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Dog Days
Chapter 5

The sandy blonde kunoichi exited her bedroom, now wearing tight-fitting black shirt and slacks, her hair was down and slightly damp.

"Tch, you look like you just seen a ghost." Temari said to the small terrier puppy, brow raised.

Indeed, Shika's eyes were wide, unblinking as he stared at the door. He was sitting with his rump against the wall, tail hidden. The pup paid no attention to Temari, just kept staring at the doorway.

Temari rolled her eyes and was just entering the kitchen when she heard a knock on her room door. Frowning slightly, the sand kunoichi approached the door and opened it, removing the bolt and turning the lock before she pulled the door back with a yank.

There stood the irritating Inuzuka boy Temari had quarrelled with earlier.

"What're you doing here, brat?" Temari demanded, clearly irritated. "And how in the name of Kami did you find my apartment?"

Damien Inuzuka grinned impishly.

"I'm an Inuzuka, remember? Awesome sense of smell." He sniffed the air, before breaking out into a grin again.

"Just showered, huh?"

Temari's eye twitched. This kid was creepy. Not to mention extremely annoying.

"Any idiot could tell that; my hair's down and damp." The blonde growled.

The spiky haired Inuzuka's grin seemed to falter, before he quickly covered it back up again.

"Yeah, well, I could smell your shampoo and stuff from outside. I'm second best after that stupid Kiba kid," Damien boasted, puffing his tiny chest out.

Temari grit her teeth and her grip on the door knob tightened. The kid was flirting with her. No one, absolutely no one, was permitted to flirt with Temari no Sabaku.

"Listen kid," Temari snarled, putting emphasis on the word 'kid'. "You're what, ten? I'm nearly twenty. Now scram."

The Genin grabbed his bright red cape and brought it around him, akin to Count Dracula.

"But I'm mysterious." He said, struggling to make his voice sound deep and dark.

Temari snorted.

"You're as 'mysterious' as a sack of potatoes kid. Now beat it before you piss me off."

Damien pouted slightly at her words, and then suddenly fell into a battle stance, dropping his cape.

"But I'm skilled." He protested, pulling out a kunai and placing it in his mouth.

"You're as 'skilled' as a log." The kunoichi scoffed, just as the Inuzuka slipped on his long red cape and fell on his back, forgotten kunai clattering onto the floor.

The Inuzuka growled in the back of his throat, before jumping back to his feet, clearly getting angry as he glared at Temari.

"Why won't you give me a chance?" He demanded, shouting.

"Why won't you leave?" Temari shouted back, just as a loud high-pitched barking resonated through the apartment.

Temari was about to turn around when a ball of brown fur flew past her face, smashing into Damien, who yelped and fell to the floor, getting easily tangled in his annoying cape.

"Shika!" the sandy blonde shouted, slightly startled still.

Shika was trying to snap at the Inuzuka's face unsuccessfully, as the boy was holding the small puppy around the middle as it thrashed about, now turning its attention to Damien's arms.

"Get off me!" the Genin cried out, flailing around as he tried to get rid of the dog that possessed a surprising amount of strength.

Temari blinked at the display in front of her feeling inwardly amused and relieved, before swooping down on the two and snatching Shika off of the boy with ease.

"Th-that thing's crazy!" Damien bellowed as the blonde smirked at him.

"Yeah, yeah, now get lost will ya?" the sand kunoichi asked, waving her hand uncaringly at the Genin as she turned as shut the door in his shocked, angered face before snorting loudly and petting the dog fondly.

"I knew you would be good for something!" she praised happily as she ruffled his fur, grinning widely at him all the while. In all honesty, she was beginning to grow fond of the terrier puppy.

Shika gazed at her proudly, giving out a sharp 'yap' as he wagged his little tail happily.

Setting the little pup down, Temari decided to do some work in her bedroom after grabbing some noodles to eat from her fridge.


Kiba was on high-alert the next morning as he and Akamaru searched the village at about eight in the morning.

C'mon, c'mon! Where the hell is Nara? The Inuzuka thought angrily, just as he caught a whiff of a familiar scent – Konohamaru.

Akamaru seemed to smell the younger ninja's scent also, for without needing Kiba's shout of surprise, the combat-dog changed directions and darted off towards the training grounds.

The Genin was with his team; his two friends Kiba didn't know were talking by the bushes. He wrinkled his nose in distaste as he caught the boy with glasses' scent – it smelled of snot and that smell people got when they were sick. Yuck. Konohamaru sat by the lake, seeming incredibly bored.

As Kiba and Akamaru burst into the field, the three Genins jumped in fright.

"Ahhh! Don't hurt us!" the boy with the unpleasant smell cried instantly, shielding his snot-covered face and hiding behind a girl with orange hair and rosy cheeks who sent her teammate a glare before getting up and moving away.

Konohamaru flinched as he saw Kiba, his expression confused and nervous as he saw Kiba's irritated and frustrated one.

"K-Kiba?" the brunette with the turquoise cape stammered, a bad feeling washing over him as the older ninja stormed over to him as he dismounted the great white dog that was Akamaru.

"You!" the older boy barked as he pointed an accusing finger at Konohamaru. "Where in the name of Kami is that puppy you offered to look after for a few minutes for me?"

Instantly, Konohamaru's tentative feeling left as he shrugged, turning back to the water.

"The thing had rabies or something," he said as his voice broke, making Kiba's ear twitch, and Akamaru growl, "and it bit me – look!" the boy thrust his hand at Kiba, where deep but small bite marks could be seen.

"I don't care! Besides, it's only a bite - suck it up!" Kiba added angrily. "Second of all, you haven't answered my question!"

The Genin ignored him as he twirled his cape around his finger.

With a growl, Kiba strode over to the boy and grabbed him by the scruff of his cape.

"H-hey! Lemme go! Lemme go!" Konohamaru protested as he flailed about, punching Kiba every now and then.

"Tell me what you did with the dog damn it!" Kiba shouted, all patience gone. What had the kid done to Shikamaru?

Konohamaru's teammates looked like they were about to intervene when Akamaru sent them a warning growl.

"Fine! Fine!" Konohamaru squealed his voice breaking and raising uncontrollably. A vein broke in Kiba's forehead.

"I gave him to some blonde chick! Some kunoichi a bit older than you! I swear!"

Kiba frowned, due to the fact that he found this a little odd, and the fact that he was struggling not to burst out angrily at the kid for his puberty-ridden voice.

"A blonde kunoichi? There are no other blonde kunoichis in Konoha around my age or older, besides Ino and Lady Tsunade."

A frantic shake of the head from Konohamaru.

"No! I mean, the lady wasn't from the village! Uh, um, the sand village! The sand!" Konohamaru insisted, quivering at the rare look of death Kiba gave him.

"Blonde kunoichi from the sand? Doesn't ring a bell ..." Kiba's frown deepened as he failed to think of anyone. "If I find out you're lying, I'm reporting you to the Fifth." The Inuzuka threatened.

Konohamaru's cowering stopped as he scoffed.

"I'm not scared of that ol' Grandma! If Naruto can stand up to her, so can I! I'm the grandson of the Third Hokage!" the Genin exclaimed proudly.

Kiba raised a brow at the boy, before dropping him. "Then I'll tell the Naras on you!"

Konohamaru froze, and in a second he was hugging the older boy's leg, looking up at him with a pleading expression. "No! Anything but that! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

The spiky haired brunette grinned in victory.

"Then you better hope I find this blonde chick!" he exclaimed at the boy as he shook him from his leg and jumped on Akamaru, the two sprinting out of the training field.

Konohamaru's teammates walked up to him as they saw the ninja fall off of the back of the combat-dog as he got a tree branch to the face.

"K-Konohamaru?" Udon spluttered as he inched closer to his friend.

"Yeah?" the brunette asked as he watched Kiba climb back onto Akamaru's back.

"You do realise you just got threatened by an idiot?" Moegi asked with a sympathetic look at Konohamaru.


"And you do realise he was successful in it?"


"... Y-you do realise th-that was K-Kiba?"

"... Uh huh."

The three facepalmed themselves as the Inuzuka and his dog ran into yet another branch, this time the older ninja got caught on the branch as his dog sprinted on, leaving him just as the branch broke, Kiba falling to the ground in a explosion of dirt, a curse leaving his mouth as he got back to his feet and ran after his dog limping saying 'ow' all the while.

"Konohamaru, you suck at life."

"I know." The brown haired Genin said dejectedly as he hung his head in sadness.

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