(A/N): OMG SORRY: See bolded text. As you may have noticed, regular updates to this piece have more or less ceased. A combination of things have contributed to this, not the least of which – for those who know me – has been a wild work schedule, assorted and sundry family issues, and a collaborative piece of original work (with the unutterably remarkable Ms. S. pin, who is talented beyond reason) that has sucked up a significant portion of my free writing time. I truly wish I could just quit my rather relentless day job and split my time evenly writing all the stories I want – both fic and not – but unfortunately blech, bills.

Anyway, rambling aside, this note is to advise you that I have not given up on Door of Souls. Updates will be slower, but it will get done. I have rather significant portions of the next chapter "War or Gardens" done in draft format, and the entire resolution to the story is fully plotted and final. I just need to get it on paper. I hope to have something to post sometime in February, even if it's only the first half of a planned bifurcated chapter.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all for your continued support, reviews, PMs etc. that I haven't, in some cases, been able to respond to. They truly mean the world to me, and I just want you to know that this piece doesn't exist without you and your kind words. Thanks for sticking with me, despite the delays.

All the best,

~ Poison