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CHAPTER 10 (Iwaki POV)

A month and a half. Just a month and a half I have to wait until my family and Katou's finally meet. Actually they are already in-laws.'

I laid down on the couch on my back thinking 'But I still have to stress over them meeting. What are the end results? Happy? sad? Or an all-out brawl? No that can't happen I trust my family and Katou's to get along 'I take a deep breath ' Its going to be ok just like Katou said they are our family and they love us and they will be thrilled . I mean they were fine about us going on vacation then SURPRISE we come back married! I need to stop thinking to the negative.'

I sled my hand down my face in frustration.' I wish I had some work to do to keep my mind off of things just for a little while, but the president gave me some time off after my collapse.'

I sighed 'I did everything that people do when their bored. I read books and was quickly bored of that. I cleaned, even though the house is always clean. I also took a nap that only lasted 30 minutes. Maybe I could go somewhere …without the paparazzi watching my every move. I could go for a walk the weather is nice but what if I collapse? I should call Shizumi and ask has any work come in, she could be spending time with her child I don't want to interrupt that. What else is there to do?'

Just then I hear my cell ring and vibrate on the kitchen table. I get up and walk over to it. Its Shimizu I flip open the phone and answer. "Hello Shimizu-san"

"good morning Iwaki-san"

" Good morning"

"Well I hope you are feeling well because you have an interview with a J TV to talk about your premier movie. "I feeling fine and I would love to go, anything to get out of being stuck here in the house doing nothing." She giggled

"Well then hurry and get dressed I'll be there in a hour."

"Okay good-bye Shimizu"

"Good-bye" I hung up the phone and went upstairs to take a shower.

Half way through my shower I heard Katou call my name; apparently he didn't hear the shower running. Knowing he is searching the whole house I'll give him a few minutes before he realizes that the shower is running.

"Iwaki-san!" said Katou as he burst through the door.

"Didn't you hear me calling I was so worried!" I turned the water off and wrapped and towel around me before I got out

"the house isn't a mansion I knew you would find me sooner or later" I started to walk past Katou but then he jumped in front of me with a serious but worried look in his eyes.

"Iwaki-san you shouldn't do that, worry your husband like that" he whined. I gave a quick peck on his lips

"You're alright, you found me" I pushed passed him and in to the bedroom. I walked to the dresser to pick out my underwear and clothes I would wear. I felt arms wrap around my waste and I sighed "Katou I am perfectly fine I am glad that you were worried about me but I am not invalid yet I can still see my toes, I am not waddling and I don't need help getting up off the couch I can do things for myself, so can you let go I have to get dressed" I felt an a sigh on my still bare shoulder and he let go

"okay I am sorry. I just I left you here over night and you were all I thought about. All the danger that you and our child could have I-"

"Katou you are just a loving husband and soon to be father it's okay" I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him and he kissed back. We stayed like that for a few minutes until I pulled away "I love you Katou so much" he smiled

"I love you too" I unhooked my arms from around his neck and turned back to the dresser

"Now I have to get ready Shimizu called I have an interview for the movie premier." Katou sat down on the plush chair while I was putting on my underwear and clothes.

"What time is she coming?" I looked at the alarm clock on the night stand

"About 20 minutes or so"

"Mmmm" I looked at Katou and saw his head rested on the back of the chair opening and closing his eyes quickly falling asleep .I walked over to him and shook him gently

"Katou I know your tired come and lay down on the bed. He sleepily nodded and slowly moved to the bed and messily plopped down on the bed. I chucked 'he was so full of energy a few minutes ago, guess the rest of his energy was used worrying about me' I smiled and finished dressing. Putting on my jacket I checked my watch on my wrist noticing I have 13 more minutes before Shimizu comes knowing that she is always on time.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen for a glass of water. Reaching to get a cup out of the cupboard I noticed the baby book that we bought yesterday. Filling my glass with water and ice I picked up the book and sat down at the table and began reading. The title of the book was called Things to Know About Your Growing Baby.

'Chapter 1: Symptoms.' On the first few paragraphs it stated to talk about how a woman's menstrual cycle stops I didn't matter to me because I am a man, so a skipped those paragraphs and on to the one that starts about symptoms more related to me. '…as the baby slowly grows you will feel tired and need more rest than usual. You will also be eating for two people; this doesn't mean you can gobble everything in your kitchen. So that your baby can be healthy and strong you will need protein and calcium for your baby's bones and tissue. Whole Grains, Beans, Salmon, Egg, berries are what great fundamentals for a healthy baby. The next page was about morning sickness.

Morning sickness can happen in the morning noon or at night. Not to worry this just mean your baby is growing and is pushing on your stomach to make more room to grow. In most women this will only last until the begging of their second trimester. 'Oh how I can't wait until then'

Next time we go shopping I need to write this down on our list. I was about to keep reading when the door bell rung. Folding the corner of the page to mark where I left off, I closed to book and walked to the front door and open it. "Good morning Shimizu-san"

"Good morning Iwaki-san ready to go?" I nodded and fallowed her out to the car. I got in the back while she sat in the driver seat. "So Iwaki-san I didn't see Katou at the door giving you your usual fare well kiss" I chuckled

"He was working late last night and now he is pass out on our bed" Shimizu giggled too.

"He must be working really hard for his new role"

" and with me and the baby on the way just wears him out and him worrying about me 24/7 is wearing me out" She giggled again

"Well Iwaki-san you have to remember that you are a pregnant male rear once and a life time chance for you and him. I know he doesn't want to mess this up. Even though I am a woman, when I was pregnant with my first child my husband was all over the place worrying ,so let him be you get used to it" I let out a sigh

"I guess you're right"

" I know I am, and another thing I just knew that with the way Katou worried about you before you were pregnant that it was only going to double with the baby." We laughed

"So true Shimizu, Can you do me a favor and call the president and set up a meeting with him when his available"

"Sure thing" she answered

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Katou shifted in his bed, still half asleep, trying to find a warm body next to him on the bed. He kept sliding closer and closer to the other side until. Thump. The blonde sat up from the floor looking wild and startled. 'Ow' he thought.

He then looked at the top of the bed to find bunds of the different layers of covers and pillows all over. Everything that was usually there was there except for one thing, his beloved Iwaki-san. Sitting up and cracked his back feeling his muscles relax for their stiff position. He slowly stood up looking toward the door of the bathroom finding it cracked and the light turned off. "Iwaki-san! " he ran down the steps looking in to the living room and the kitchen.

"Iwaki-san where are yo-" Katou stopped and thought 'Oh yea he said he had an interview on television today' he looked toward the living room to the TV then looking at the clock on the wall. 'He should be on by now' Katou walked in the living room turning on the TV while sitting comfortably on the couch. It was a good thing that the TV was already turned to the station, so he didn't have to flip thought the channels looking for the right one and then end up missing a part of the show. After the show theme song the hosts of the show were each seen siting on a single tan chair. A man and a woman dressed in formal wear sat in the tan couch smile brightly. Across form them sat a empty tan three person seated couch and behind that was two soft tan stools.

"Today we have a special guest coming from the new movie 'My brother's troubles' filmed by Director Masuru." Said the woman. "So please help us welcome the actors" the audience clapped as one by one each actor walked out from off the stage. First was a woman with light brown hair next a young teenager with short dirty blonde hair then Iwaki, another woman with long black wavy hair that reached down passed her shoulders and then a man also with black hair.

" So " started the man

"tell us about the movie 'My Brother's Trouble' is about" then teen with dirty blonde hair spoke out,

"Well basically its about these two brothers Akira,which is the oldest-"

After that katou just completely zoned out, his only focus was on his beloved Iwaki-san. 'he really knows how to charm a crowd, and knows how to act in front of reporters and on TV' he sighted dreamingly 'He is just so talented ,probably because of the experience he has. I cant think like that if I said that to Iwaki-san he would say that

"We both have different abilities that we're go at so don't get yourself down Katou" or

"Katou we are both of equal standing, talent wise, otherwise we would have never have got to where we are right now" then he would kiss me with his soft beautiful lips and I would kiss him back Iwaki-san would wrap his arms around my neck and I would wrap my arms around his slender waste ,deepening our kiss, clothes taken off the feel of his soft skin on mine and then….and then' before he knew it he as staring at Iwaki on the TV eyes glazed and drooling. What brought Kaotu back from cloud 9 was when his stomach started to growl. 'I think there still might be some sweet omelets still in the refrigerator that I could heat up' before Katou got up he turned the TV volume up so that he could still hear the voices from the kitchen.

After he heated up the leftover omelet and got a glass of water he sat in front of the couch on the floor to watch the rest of the interview. Katou was finished with his food he started drinking his water slowly when

"Iwaki-san I hear from a very reliable source that you collapsed during one of the scenes and had to be taken to the hospital." Katou started to choke on his water. after his coughing fit he looked back at the screen eyes bulged with worry when he noticed Iwaki didn't answer straight away

'Oh crap, come one Iwaki make something up'. Iwaki started to smile

" Yes that is true" the audience gasped. Katou sighed in relief "oh my are you alright? Do you know what caused it?" asked the woman.

"Well I don't know what caused it but I started feeling light headed and fell then the next thing I knew I was in the hospital. I was checked out by a doctor and she said I was fine and I just needed some rest"

"He scared us half to death! We were so glad to hear that he was ok" said the black haired actress. The male interviewer turned to the audience "

Well lady viewers you can calm your beating hearts knowing that your beloved Iwaki-san is back to health" the audience, which the majority of were females, laughed. Katou started to laugh

"Sorry ladies but Iwaki is only MY beloved!"

"Well that's all for today's show, remember to watch the new movie 'My Brother's Trouble' coming to theaters! Bye, bye!" they all waved as the camera zoomed out and went to commercial.

"Can't wait until Iwaki gets home, so I can congratulate him!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the TV Station~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Each actor and actress stood up from there seat to shake hands with the male and female interviewers. Iwaki walked back stage after saying goodbye to everyone. Shimizu walked up to him and gave him his cell phone, just in case his cell phone vibrated during the interview.

"Great job Iwaki-san for handling that question" Iwaki smiled and nodded his thanks"I called the president and he told his secretary and he is available for a meeting in" she looked at her watch on her wrist "40 minutes, so we should head out now"

"Alright" they both walked out the studio to the car. When they both were secured in the car Shimizu started up the car to the office.

"I you don't mind me asking Iwaki-san why do you want to meet with the president?"

"Well I want to discuss with him my pregnancy and how it will affect my work in the future"

" Yours always the proactive one aren't you" he chuckled

"Well in the acting business you have to be" Shimizu just nodded in agreement. They stayed in a content silenced until they parked the car in front of a tall glass building that was the office. Shimizu checked the time when she and Iwaki were walking into the front of the building.

"Iwaki-san we have 15 more minutes until the meeting" She said as they walked into the elevator. Iwaki nodded

"After this am I done for today, Shimizu?"

"Yes, then you can go home and rest. From experience I know you need it" the elevator stopped on the 10th floor.

"Well Iwaki-san here we go" Iwaki was the first to walk out and to a woman behind a large desk.

"I am Iwaki kyousuke and I am here for my meeting with the president" she nodded and picked up the phone

"Iwaki Kyousuke is here to see you Mr. president" said the secretary

"Yes sir" she hung up the phone and looked toward the actor "He will see you now"

"Thank you" Iwaki turned to Shimizu "Shimizu I can do this you can wait out here" she nodded and wished him good luck. Iwaki walked in a huge office to see an older man sitting behind a large wooden desk, with his finger entwined together under his chin

"Iwaki-san, come sit" he sat in the brown leather chair in front of the desk "What do you need to discuss with me"

"Mr. President I hope you are well aware of my collapse while on set last month" the elder nodded

"Yes I heard an I saw your interview this morning you said yourself that you were fine" he raised an eye brow "Are you?"

"Yes I am-"

"Well then that is every good ne-"

"But" Iwaki interrupted

"But?" the raven haired man sighted "This not going to be easy to tell but, after my collapse they took me to the hospital and tested my blood and found something unusual for a man to have in his body" the president furrowed his brows with worry

" What did they find?"

"To make this short they found out from the blood work that I am pregnant" the president's face relaxed and a tiny smile appeared on his face

"That is wonderful news Iwaki-san!"

"Thank you sir, but that is only part of why I came here. I came here to have my schedule for later in the year to be cleared because my doctor said that male pregnancies can be very fragile and I don't want to over work myself and end up losing my- mine and Katou's child" they sat in silence for a moment.

" Very well I will arrange for it to happen when you are ready and the press with not hear a word about it unless you say so" Iwaki stood with a smile on his face and bowed to the man

"Thank you very much Mr. President"

"You are welcome"

"Good-bye sir" then Iwaki walked out the door to the waiting Shimizu

"How did it go?"

"He said he will arrange it"

"That's WONDERFUL! Now you have good news to tell Katou when you get home" Iwaki chuckled

"I am sure he will be thrilled"

~~~~~~~~~~~At The House~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Katou! I am home!" there was a loud thud that came from the living room. A few seconds later Katou appeared with wide grin on his face

"Welcome home Iwaki!" then he took Iwaki's chin and kissed him. Iwaki chuckled

"I have great news Katou. Come let's go to the living room and sit" Iwaki lead his husband to the living room and sat on the couch.

"What is it Iwaki?" Katou said sitting next to Iwaki

"I went to the president and told him I was pregnant, I asked for time off when work will get too stressful and he said yes" Katou grabbed Iwaki into a tight hug

"That's great Iwaki" he pulled away and kissed the raven haired passionately.

"Now I can see more of my Iwaki-san" Iwaki pulled away and held Katou's face in between his hands looking him in his eyes

"You. Katou still have to work up until the day I am in hospital in labor" the blonde pouted

"Don't ruin the excitement Iwaki-san" Iwaki kissed him on his lips again

"I am not ,I am just being realistic" Iwaki smiled then pulled away and started walking into the kitchen fallowed by Katou.

"Did you cook anything while I was gone Katou?"

"No I just had leftovers" Iwaki started looking in the refrigerator

"Oh. Well then I'll just eat m leftover sweet omelet that I have been craving all day" Katou's eyes widened in shock and ran toward the kitchen to stop his husband from pulling out the almost empty container "Katou? What happened to my omelet?" too late

"um…. well you see" Iwaki's piercing stare made Katou break

"I ate it." Silence filled the room until Iwaki smiled

"Oh. So you ate it? Okay that fine" the blonde was confused

"You're not mad?" then out of nowhere Iwaki slapped him in the back of the head "IDIOT! Of course I am mad you just ate my omelet!" then the angry pregnant man stomped up the stairs to their room and slammed the door. After Katou recovered from the hit he ran upstairs after his husband

"Iwaki! I am sorry ill make you some more!"

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