Mission surprise (Felix Volturi one-shot)

I do not own Twilight in any way.

"Must I go?" Felix asked.

"Yes. There may be some lingering. Also, I have heard the Cullens had acquired a new…pet", Aro said.

Jasmine stood next to Edward and Bella. Jasmine could sense 4 people coming.

"Who's coming?" Carlisle asked.

"There's a big one, a set of twins, and a level-headed one", Jasmine said.

"Good job Mina", Rosalie said.

'I really want to meet the big one', Jasmine thought, 'He's much bigger than Emmett'.

The Volturi arrived in the clearing.

Felix's eyes landed on Jasmine, who was biting her bottom lip.

He wished it was his lip between her teeth. He heard Edward growl.

Jasmine didn't notice it. She kept her eyes on Felix.

"Aro said you had a new pet", Jane said.

Jasmine growled at this.

"This is Jasmine, our newborn. She was almost killed in a car crash", Carlisle said.

"Are all of the army dead?" Jane asked.

"Yes", Carlisle answered.

"Come Felix", Jane said.

Felix stayed, his eyes still on Jasmine.

Alec stood there with a bored look and Demetri looked happy for his best friend.

"Mina?" Rosalie said, "Go on".

Jasmine took a step towards Felix. She was a fairy compared to him.

Felix held out a hand.

Just before Jasmine put her hand in his, she looked back at Alice.

Alice nodded.

Jasmine placed her hand in Felix's. Jasmine felt complete.

Felix was her other half.

She could feel it. "I'm Jasmine", she said, her voice like bells.

Felix brought her small hand to his mouth, softly kissing it. "I'm Felix", he said. He brought her hand down, but didn't release it.

"Good luck everyone", Jasmine said.

Then, Felix and Jasmine ran into the forest.