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Naruto a new Twist

Chapter 1


A woman was slammed onto a rock she was in the standing position as the Masked Man teetered her to the rock and a few pillars The woman had long red hair she was wearing a white shirt and a white skirt she screamed as a man wearing a black stood in front of her he had an orange mask that only showed his Sharingan. He lifted up the woman's shirt slightly to show the weakening seal he smiled as his other hand glowed with dark chakra.

The man said, "Don't worry Kushina used to be Jinjuriki you will soon die."

The man placed his hand on Kushina's belly causing her to scream again. As the seal broke completely releasing a massive wave of chakra it started to form still latching onto Kushina's body first a massive claw formed as it grabbed the ground and slowly pulled its head out along with a small part of its body it continued to come out of Kushina causing her to scream even louder now it was pulling its tails out it roared as it stood above its old host free. The masked man jumped up and looked it in the eyes with the Sharingan.

The masked man ordered, "Kill Kushina nine tails."

The nine tails lifted its claw and was about to strike when a blond man appeared he freed Kushina in a flash and moved her away the two now stood on a tree a few meters away.

The masked man thought, "Dam the fourth he is just as fast as ever."

Kushina whispered, "Minato is Naruto ok?"

Minato nodded and flashed away he arrived at a small hide out of theirs Kushina could see Naruto on the bed as Minato helped her over and lay her on the bed she moved over and started to hold Naruto close to her she let a tear roll down her face she smiled looking at Naruto sleeping peacefully.

Minato said, "Sorry Kushina but I have to stop them."

Kushina nodded sombrely as Minato flashed away she looked at Naruto cooing him in her arms as she lay next to him.


The masked man

The masked man arrived on the outskirts of the village weaving a few hand signs he quickly summoned the nine tail fox causing an enormous amount of panic in the village as people ran screaming for their lives. Suddenly the masked man was kicked into a building while the Nine tails was sent crashing into the village wall. The masked man looked at the attacker to see he had red spiky hair with two strands of black hair next to each eye he looked the same age as Minato he looked at the masked man sending off a large wave of killing intent at him. The Nine tail fox moved its claw at the man only for him to flick the attack away with his own chakra.

Suddenly Minato arrived only for the masked man to attack him Shinato defended the village against another attack from the nine tails when he smiled as he vanished arriving where the masked man and Minato stood the two were about to engage in a fight.

The new comer asked, "Minato are they ok? Go stop the nine tails I will deal with the masked man."

Minato nodded and flashed away as Shinato sent aw blade towards the masked man only for him to faze through it. Shinato attacked again and again only for it to go right through the masked man. Who suddenly sent a fire ball towards Shinato only for him to flick it away.

Shinato thought, "dam why can't I hit him."

The masked man said, "It's pointless that hit you got me with before was your only chance and you failed."

Shinato closed his eyes showing a combination of the Sharingan and the Byakugan as the masked man charged towards him he tried to grab Shinato only for the man to jump away. He quickly placed his hands on the ground as several spears shot up from the ground trying to Hit the masked man only to faze through him causing Shinato to close his eyes in realization.

Shinato opened them again to see Minato next to him he asked, "What?"

Minato ordered, "Deal with the fox your much better for that than this my friend."

Shinato nodded as Minato transported him away to the village.

Minato looked at the Masked man who moved towards him Minato threw a Kunai at him only for the masked man to faze through it again causing Minato to understand the masked man lunged forward trying to grab Minato who moved hitting the man in the gut releasing his hold on the nine tail fox Minato proceeded to move away before the masked man could swallow him up in a different dimension.

Minato thought, "I hope that helps Shinato... this guy has to be a leaf ninja otherwise he wouldn't know so much about the nine tail fox sealing and the village's defences. His knows a lot about fighting he doesn't mess around.

Minato watched as the masked man moved again closing in on Minato only for Minato to throw a Kunai through the man's head he watched as it fazed through time slowed down as the man waited for the projectile to slip out he made a grab for Minato as the Kunai left his head only for Minato to flash away slamming a rasengon into his shoulder. Causing blood to run down onto the ground.

Minato asked, "Your Madara Uchiha aren't you?"

Madara quickly left realizing his mask had been broken Minato flashed back to the village.



Shinato arrived to see the Nine tail fox slash at a few more houses he smiled slightly as the ninja went to try and drive it out of the village only to die he moved creating a massive ball of chakra unlike the Rasengon and threw it at the fox only for it to use its tails to block the attack only for it to be sent backwards crashing out into the wall of the village once again destroying the weakened defence.

Saratobi shouted, "Shinato keep pushing it away from the village!"

Shinato snapped, "don't go senile on me old man just look what I'm doing."

Saratobi sighed as the fox made a massive ball of chakra and sent it towards the Hokage monument only for it to be teleported away by a yellow flash. Shinato smiled as he moved this time creating massive arms of Chakra pushing the fox back out of the village pushing it further away. Shinato moved creating a massive blade of chakra slashing at the fox's claws and tails causing it to howl in pain causing more villagers to scream.

Shinato smiled as he kept pushing the fox back he thought, "Mira, Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke, Hinata and Neji I must protect them! I must protect the future will of fire!"

Shinato placed more chakra into his chakra armour finely showing itself as it spread wings the fox howled trying to slash as it only for Shinato to moved kicking it in the throat causing it fall back away from the village. the fox tried to move its tails at the village wall only for Shinato to use his chakra to grab the tails he quickly moved pulling the tails into the air causing the fox to howl in anger as Shinato dragged it further away from the village. The fox tried to send another chakra bomb at the village only for it to be transported away. Shinato stopped feeling he was at a safe distance from the village. he moved his chakra around the fox pinning it to the ground as it struggled suddenly Minato arrived.

Minato said, "You're so lucky I was there to transport the attacks away Shinato."

Shinato asked, "So who was the masked man?"

Minato said, "It was Madara Uchiha."

The fox roared in anger as it tried to free himself causing Shinato to focus back on the fox. Minato sighed knowing what needed to be done.

Minato explained, "Shinato we can't kill it cause we need him to help us defeat Madara I could barley defeat him."

Shinato snapped so what are you going to do?"

Suddenly Kushina shouted, "Boys seal it into me!"

Kushina moved her chakra chains around the fox they were golden unlike Shinato's who looked like made out of stone. Kushina cringed as the fox struggled to get out of the hold he was in.

Shinato asked, "What are you doing here."

Kushina snapped, "Seal it in me Shinato that's what I am doing here."

Minato explained, "We need him to defeat Madara Uchiha and if we put it in you the fox and you could very well die."

Kushina asked, "What do we do then?"

Shinato placed more chakra into the chains stopping it from moving even more enraging it further.

Minato let a tear roll down his face he answered, "Naruto forgive me please."

Minato flashed away only coming back with seconds later one hand holding Naruto who started to cry Minato's other hand moved summoning a sealing alter he placed Naruto on the alter as he cried.

Shinato growled as the fox broke a few of his chains only for Shinato to shout, "Earth style binding stone prison."

Several stone chains shot out of the ground they looked stronger than the other ones he had used as they restrained the fox.

This one gave Shinato the freedom to move around as Minato shouted, "Reaper death seal!"

Shinato looked at Minato he could feel the death god behind him Shinato moved weaving a set of hand signs he shouted, "Forbidden Sacrifice exchange."

The death god was inches away from placing his hand in Minato when it moved now its hand cut through Shinato's chakra armour and into his skin grabbing hold of his soul. Shinato moved standing right between the fox's eyes the hand moved through Shinato and grabbed the fox's soul and started to pull it out causing Shinato's jutsu to crumble forcing Kushina to put more chakra into her chains.

Shinato shouted, "Nine tail fox listen to me... we both want Madara dead help the child your about to be sealed in and we get our wish."

The fox roared as it tried franticly to get out of Shinato's hold only for Shinato to snap. "Minato do what you were going to do with the seal."

Shinato managed to pull the last of the fox's soul out when he jumped down Minato moved completing the jutsu for Shinato and placing the two in Naruto the fox with the last bit of life it had moved a claw towards the baby only for Shinato to move and use the last of his life and chakra to block the attack only allowing it to go through his back Shinato looked at Naruto.

Shinato said, "Minato bring me Naruto please."

Minato nodded picking up Naruto carefully who was crying he carried him over to Shinato who smiled making a few hand signs he placed his hand on Naruto's head just above his eyes smiling.

Shinato said, "Torii seal."

Shinato smiled coughing up blood as the fox vanished from the area he collapsed his life was closing in on Shinato Minato handed Naruto over to Kushina who was sitting on the ground near Shinato crying for her friend.

Shinato whispered, "Minato... go to my... student... Itachi and tell him... Shinato sent you... to bring peace to the Uchiha...that's the code he will help you... after you tell him...tha."

Shinato thought, "I guess I'll be leaving the rest to you... Mira, Shibi, Sakumo, Hanna, Rin and Itachi... I hope all of you protect the leaf village and show these young ones the true will of fire... Mira I'm sorry I have to leave I know you won't hold any ill will against Naruto and I hope to meet you someday again before you see your mother... Kisara... my blue eyed Dragon."

Shinato closed his eyes dead Leaving Kushina to cry holding Naruto as tears fell on him Minato collapsed on the ground next to his wife cradling her and the baby.

Minato asked, "Torii seal what did he do?"

Suddenly Shinato's body burst into black flames the flames quickly turned bright golden and circled around the three getting smaller and smaller closing in on the three and it eventually touched Naruto on the head making the torii seal vanish. Kushina smiled as Saratobi arrived.

Minato suggested, "can we deal with it later Saratobi... Kushina lets go home."

Minato flashed away holding Kushina and Naruto the two arrived at home.

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Shinato opened his eyes asking, "Where am I?"

A woman smiled and whispered, "You're in the land of the dead I missed you so much."

Shinato said, "Everyday... I never stopped loving you... Kisara... I hope they will be fine without me."

Kisara retorted, "I guess we just have to watch now."

Shinato smiled closing his eyes running his fingers through his wife's hair smiling.


Also all the characters that are actually of the series look and dress the same in my story unless it's a special occasion for now until I get a Beta Reader