Naruto Chapter 69: The end of New twist Summery

Months passed into years Konan and Nagato moved to the leaf village and stayed in the Uzumaki village with their new born son they named him Yahiko after their best friend who was like a brother.
The Child became best friends with Hiroko and Mira's daughter.

Sakura unfortunately had a miscarriage on the first attempt but that didn't stop her it had been five years later and Sakura was pregnant once again.

Naruto along with the five Kages made sure peace swept over the land though from time to time growing trouble was made in the land of lightning only to be stopped.

Neji and his now wife has a girl who is a year younger than Hiroko but became friends with him and enjoy the company of Rin and Kakashi's baby boy.

Kushina Mira and Itachi all trained Lym to control her powers knowing that the day would come when her brother attacks the village Hidden in the leaves.

Hinata is pregnant again as Hiroko is now age five and enters the academy Hinata decides to name her now baby daughter Kohana who unfortunately has no Byakugan but is well devised at the Chakra armour like her older brother.

The Kage's keep a close watch on the sound village waiting for the possible trouble that may emerge

Hiashi and Hanna along with Ko and Neji are the new Hyuga clan elders and continue to lead the clan into a bright future.

Kiba and Yugito both form a relationship and after five years Yugito is pregnant. And Naruto finely forgive Kiba and stops sending him on D rank mission's

Choji and His girlfriend Miakis both go faster and faster within five years Miakis is finely pregnant.

Shino and Fuu grow closer and closer and after five years produce a strong baby.

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