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Chapter 3: New Student Déjà vu

"Dammit," Dean groaned, rubbing his head. I just stood gaping at Dad.

"What?" Dad asked, grabbing his beaten duffle bag from the floor of the passenger's side of his truck.

"We're…we're actually staying here long enough to rent a house?" Dean and I both watched Dad move to the front door, take a key from his back pocket, and unlock the door. Then he turned to us and a tiny smile touched his lips. "Welcome home."

I glanced at Dean and noticed he was focused on me; gaging my reaction. I furrowed my brows and his face softened. Then he said, "Well, we might as well look around. C'mon Sam."

Dean and I walked up the paved sidewalk, leading to the front porch. There was a small , thin tree planted in the middle of the front yard and healthy, green grass, courtesy of the summer sun. Around the front porch, there was neatly cut shrubs and rose bushes. However, in the corner of the yard sat a hibiscus bush, sporting beautiful orange flowers. I instantly thought of Mom.

With a saddened heart, I walked through the front door. There was an open space for a living room right after the small front hallway. There was also a carpeted staircase directly in front of the door. To the right, there was a dining room and behind there was the kitchen. From the kitchen or the living room, you ventured down a long hallway and entered the Master bedroom. Upstairs, there was three bedrooms; Dad's study, Dean's room, and my room. At the end of the hall, there was a nice Jack-And-Jill type bathroom, connecting Dean's room and my room.

There was a basement downstairs, which is where the washing machine and dryer were. That's also where Dad would be, if not his study.

Dean and I finished looking around and reported back to Dad in the kitchen.

"So? How do you boys like it?"

Dean smiled and replied, "It's a nice place."

I, however, was quiet. It will never be home, like Lawrence was.

At last, I muttered, "Better than moving every week."

It was close to one in the morning when Dad let us go to bed and I was about to collapse. Dean had to basically drag me up the stairs to the inflatable mattresses we were stuck sleeping on.

"De…I'm tired…Can I sleep now?" I yawned.

Dean chuckled, responding with, "Yeah, Sammy. Go to bed."

By the time Dean shut off the light and left, I was dead asleep.

I woke up the next morning to my brother flipping my mattress.

"Dean! What the hell?" I yelled, crawling out from under the mess of blankets, "What was that for? What time is it?"

"Six-thirty," he smiled coldly. I groaned.

"Is there…you know, a reason we're awake at six-thirty in the morning?"

Dean threw my old book bag at me and replied, "School. Apparently, Dad already registered us here before we even left Stanwood. Get up, Sammy. We're gonna be late."

I groaned again, falling on top of the flipped mattress.

I turned the knobs on the shower, turning the water off. I ran the towel over my hair and ruffled it, drying the drops clinging to my hair. Then, wrapping it around my waist, I stepped out from the bathroom. Near the sink, on the counter sat a white polo, black jeans, and a pair of converse. I arched my eyebrow, staring at the clothes.

"Dean? Why, uh, are these clothes here?"

Dean muttered something, sounding angry.

"Care to speak up, big brother?"

"We have to wear freaking uniforms here!" Dean yelled.

I dropped the toothbrush I was holding.

"I thought it was public school?"

Dean snorted, answering, "Doesn't seem to matter. We have to wear uniforms at any school in this city."

I sighed, leaning against the sink. Savannah already sucks.

I hurriedly got dressed and ran downstairs. I almost fell down laughing when I saw Dean in an identical uniform to mine.

"Dean, you-"

"Sam, shut up. It's not funny."

After laughing a little, I bit the inside of my cheek.

Breakfast was done, so I made my way to the table. I kicked a box out of my way and it tipped over. Dean snickered as he brought a plate of eggs and sausage to the small table. With a sigh, I crouched down and began to pick up some of the papers and books that tumbled out.

A few of the books were in Latin. But one in particular caught my eye; Demon Exorcisms. I arched my eyebrow and lifted it to read.

"Demon possession has been a major problem for Hunters of many generations. To send a demon back to Hell, you must exorcise it."

Suddenly, the book was snatched from my hands.

"What the hell?" I demanded angrily at my brother, who stared at me with an unexplainable expression.

With a strained voice, Dean said, "It's not yours, Sam; it's Dad's. He's into weird lore like that, and you know it. But don't go reading his books. They'll give you nightmares."

I rolled my eyes, replying, "They won't give me nightmares."

Dean stared at me. "That's the same thing you said about the clowns."

I shuddered and stood, holding all the books and papers, and threw them roughly back into the box. "Shut up."

Dean chuckled and threw the book into the box as well. "Go eat, Sam. We gotta leave soon."

I scowled at him, but sat at the table and nicked a hard-boiled egg and two sausages. Dean brought two glasses of orange juice to the table.

We were quiet for a few minutes until I asked, "So what's our new school's name?"

Dean looked at me and replied, "Islands High School. Home of the Sharks." With a chuckle, he muttered, "Makes sense." He finished with his plate and juice, stood, and dumped the dishes into the sink. Looking at his watch, he urged me to hurry.

"Okay, okay! I'm done!" I yelled, standing up and grabbing my book bag.

Dean shoved a piece of paper in my hands as he pushed me out the door. "Bye Dad! We're leaving!" Dean called as he shut the door and locked it.

"What is this?" I questioned, looking at the paper as we walked down the driveway towards the Impala. Dean smirked. "Your class schedule, freshman."




Block 1: Honors Biology

Block 2: Mathematics 1

Block 3: World History

Block 4: Spanish

I sighed and folded the schedule, tucking it into my pocket. Dean placed his hand on my shoulder. "Cheer up, Kiddo."

After a second, I sighed again and Dean opened the door to the car. "Get in, Sam." I did so and sat motionless in the passenger seat.

Dean stared at me for a second, watching over me. Then he turned the key, the car revved to life, and we were on our way.

I was silent the whole way. Dean was drumming his fingers to some old rock song I didn't recognize. I was honest-to-God nervous. Again. I looked out the window, feeling ashamed and ridiculous. I changed schools constantly; why would Savannah, Georgia be any different?

Still, I couldn't shake the new feelings: butterflies in my stomach, the closed-off feeling in my throat, the sweaty palms. What the hell is wrong with me?


I jumped, looking at my brother. "What, Dean?"

Dean looked at me, then narrowed his eyes. "I called you like four times. Head clear, little brother. And we're here."

I slowly raised my eyes to look out the window at Islands.

It looked almost like a middle school building [AN: Islands actually used to be a middle school, lol] and students slowly dragged their feet through the front door.

Dean parked in the student parking lot to the left of the building. With a sigh, he murmured, "Welcome to IHS, buddy."

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