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To Be Sick Or Not To Be Sick

Of Denial and Deceit

Oh no. She was no sick. Definitely not sick. She was Head Girl, she had duties, and she had classes. She was NOT sick.

"Lily dear, I believe you are sick."


Lily pushed the offending thermometer away and stood from the couch.

"No I'm not James. There's probably something wrong with that thing, it's a muggle contraption."

James scrutinised the thermometer, slightly confused.

"But… but Lily, it's not electrical. You said that only electrical items-" Lily rounded on him, eyes flashing.

"I am not sick James!" The fire left her eyes as she slumped back down onto the couch. "I can't be sick. I've got potions, and Professor Slughorn said the potion we'd be making today would almost definitely come up in our N.E.. Not to mention Charms…" Lily's voice trailed off as she looked at James pleadingly.

"Please James, just say I'm not sick and let me go to class?" Lily widened her eyes, stuck out her lower lip, and turned her gaze directly onto James. His own eyes widened for a moment before he shook his head.

"Oh no, do you honestly think I'll cave for that? I think you forgot that I've spent six years bunking with Sirius, Lils. That guy could make McGonagall give him a hug with his pouts!" James sat down next to Lily, who continued to pout at him, frustrated.

"So what, you're saying I don't look cute like this?" She asked him grumpily.

"No, I'm saying that I'd rather you hate me and stay right here than have you wandering around the castle making yourself ill," James informed her seriously. Lily sniffed unhappily.

"How come I'm the one who's sick but you came out of that argument looking like the hero?" She asked grouchily. James had the nerve to smile at her.

"Because I'm always looking out for you" he said with a sincere smile. He then pointed to a stack of books, parchment, quills and ink teetering on the table next to her.

"Those are all yours. Now, if it were up to me you wouldn't be doing anything, but because I'm worried that you might sneak out otherwise, I'm leaving them here. You can only do one subject per hour, got it? Only one."

"I can count James," Lily shot back, mood only slightly improved by her books. She turned to the table and pulled out several sheets of parchment which she handed to James.

"These are my essays. This one's for Defence and this one is for Transfiguration- do not forget to give that one in or McGonagall will transfigure me into a tomato." James looked flabbergasted at the number of pages Lily had handed him. He carefully placed them into his bag next to his own, shorter essays.

"Okay well, I'm going down for breakfast. I'll be back at lunchtime. Now you stay here, okay?" James waved his finger warningly at Lily before wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. Lily merely sniffed again, but immediately pulled the blanket tighter around her, enjoying its warmth and comfort as she lay on the couch. James grabbed his own bag and strode out of the portrait hole, leaving a sick Lily in his wake.

Down at the Great Hall, James slid into a spare seat next to Sirius.

"Not like you to be late to breakfast James," Remus commented as James grabbed every dish he could get his hands on. "Lily troubles again?"

"I thought she was starting to warm up to you. Don't tell me you ruined it by doing something stupid," Peter asked. James was prevented from replying due to the sheer amount of sausage he had stuffed into his mouth. Sirius snagged a spare piece of bacon off his plate while they waited for James to swallow.

"No Peter, I didn't do anything bad this time. Lily's sick and I had to convince her not to go to class today. Padfoot, get your own bacon!" James downed a goblet of nearby juice.

"You had to convince her not to go to class?" Sirius looked appalled at the idea that people enjoyed class.

"Don't ask. Anyway, it took some convincing, but I think she's going to stay in the common room today."

"Ahh, young love" Sirius said wistfully as he grabbed another piece of bacon off James' plate. Or at least tried to; James swatted his hand away before eating the piece himself.

"So I'm guessing she wasn't too happy to be sick?" Remus asked, trying to hold back a grin as both Peter and Sirius attacked James' plate despite his vehement protests.

"You bunch of animals! No, she wasn't. Something about Potions and Charms being too important to miss. But she's upstairs now, and I promised to check up on her at lunch." James finally gave up and let his food be devoured by his friends, although not before grabbing a piece of toast from Peter. He rummaged through his bag as he munched.

"Oh damn, we have Charms first up don't we. I left my book upstairs."

Once Sirius and Peter had cleaned James' plate, the four Marauders left the Great Hall, Sirius winking at a group of fifth year girls who all giggled nervously. Remus rolled his eyes while Peter looked on enviously.

"Ok, I'll meet you guys at Charms" James told the other three as they neared the staircase.

"I'll come with you, I need to grab my essay for Flitwick," Remus said and the four separated. James and Remus strode down the nearly empty hallways, and were nearly at the Head's Common Room when Remus suddenly came to a halt.

"James, you said Lily was sick right?" He asked carefully after a moment of silence.

"Right," James replied, confused.

"And you convinced her to stay in the common room because she was sick."

"That's what I said."

"And she promised that she would."

"Well, she didn't actually promise but it was close enough. Moony, what-"

"So if Lily is currently lying in the common room sick, then why can I see her sneaking out?"

"What?" James looked past Remus, and sure enough he could see a figure with red hair emerging from the Common Room clutching a school bag. Said figure did not see them as she was looking the other way, intent on going to Charms.

"She doesn't seem sick" Remus muttered to James as they approached quietly. Any reply from James was cut off by the sound of a giant sneeze.

"Oh. Never mind."

It was only once they were a metre away that Lily seemed to sense their presence. She spun around and was met with the neutral face of one Remus Lupin, and the very angry face of one James Potter.

"Hello Lily."