Title: Roommates with benefits.

Summary: Many may consider them an odd pair, but it worked for them. Roommates with benefits as Brittany put it.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Don't own Glee.

If there was one thing Santana was certain about in her reckless life, it was her strong attraction towards blonde women.

"Hey, Rico," the Latina tapped the bar counter to gain his attention, "I'll have a tequila and another martini for her."

"Mmm, thank you." the woman beside her murmured. Santana turned to the blonde, eyes making a quick once over before meeting dark, lustful blue ones. The glint within them sent a pleasant shiver down Santana. "I'll be honest, I haven't had a drink since New Years."

"That's because you have a sexy Latina willing to pay for you," she smirked.

Rico slid the drinks over as the blonde began to giggle hysterically. Santana's smile faltered and she awkwardly reached over for her drink.

"Oh, god, you are hilarious!" She threw her head back and began patting the other girl's thigh.

Honestly, at this point, Santana could care less if the woman had an annoying personality, large front teeth, and a knack to slap her reddening thigh every two minutes. She had a banging body, she was blonde, and Santana was horny. That's all it really came down to.

"How about," she stood up once the blonde wiped away the tears in her eyes, "We take this party upstairs, and I can show you just how hilarious I can be."

Okay, wow, maybe she needed some more alcohol in her system, because that was just bad.

Luckily for her, the other girl didn't mind at all. She jumped up and quickly wrapped both hands around Santana's left forearm, "Show me the way!"

Santana grimaced at the sudden, unwelcome contact, but swallowed her annoyance as they made their way across the club. The doors to the side never looked so welcoming as they did right then. Santana just wanted this night to be over with, get her orgasm, and sleep this crappy day away.

Sometime between the flights of stairs, the tiny elevator, and the long, narrow hallways, the Latina became anxious and impatient. She shoved Melissa- Marissa?- against the wall, five doors away from her apartment, and kissed her fiercely.

The blonde gasped and then giggled (for fuck's sake, did she ever stop?), "Mm, someone's-ah!-persistent." She managed to say between rough kisses.

"Shut up," Santana ordered before attacking her neck. They moved recklessly down the hall. Santana reached for her keys in her back pocket as Marissa slipped a hand underneath her shirt. "Fuck."

With a rush Santana was all too familiar with, she shoved the key in the hole, threw the door open, shoved Matilda against the nearest wall, slammed the door shut, and attacked the girl.

She tugged at the dress Melina was wearing, which, Santana realized, had a long ass, complicated zipper. "Ugh."

"Why don't we go to your bedroom?" The blonde asked, her eyes closed as Santana groped her right breast.

"We can do it in there too, just- help me with this fucking zipper." Her attention flickered to the brunette's fumbling fingers as she struggled with the stuck metal. "Fucking hell."

"Oh, please don't stop."

Both girls yelped and spun around at the intruding voice. A giant oaf, and Santana wasn't even exaggerating, man stood in her living room, cheeks flushed and mouth wide open. His hand clutched the door handle to the fridge, the only source of light coming from the tiny box.

"Who the fuck are you?" She shrieked stepping closer.

"Um, Finn."

With Melaine's unfazed expression, and Finn's dreamy one, Santana wanted to punch something. Hard.


She stalked over to the only room in the cramped apartment and shoved open the door. The sight before her didn't surprise her one bit. She walked toward the sleeping figure on the bed, opposite of her own, and shook violently."Wake up!"

The girl woke up with a start, upper body shooting upright, head almost knocking Santana in the forehead. "Wha- what's going on?"

Before Santana could start her rant, she noticed what Brittany was wearing, or, what she wasn't wearing. She blushed and clamped her thighs together tightly and turned around, "Put a shirt on and come outside."

"Huh? Okay..."

Shaking the image of two perfectly, perky breasts out of her head, Santana walked back into the living room only to be met with the image of her date and Finn making out in her kitchen.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" She yelled in exasperation.

The two jumped back to face a very angry Santana. The blonde, whose name she gave up trying to remember, spoke first, "Tall men are my weakness..."

"Yeah, she just like-" Finn stuttered, obviously intimidated by the death glare Santana was emitting, "She jumped on me out of nowhere, and well...sorry."

Santana was about give them a piece of her mind when Brittany emerged from their bedroom, wearing only a t-shirt Santana swore was hers.

Her mind fell into the gutter as her eyes took in Brittany's complete appearance. "B-Brittany!"

Said blonde glanced down at her lower half, shrugging, "You only said to wear a shirt."

Santana wanted to keep staring, she honestly did. But there was a nagging feeling at the back of her head telling her to look out for the blonde. Something that had emerged three months ago when the blonde signed the lease for the apartment and became her roommate.

"Brittany, please, put some pants on." She sighed, turning around. "And you two, get out. Now."

Once the oaf and Mary exited the apartment, Santana slumped onto the only couch in the apartment. Her head fell into her open hands.

God, this day was a mess.

"Is this fine?" Brittany's voice came. Santana lifted her head to see a much more presentable Brittany before her. The 26 year-old was wearing her yellow Lakers t-shirt with gym sweats. The brunette felt a shiver run down her spine and straight to her core.

It's just because I saw her naked. That's it. Perfectly good reason.

"Hey, where did Finn go?" Brittany asked looking around as if the oaf would appear behind the couch.

"Finn wasn't even suppose to be here tonight, Brittany." Santana explained anxiously, "I'm suppose to have the apartment tonight, didn't you see the calendar?"

A dumbfounded expression fell across her roommate's face, "Yeah, it said 'B' on it..."

"No! You had yesterday and Monday, I even told you this morning that I was headed to the bar after work to pick someone up for the night."

Brittany scratched her head. She took a small step backward and leaned over their cabinet to retrieve a large calendar. "See look it says 'B'." Her finger pointed to Wednesday, August 15.

"Britt...that's the dishes calendar." Santana couldn't believe her luck. She was super horny, annoyed and angry. All because of Brittany's inability to understand calendars and schedules.

Despite all of that, it was a bit difficult to be angry at her roommate.

Standing in the dim light of their kitchen, Brittany was nibbling on her bottom lip in nervousness, anticipating Santana's wrath. Her eyes were drawn in worry. Santana's features couldn't help but soften.

"Okay, look. The calendar in our room determines who has the apartment for the night. The one in the kitchen shows us who gets to wash the dishes, got it?" She explained this a million times to the other, but Brittany still couldn't get it into her head.

Brittany shook her head in understanding.

"Because you had Monday, Tuesday and tonight, I get the apartment for the rest of the week until Sunday, it's only fair, okay?"

"Does that include Friday?"


"Oh. I wanted Friday." Brittany said in a sad tone. Santana couldn't take pity on her, the blonde brought it on herself. "Are you going to go on a date tomorrow?"

"Well, fucking duh. I haven't had sex since last Friday!" Santana snapped.

"If you go tomorrow can I take Friday?"

Santana sighed, "No, Brittany. Can we just...go to sleep? I'm fucking tired and today sucked."

As the two made their way back into their room, Brittany pressured Santana into elaborating why it sucked so much. They both changed into their pajamas, and retreated into the comforts of their beds.

"...and then he actually dared to slap my ass."

"Oh my god, what did you do?"

"I kicked his junk. Three times." Brittany's surprised, yet impressed gasp across the room made Santana smirk in delight. This part of the night wasn't so bad. Even though she may never admit it out loud, Santana enjoyed sharing her day with her roommate, who was almost fascinated with everything. It was cute, sweet, and honestly, a breath of fresh air compared to her normal life.

Santana never dwelled on it, but if she truly thought about it, Brittany was a blessing to her life. Despite the event's that occurred just before, Brittany wasn't a bad roommate. Santana was fortunate to have found the blonde, or more accurately, fortunate the blonde came to her.

Six months ago, when the apartment bills and phone bills were piling up, when the only job Santana was able to get a grasp on was being a waitress, she decided enough was enough. She needed someone to split the rent with her, even though she lived in a one bedroom apartment.

Finding a women that would accept that one, she was gay, two, she smoked and drank, three, she had one night stand's constantly, and four, she was a bitch, wasn't what Santana would call easy.

Plus, her apartment was so fucking tiny and disgusting, she was practically doomed.

Miraculously, God, or whoever up there, brought Brittany waltzing into her life. Literally.

The girl showed up one evening with a check in one had, and a bright smile plastered to her face. Once Santana opened the door, the girl skipped in, and began complimenting everything in the apartment.

They were complete opposites. And that somehow worked.

Except for the fact that Brittany was just as, if not more, promiscuous as Santana.

It became a problem when countless nights, one would bring a date into the apartment, hoping for a casual night in bed with the stranger, only to find the other having sex in their own bed.

The first couple of nights, Brittany would suggest a foursome (Santana almost threw up at the thought of going any where near a fucking penis), and that was the final straw for the Latina.

She set up a schedule for each day of the week. If it was Santana's day, she'd either bring a date home or inform Brittany she was flying solo for the night. The two would get together and watch movies or just mind their own business. If it happened Santana did go to a bar, Brittany would stay clear of the apartment and come home at night and sleep on the couch, until the partner left. It worked both ways.

Staring up at the pitch-black ceiling, Santana realized she was nowhere near sleepy. A dull throb still lingered between her thighs and her hand itched to relieve it. At the same time though, she knew Brittany hadn't fallen asleep, either. The sound of her roommate shifting around in bed filled her ears, and Santana knew she also had a hard time sleeping.

"So...how was Finn?" Santana chose to spark up a conversation.

"Okay. He was really clumsy in bed but he was really sweet." Brittany answered.

"Where did you meet him?"

"He was watching us practice in the studio today. I thought he was weird at first 'cause he wouldn't stop drooling at my shorts," Santana raised an eyebrow, "But then Tina told me he was checking me out, so I asked him to come home with me."

"Except it was my turn tonight." Santana couldn't help but remind.

She heard Brittany giggle slightly, "I totally cock-blocked you tonight. I'm sorry."

"Yeah, whatever." she replied grumpily. She turned to her side and faced the wall, no longer in the mood to continue the conversation.

The other side of the room was silent for quite sometime. The brunette briefly wondered whether Brittany had dozed off, but the absence of heavy breathing told her otherwise.

Suddenly, a blast of cold air hit her back when Santana felt her blanket lift off her body. She jumped as an arm wrapped itself around her stomach, pushing her on her back.

"Wha-What are you-" She sputtered immediately.

"Relax." Her voice came in the darkness, breath hitting an ear hotly. Santana shivered.

"Brittany, I think you're confusing beds again, cause-"

"Just relax and enjoy this okay?" A single finger pushed back Santana's top and lightly brushed against her navel. "You've had a hard day, and you deserve to feel good."

"But you're my roommate..." Santana shuddered, grabbing Brittany's wrist. "It's not right."

Brittany lifted her arm and rested her head against her hand, giving Santana a sly smile, "I wouldn't think that would stop you."

Santana prided herself in her reputation as the chick who never said no, unless it's a guy, of course, but this- this was just unacceptable. "Look, I really think you're pretty and all, but-"

"So you think I'm pretty?"

"Well-yeah, really pretty, but that's-"

"Thanks, you're pretty, too."

Santana blushed despite herself, "Yeah, anyway, you're my roommate and- and having sex with my roommate wouldn't be so right." She couldn't stop sputtering; Brittany was giving off this heat under her sheets that was driving Santana crazy internally. Plus, the blonde was rubbing a leg slowly and lazily against Santana's.

Honestly, it took all her willpower not to jump the girl right then and there.

Stop. This is wrong. She's your roommate.

But she's so fucking hot.

"You're cute when you're blushing." Suddenly, without warning, a pair of lips were attacking her neck. Some of Santana's sexual frustration managed to escape in a muffled moan.

"B-Brittanyyy..." Santana whined but made no move to stop her.

The blonde only hummed against her collarbone and moved to straddle the brunette. Her fingers moved down her side and pushed against the shirt Santana was wearing. "You're so hot."

Santana shut her eyes, the intense heat between her legs too much to bear, suddenly. She needed relief now. Her decision was made.

She found herself topless, with the blonde kissing and sucking against her cleavage. Her fingers traced the edges of her bra strap. "I know you might think things will become awkward between us, San," Brittany spoke up, mischievous eyes meeting hers, "But it doesn't have to be. I slept with my roommate in college and nothing happened."

Santana wanted to listen closer, to be reassured she's not about to make the umpteenth mistake of her life, but another part of her wanted to shut the girl up and continue with the macking.

"We could be like...roommates with benefits. But only if you want to continue this."

The brunette sighed and shut her eyes, "Let's just do this, I don't want to talk right-mmph!"

Their lips clashed for the first time. Santana sighed between the two soft, pink lips, allowing Brittany to take over. Usually, she'd be the one in charge, but something about the blonde overpowering her turned her on so much.

Brittany pressed further into Santana, straddling her hips. She set a steady rocking motion that drove Santana nearly insane. The brunette moaned. Brittany moved her kisses down her neck once again, she untangled her hand from Santana's hair and cupped the brunettes neck.

"H-holy shit." She tilted her neck back, briefly wondering why she never thought of sleeping with her roommate before.

Okay, that was a totally lie. With abs like that, it was hard not to think of jumping the blonde at any given moment. Plus, the girl loved to walk around the apartment in tight tank-tops and short shorts.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a hand pulling at her waistband. Santana didn't know what possessed her when she quickly grabbed Brittany's wrist and took a second to breathe.

"Wait," she muttered breathlessly. Brittany gave her a confused look. "Let's just clear some things here first, okay?"

"What are we clearing?"

"If I'm going to sleep with you, it's not going to mean anything okay? I normally have sex with people I don't know to avoid awkwardness later on." She mumbled in a rush.

Brittany seemed to consider this, "Except me?"

"Yeah, well, not because you're special- well, you are- I mean you're super hot and all, just not like, fuck I should just stop talking." Her face was beyond red now.

Brittany only grinned, unfazed by Santana's slip up. "Like I said, we can be roommates with benefits. It'll be really fun. Just sex when we can't find anyone else. Plus, I've always kinda wanted to get into your pants...you're pretty hot."

Santana blushed at her statement. Ignoring the last part, she said, "Are you doubting my ability to attract chicks?"

The other girl scoffed, "Please, I'm the hottest, most talented girl in this city and I'm having sex with you. You can't do better than me."

A part of Santana couldn't help but agree, though she wouldn't admit that out loud. "So are you going to show me how talented you are, or what?"

Brittany moaned and unexpectedly tore off Santana's underwear, flinging it across the room, leaving the brunette naked in nothing but her bra. Brittany remained fully clothed.

She wanted to comment on that, but it was extremely hard to speak without moaning when the blonde was running her fingers expertly across her sex. Two fingers circled her most sensitive spot and began rubbing furiously.

"Fuck..." She moaned out. Brittany's mouth somehow managed to lift her bra and began sucking on already hardened nipples.

Shit, this girl was good.

Brittany kicked Santana's legs apart further. Her thumb continued to circle her clit while Brittany shifted the rest of her hand south. Santana shut her eyes tightly as she felt them nearing closer to her scorching heat.

"You're so wet," Brittany chuckled and kissed her once more before thrusting deeply into Santana.

"Jesus, Brittany!" Santana moaned, hands coming around to grip blonde hair, "Oh, god..." At this rate, she was going to come sooner than what her pride would prefer. "Feels so good."

With two fingers thrusting slowly at first, Brittany picked up the pace. She scattered light kisses along Santana's torso as the girl beneath her became increasingly noisy.

"More," she gasped out, "Faster!"

Brittany smiled coyly and thrusted harder against tight walls. Her thumb reversed directions and it was enough to bring down the Latina. She yelled Brittany's name into the dark room, possibly waking up neighbors.

Santana was panting once Brittany lied down next to her, studying her face with mild curiosity.

"That was...that was good." Santana finally spoke. She turned her head slightly to observe the blonde and was met with strikingly blue eyes. Even in the dark, they somehow pulled Santana speechless.

"Do you feel better now?" Brittany asked.

"Hell yeah..." Something was off though, "Do you need me to...return the favor?"

Brittany shook her head, "No, Finn was fine."

Santana scowled in disgust, "Oh, yeah. Finn."

"He wasn't bad...just, a bit clueless. He was nice, though."

"Are you sure?" Santana asked again.

"Yeah, he paid for the entire dinner-"

"I mean, are you sure you don't want me to return the favor?" There was something incredibly wrong with calling what they just did a 'favor'. Santana decided not to dwell on it.

Brittany simply nodded and jumped up. "I'm going to bed now. Big day tomorrow at the studio."

"Oh, right." Santana frowned, "Thanks, though."

"Yep, no problem." Brittany gave her one last smile before slipping beneath her sheets.

There was something odd in the air as the two drifted off to sleep. It was the reason why a part of Santana was hesitant to sleep with her roommate. The aftermath. Awkwardness.

Closing her eyes, she pushed the feeling to the back of her head and let sleep consume her, fearing what tomorrow would bring.

A/N: I'm going to tackle this story. It's going to be easy, and fun, nothing to serious like my other Brittana story. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed it so far, some feedback would be nice. ;)