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Chapter 42: Rivalry renewed


The fallout of last night was the only thing being talked about as Justin Roberts was in the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the 2012 Royal Rumble winner The Black Dragon, Michael Storm!" he announced.

Welcome to the jungle hit and the man who would be in the main event of WrestleMania 28 made his way out and was on top of the world after the biggest win of his career he headed down the ramp greeting the fans and entered the ring and got himself a mic.

"I'M GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!" Storm shouted as he pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

"Now you're all wondering what title will I challenge for? Well I have made my decision and at WrestleMania 28 I will challenge for the WWE Championship!" Storm stated his title shot.

"Whoever is champion by then I want you to know I have not been WWE Champion since WrestleMania 26 and I will do everything in my power to once again climb that mountain, so ladies and gentlemen I'll see you all there." Storm said as he went to leave.

I've had enough, I'm taking you down, taking you down

Taking you down hit and I made my way out and I just went straight to the ring and I quickly congratulated my partner on his win last night as I asked for a mic.

"Dude I know I'm interrupting here but I wanna say again congrats and everyone your looking at the next WWE Champion!" I said as we hugged and he left me in the ring.

"Alright last night I was close to winning the Royal Rumble for the straight second time but I was cheated out of that by a man I considered a friend in the World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, so Daniel if you're watching right now you get involved in my business one more time you'll live to regret it, but I have one more bit of business and it involves the return of one man last night so Kurt Angle could you come out here please?" I called out Angle.

Medal hit and out came The Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle who got a roaring reaction to his return to Monday Night Raw as the chants came out.

"YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" the familiar chants which made Kurt famous as he entered the ring taking his return humbly.

He entered the ring as he got a mic and was about to address the WWE Universe.

"Wow…I…uh this is amazing to hear you guys once more but before I get to business I need to hear it again." Angle asked the crowd.

"YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" they chanted once more as he was happy to hear it again.

"Ok that aside I wanted to come back to WWE for a few reasons and that is first off becoming champion once more and next was to settle some old business which turns to you Xander." he said facing me. "Everyone knows outside of WWE you and I butted heads and the day you left so called place I accomplished all I needed there and hearing about your rise here I knew I had to come back and face off with you one more time." he made it clear why he was back.

"You know Kurt when we all heard the music play and then you showed up things would change dramatically and now they have, you say you wanted to face me again?" I asked. "Well firstly it's great your back." I said as he nodded. "Secondly…you're on." I said accepting the challenge.

"Well since you accept I want to name the place and that will be at Elimination Chamber." Angle said announcing where the match would take place.

"Alright Kurt one more time but like we always do…I end up beating you." I said as I knew how each match we had went between us.

"Yes it's true…it's true I Kurt Angle have not beaten Xander Cage, ever since you and I locked horns somehow you beat me each time." Angle said. "I have to have this match to prove I can and I will beat you even if it kills me." he stated.

"Kurt I want you to be at your best and as do myself so let's make this an instant classic and give the people what they want to see." I said as I extended out my hand to him.

"Xander, let's make wrestling matter and tear down the house like we always do." Angle said as he shook my hand and in three weeks we would be going one on one to find out if he can beat me.


"You and Kurt one more time?" Storm said.

"Yeah and like I usually do but I need this win to bounce back from the rumble." I said knowing why this match was important.

"Your facing Kurt Angle?" it was the voice of my wife.

"As everyone worldwide saw yes we're going at it again." I confirmed it.

"You've got nothing to prove, you've beaten him a gazillion times." Aeon said.

"Yes but this time I need to know if all those wins were for real and that I can main event WrestleMania this year." I said wanting to go to the grandest stage of them all.

"I get it, but you know this isn't Universal Studios in Orlando, this is now and this Kurt Angle is way different from your last encounter, you can't let the fact you've beaten him before get you all overconfident." Storm reminded me.

"Aware of that and I'm not the same guy who got lucky against him all those years ago, I've changed and I'm a lot tougher than last time so he can bring it all and so will I." I stated.

The night went on and I was watching Kurt Angle's first Raw match in over several years as he was facing Dolph Ziggler as The Show Off was giving the world a show and showing Angle why he was called that he threw moves he'd not seen before but like always Angle proved why he was the Wrestling Machine as he countered each move and was throwing suplex after suplex and was able to catch a super kick and get in an Angle Slam then the straps came down and he locked in the Ankle Lock and get his first win back in WWE.

I watched on seeing the match and I knew that The Olympic Gold Medalist and The Wrestling Machine was indeed still alive and he was now more focused and more ferocious than he has ever been before…but now it meant I had to step up my game and show him why he cannot beat me.


After Kurt Angle made it clear he wanted to face me at Elimination Chamber and then went on later to show not just me but the world he was back and had not lost a beat so tonight I had to do the same and show him why he should bring his best.

"Joining me live is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions…Xander Cage." Byron Saxton said introducing me as I came into view.

"Xander last week Kurt Angle made a challenge to you and you accepted a match for Elimination Chamber but after seeing his match last week against Dolph Ziggler, how are you going to be prepared?" he asked.

"Byron, I told the world and to Kurt Angle that he and I went at it many times and in each of those encounters…I beat him so how does his victory last week affect my game plan? Not much just that I know what I need to do to beat him and once again prove why you Kurt cannot beat me." I stated as I went off for my match.


I've had enough, I'm taking you down, taking you down

Taking you down hit as I made my way out with my tag title around my waist as I made my way down to the ring and entered the ring as I was only focusing on making a statement to my opponent as I looked to do that to the current opponent I was awaiting for.

Man on fire hit as out came The Big Red Machine, Kane as he made his way out and our rivalry was still one to be talked about after our first encounter which went on from Armageddon to the Royal Rumble, I had shown him why I was in his league and why I wasn't another victim to his list, he entered the ring as we stared face to face once more.

The bell rang and the match was underway as we locked up and he just backed me into the corner and the ref began counting as he quickly broke it but then just threw me back into there with one hand around my throat and just started assaulting me but I was able to block his next shot and threw a right and then a left as now I came out assaulting him with strikes to his face and body, I then took him off the ropes but he rolled to the outside and I knew what was coming next I DOVE BACK FIRST RIGHT INTO HIM!

I got up quickly and did not stop the attack as I brought him up and just threw him back into the ring as he got to his knees I dropkicked him in the face I went for a cover, 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! I brought him up and began hitting kicks to the side of his torso I went of the ropes looking for a clothesline but he ducked me and I turned around and go caught with that massive uppercut.

Trying to get back up he just booted me in the face and then with one hand around my neck he threw me back into the corner and just started laying the fists into me then I slumped to the floor and he stomped on me the ref tried to stop him but he intimidated him as he turned back he brought me out of there and had me up and dropped me with a sidewalk slam, 1-2-NO I GOT MY SHOULDER UP!

The Big Red Machine was now beginning to regain momentum as I was still a bit dazed from the hits earlier but as he brought me up and threw me off the ropes I and got me with a clothesline, he began to drop massive elbows down on me he then brought me up and threw me over the top rope but I landed on the apron as he went for me but I shoulder barged him in the gut as he stumbled back and I went to the corner and up the top rope and from there I got a cross body as we were both down.

I tried to go for a cover but the abuse from before had taken it's toll on me but I was willing myself back up and up on one knee I was almost up…KANE SAT UP! His signature move as the Monster was now angry and got to his feet as did I and the fists were flying but he got in another huge uppercut which floored me as he went up high and was looking for a big move as I slowly got to my feet…HE HIT THE FLYING CLOTHESLINE!

I was down and he had me in his sights as he had the hand up and ready to finish me I slowly got to my feet and he wrapped his hand around my throat and took me up CHOKESL-NO I GOT FREE! I COUNTERED WITH A BACKFLIP KICK! Kane stumbled to his knees as I had my chance and went up the top rope and as he came off them I GOT A LEGDROP ACROSS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKED OUT BEFORE THREE!

I knew now I had to wear him down some more as he slowly got up I ran right at him and I NAILED RAGE IN THE CAGE! I rolled to a cover, 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKED OUT AGAIN! I could not believe that as I had to go even bigger and went up the top rope and from there I measured him I HIT THE X MARKS THE SPOT! I went to cover him but I decided against that and rolled him onto his stomach and went up again and I HIT A 450 SPLASH ACROSS HIS BACK! Kane was down and I went for the killing blow.

I hooked his leg and I LOCKED IN THE DEADEND! The Big Red Machine was trapped in the middle of the ring as he was trying to claw his way to the ropes but I then released the hold and dragged him back to the corner and LOCKED IT IN AGAIN! He writhed in pain as I put more pressure on his injured back and HE TAPPED OUT!

I once again defeated the monster and had shown Kurt Angle why he needed to be ready for me in two weeks.


I was icing myself down after the match until I heard the sound of clapping.

"Well done, it takes a lot to beat The Big Red Machine and even make him tap out." it was Angle.

"You should know you did it before." I said.

"It seems you've gotten better since the last time and as you saw last week so have I." Angle said.

"True we both have but I had to show you that I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done and take whatever risk I need to beat you in two weeks." I stated.

"And you should know I'll be coming at you with all I have and you better be ready to use all of that recklessness to beat me because this time you won't get this one." Angle stated as he walked off leaving me there.

I knew I needed to do something drastic as I marched to the General Manager's office.

"Stinger…we need to talk about next week."

Cage vs Angle one more time, but what does our hero have in store for next week? Will this add fuel to the fire of their rivalry?

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