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This story was inspired by a ShikaKiba story I read a while ago, where Naruto's jutsu goes wrong and turns Shikamaru into a dog and him and Kiba get all lovey dovey. It's actually really good story if you don't mind/if you like yaoi, so go try and find it. I can't remember the name and author though, sorry Dx Anyways, so my fic is not going to be a repeat of that story exactly it;ll be similair (author of that story plz dun kill me ;_;) And this is a ShikaTema story too. Oh, and this won't have any sex scenes in it. Sowwy for those of you who'd want one xD

Pairing: ShikaTema (Shikamaru x Temari)
Rating: T for language and maybe nudity

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'Shikamaru Thinking/Talking'

Dog Days

It was a bright sunny day out, with few clouds in the sky. A gentle breeze filled Konoha, the city of the Hidden Leaf every few minutes. It was a nice, warm and fuzzy temperature out. The perfect day in Shikamaru Nara's opinion. Shikamaru was considered the laziest ninja ever to walk in the Hidden Leaf, and he loved to lie in the grass and watch the clouds pass. The ninja is fifteen, and has already been made a jounin. The past few years has been the perfect time to relax for Shikamaru, as his friend Naruto left three years ago to train with Jiraiya-sensei for those years. He was due back in Konoha any day now. Shikamaru had long hair that he kept in a ponytail, black eyes, pale skin, and he wore the standard jounin outfit, with his forehead protector tied to his left bicep.

Today, Kiba and his dog Akamaru of the Inuzuka clan called him out to their team's usual training grounds, because they wanted to show Shikamaru their new jutsu. Kiba Inuzuka was a short-tempered and reckless boy with short, spiky brown hair, tanned skin, and his appearance seemed more feral than human most of the time. His irises were black, his pupils cat-like. He had fangs like a dog and on his cheeks were the Inuzuka trade mark; on each cheek was one fang painted red. He wore his forehead protector on his forehead, and he didn't wear the normal Konoha chuunin vest, and instead wore a black leather jacket with a fishnet shirt beneath, black cupris, a black leg pouch, and black sandals. His appearance had changed much since Naruto left.

"Ugh, so what was this jutsu you wanted to show me, Kiba?" Shikamaru yawned sleepily as he stretched lazily. "I was napping."

Kiba Inuzuka grinned and smashed his hands together, getting ready to create a ninjutsu.

"Ready for this awesomeness?" Kiba asked a broad grin on his face. Throughout the three years of Naruto's absence, Kiba hasn't changed that much. A bit more mature, yes, but he basically replaced Naruto while he was gone.

"Sure." Shikamaru replied dully. I really just wanna sleep... he thought disappointedly.

"Alright! Inu Tanken-Justu!" Kiba exclaimed, and suddenly the three of them (Akamaru was standing beside Kiba) were clouded in smoke.

"There! Isn't it awesome? I'm a dog!" Kiba asked, grinning, but slowly his grin faded as he looked himself over. He was exactly the same as he had been moments ago, and very much human.

"Hey, what gives?" he growled angrily, frowning. Akamaru whined anxiously. "Hm? What is it Akamaru?"

Akamaru made a whimpering noise and pointed in front of him with his nose. Kiba looked in front of him as the smoke cleared. Shikamaru had vanished from his spot against the tree. In his place, at the very base of the tree, was a puppy. And to be exact, it was a Glen Imaal Terrier. It was extremely small, about the size of a large stone. The pup had furry little ears that were erect, except that in the midsection the ears became floppy. Its fur was chocolate brown, almost black, and it had a beige muzzle, and a cute little brown nose. Its eyes were completely black it seemed, and they appeared furious.

"Sh-Shikamaru?" Kiba demanded his jaw dropping to the ground.

'Yes it's me you idiot!' Shikamaru wanted to exclaim, but all that came out were frustrated yips and yaps. From where Shikamaru was, now not even a foot above the ground, Kiba seemed to be some godly deity, and Akamaru a gigantic mountain.

"Oh shit, shit, shit, uhhh okay, I'll get you back to normal buddy," Kiba tried to assure Shikamaru panickedly. He put his hands together in the same position as he had before, and with a determined look on his face shouted, "Henge!"

All three boys sweat dropped.

'Kiba!' Shikamaru growled.

"Ah, I'm sorry! It'll work this time, I know it! Henge!" Nothing happened. "Aw man, why isn't anything working?" Kiba growled, getting annoyed. "Okay we're bringing you to the hospital. Sorry bud." Kiba sighed, and moved towards Shikamaru.

'No way am I going to the hospital! I'm out of here.' Shikamaru thought. It would be too troublesome to explain exactly why he was a dog and then relay the explanation to his dad.

Suddenly, Shikamaru took off at a shocking speed, back towards town.

"What the? Shikamaru! Get back here!" Kiba shouted, startled. "God dammit, let's go Akamaru!" Akamaru was at Kiba's side in a second, and the Inuzuka hopped onto his loyal dog's back. The next moment they were halfway behind the Nara jounin.

'Ugh, this is so troublesome.' Shikamaru thought. Suddenly, a squirrel made a beeline past him in a different direction. The next thing Shikamaru knew, he was happily chasing after the squirrel, barking and yapping and sprinting as he gave chase.

Where is he going? Kiba wondered, just as Akamaru changed directions and ran after the Shikamaru-puppy.

"Shikamaru!" Kiba shouted angrily, and launched himself off of Akamaru once he was in range.

'What the hell? Why am I enjoying chasing a squirrel that's bigger than I am?'

Suddenly, everything vanished from view for a few moments as Kiba tackled the small dog, pulling him into his chest just as the two went rolling straight into a tree.

Akamaru trotted over, making strange snorting noises as Kiba's eyes spun in circles.

"Ugh...remind me to never do that again, Akamaru. Never." Akamaru barked once for confirmation. Shaking the dizziness off, Kiba moved his arms away from his chest, revealing a terrified ball of fluff. Kiba set Shikamaru down on the grass, and Shikamaru began to stumble around, and then fell over.

"Heh, I guess Nara's down for the count for a little while." Kiba observed sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "Akamaru, what should we do with him?" Kiba asked, unzipping his jacket a little so that he could fit the small pup inside like he used to with Akamaru.

Akamaru barked gruffly thrice.

"Hana! That's right, maybe she can figure out how to reverse the jutsu."

And with that, Kiba mounted Akamaru and the three ran off towards the Inuzuka residence.

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