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Jan's POV

"Marcia." Jan brought up thoughtfully one day, chewing on the end of her white blonde hair. She cleared her throat uncertainly, and her eyes darted across the girl's bedroom, as if someone might be watching. "Do you ever think about…." Her throat tightened and she had to squeeze the words out. "…our father?"

"Dad?" Marcia asked innocently. "Of course. I think about him all the time. How could I not? We live in the same house, we eat dinner together, and he just helped me with my algebra. What sort of question is that, Jan?" She rolled her eyes and tucked a long golden strand of hair behind her ear, flipping her pencil over and going back to her homework.

Jan shifted uncomfortably on her bed. "Not….Mike Dad. I meant…you know, Dad." Her blue eyes averted Marcia's eyes purposely.

"Dad who? Honestly, Jan, you don't make any sense sometimes." Marcia dismissed her, giggling girlishly.

Jan's mind reeled, and she felt incredibly dizzy all of a sudden. She had to dig her fingernails into her bed sheets and clutch her sides to keep from collapsing."Hahaha…you're silly, Marcia. Of course you remember Dad." Her words were weak and hesitant, the way words sound when the person speaking them is collapsing inside.

"Nope. I haven't a clue what you're talking about." Marcia's voice was distant as she concentrated on her homework.

"Stop joking around. You know as well as I do what I'm saying."

"Really, Jan, is this one of your pranks?" Marcia's tone of voice, so disinterested and carefree, told Jan that she wasn't lying.

Jan furrowed her brow and settled deeper into her bed. Of course Marcia remembered Dad. Just because they hadn't seen him in over two years, and he didn't send child support money, and he never sent them presents or birthday cards, didn't mean their father should be forgotten. I mean, he still loved her. Didn't he?

Love is a strong word, Jan, she reminded herself, shaking her head. Did he even remember her?

Just then, Cindy bounded into the room, her blonde pigtails flinging up and down. "Hi Marcia. Hi Jan. Watcha talkin' 'bout? "

Marcia frowned. "Jan's just being stupid."

I am not! Jan wanted to protest, but as she opened her mouth to speak, she changed her mind and snapped it shut. Marcia would win this argument, as always. What was even the point?

Cindy looked puzzled. She tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

"She's talking nonsense again."

Jan finally burst, not caring how whiny she would sound. "It is not nonsense! We did have another father, once. Don't you remember, Cindy?"

Cindy thought about it for a moment. For a moment Jan's heart leaped as she thought there was a sparkle of recognition in the little girl's eyes.

Marcia gave a Cindy a judgmental look, and the look of remembrance fizzled out. "Nooo." Cindy said earnestly, her blue eyes wide and honest as she shook her head.

"Ugh. Forget I said anything." Jan grumbled. "Marcia's right. I'm dumb, okay? I'm making stuff up." She stood up and flounced out of the room in a huff, not even caring that she sounded like the moody teenager Marcia sometimes acted like.

She heard Marcia and Cindy giggle behind her, and she could picture them sharing a sisterly look. She knew exactly what the look would say, too: "Oh, Jan."

Jan sighed as she headed downstairs to get away from her sisters, feeling lonely and outcast. Feeling heavy, unwanted, a burden. Wondering if perhaps, somewhere, she was wanted. Her real dad had never wanted her. Mike had never cared for her as much as others. Carol had always felt Cindy and Marcia deserved to be pampered and babied, failing to give Jan any attention. The boys had always overlooked her.

Except maybe Peter. He loved her. Maybe not loved her. He just was the only one in the family who cared enough to talk to her.

She bumped into him in the hallway on her way down the steps. "Hey Jan, whatsa matter?" He asked, his freckled boyish face peering at her worriedly. "You look..upset or sumthin'."

"Oh, nothing. You know. Just the usual." Jan said cheerily, forcing herself for yet another time to wear the mask of happiness that everyone else in the family had so naturally. It was like there was no problems, nothing outside the sugary sweet happiness, no substance, just hugs and warmth and kisses and fatherly and sisterly and motherly love.

Love. Jan spat out the word. Like so many other words in the Brady vocabulary, it made her want to puke. Just listening to Cindy's lisp for a while or Marcia's never ending rants about high-school boys made her sick. Then there was Greg and Marcia's little thing for each other that couldn't be ignored, no matter how much they denied it. That was of course, how Cindy and Bobby were always so sweet to each other. Abnormal as well. She had to hold back vomit thinking of how cheerfully Alice prepared the dinners without ever complaining that she never got to eat them and how her mother gave Mike a massage when he came from work.

It was like Jan's real dad had never existed.

That's not something you just forget, Jan told herself, her jaw clenched. It's really not.

Peter spoke up finally."Oh. All right then. If you say so. I mean, if you sure you're okay-"

"I am, Peter." Jan said appreciatingly, flashing him a grin that was, for once, real. Peter was sweet. "Thanks."

He squinted at her, suspiciously. "I didn't do nuthin'."" He shrugged and walked away.

She was just another Brady to deal with around here.

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