeon's Divas title.

"There's no-oh I just realised it, should've gone with some different colours." Aeon said seeing what I meant.

"Look what you've just started!" Jeff complained towards me.

"Jeffrey give it a rest son, he's just winding you up." Gilbert said calming his son down.

"Dude seriously all that time with injury has made you more annoying than ever." Matt said.

"I have one leg…UNO LEGO! PEG LEG! HOPALONG!" I said in a rant to why that was.

"Okay enough ranting and raving let's open some presents." Aeon said as we gave one another gifts.

Matt got CD's, games and DVD's, Jeff received CD's, artwork and a new guitar, Gilbert received some shirts, DVD's and records, I got DVD's, CD's and a game of Sudoku. (Aeon's way of teasing my intellect)

I then handed Aeon's gift over to her as it was a huge wrapped box as she opened it and inside was another wrapped box as she opened it and another smaller box as she opened that and an even smaller box was in there as she was getting irritated and decided one more to open and this time it was a small black box and she brought it out wondering what it was.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Have a look." I said.

She opened it and her eyes went wide and had her hand over her mouth in shock.

I then got down on one knee (the good knee) and the entire room froze.

"I was going to do this before but I wanted it to be a day to remember so I ask you on the day we celebrate Christmas, Audrey Madison Hardy…will you marry me?" I popped the question to her as we were all awaiting an answer.

She snapped out of her state and looked at me straight in the eye and said it…

"Yes…Yes I'll be your wife!" Aeon answered me. "But you're still the shmuck I'm gonna marry." she joked as she placed the ring on her finger which was a trinity ring all made of diamonds.

"God I love you but can I ask something?" I asked.

"Yes?" she answered.

"Can I get up…my knee's killing me." I asked as she helped me up.

We kissed as the entire Hardy family were clapping us on our engagement.

"About time…wondering when you were going to do it." Matt said.

"I said I was planning to wasn't sure when just needed the right moment." I said as Gilbert approached us.

"Son…I wish you both the best and take care of my little girl and welcome to the family." he said as I hugged my soon to be father in-law.

A few days later I got a call and it was my doctor and let's just say it was good news.

Xander and Aeon are getting married! But what news did our hero get from the doctor?

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