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Characters: Sam- 9th grader/ 14 years old

Dean- 12th grader/ 17 years old

+ later characters ;)

Summary: Being new in town was something Sam and Dean Winchester were use to. Their dad had a strange researching job that required them to move around often. However, when they get stuck in the hot, humid city of Savannah, Georgia for a few months, there's nothing they can do but suck it up and try to blend in.

For Sam, it's hard to make friends. He was always the bullied, straight-A nerd. Dean, however, never focused on his school work and always ended up popular.

After a month at Islands High School, two new students, also brothers, show up. Sam just wants to be friends with the younger brother while Dean and the new 12th grader battle for popularity.

Will Sam and Dean finally find a place where they're not freaks, or is this just another place they simply don't belong?

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FYI, the story will most likely stay in Sam's POV.

To the story!

Chapter One: Moving Again

It was another day in rainy Stanwood, Washington. I walked up and down the dampened street, kicking through puddles. Only three weeks ago did I start ninth grade at Stanwood High School. Now, without any warning, we're moving…again. Oh, and by 'we', I meant my dad, my older brother Dean, and me. My mom died in a house fire when I was only six months old. Dean refuses to talk about her much, so I know virtually nothing about her.

I sighed and bent down to pick up a smooth stone. I rubbed the top with my thumb before cocked my arm back and threw the stone as far as I could. I exhaled through my mouth, watching my warm breath whisk through the cool September air. School was just getting out around town and kids on bikes, buses, or foot quickly made their way home, talking excitedly with friends.

What's there to be excited about? Nothing happens in Washington, I thought bitterly.

Suddenly, I was bumped from behind and fell face first towards the cement. I caught myself just in time, but hurt my wrists and palms instead.

"Loser!" one of the kids from a huddled group called before they all exploded in laughter and left. I sighed and rolled on my back.

Damn, I hate Washington.

"Hey, Sammy! What the hell are you doing in the ground?" Dean yelled, sprinting towards me.

"Uh, I-um, fell. The grass was still wet." Dean helped me up, being careful with my swelling wrists.

"Sammy, it almost seems like every day you come home hurt. What the hell?" I just shrugged my shoulders. With a heavy, drawn-out sigh, my brother said, "Fine. Come on, Sammy. We gotta get your wrists wrapped up. Plus, Dad says we're leaving tonight."

Dean and I threw our book bags into the back of the Impala, Dad's cherished car. Boxes of all sizes were piled in the front yard and around the house. "Dad! We're home! Where are you?"

Dad shouted from the den, "Dean, Sam, move your ass and pack the boxes into the truck!" We immediately jumped to work, packing the boxes tightly into the bed of the truck, then the tiny area behind the seats.

Once we finished, Dean sent me inside to find Dad. "Yo, Dad, we got all the boxes packed up. When are we leaving?" Dad made me jump when he shut the basement door behind me, answering, "Now."

We walked out of the house to the truck and Impala. Dad threw the keys to Dean and said, "Drive my baby. But be careful; you hurt her and I'll kill you. Got it?"

Dean responded with a dutiful, "Yes sir!" before the two of us crawled into the Impala.

"Ready to leave Stanwood, Washington behind, Sammy?" Dean asked as he turned the key. I didn't even have to think my answer.

"Hell yeah."

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