Remus was ignoring his friends.

"How can we turn all their pants into skirts without having access to their dorms?" James asked, frustrated.

Remus would certainly not be drawn into another childish plot to embarrass the Slytherins.

"Why don't you hex their pants while they're wearing them?" Peter suggested.

This House feud was ridiculous, and there were tests to study for.

"They'd just run down to the dungeons and change, Pete," Sirius sighed.

"Hex their legs," Remus murmured, and turned the page in the oversized tome in his lap. When the silence of his friends became more of a distraction than their constant talking had been, Remus looked up to find them all gaping rather comically at him.

"Moony!" Sirius shrieked.

"You're brilliant!" James added.

"Their legs?" Pete echoed. He had not caught on immediately to the inescapable genius of Remus's suggestion.

"Of course!" James said excitedly, in the tone of voice reserved exclusively for James's favorite pastimes: hexing Slytherins and Quidditch. "If we charm their legs, then it won't matter if they try to change their clothes. We can use a clothes-altering charm and tweak it so that it affects anything within..."

James's voice grew more muffled as Remus snuck out of the common room and up to the dorm. At the rate they were going, they'd be planning and scheming for hours, and Remus knew if he didn't leave soon he'd be swept up in it more than he already was.

He had nearly finished the chapter on the properties of water-dwelling magical plants, and didn't look up when the door opened.

"That was fun, admit it." The barely concealed amusement in Sirius's voice made Remus scoff.

"These pranks are childish and cruel. I'm sorry I helped you,"

The bed dipped under Sirius's weight and Remus closed his book. "I know. You just can't help that giant brain of yours."

Sirius didn't give him a chance to respond before pressing his lips to the corner of his mouth. He whispered, "I love your giant brain."

Remus smiled in spite of himself. "And you love plotting. Why aren't you down there with them?"

"They went to the library to look for spells," he replied dismissively. "Told 'em I'm banned from the library. I'd rather be up here with you, unless you're too busy studying..."

"Shut up," Remus grinned, kissing him and letting Sirius press him into the matress.

That night, Remus was awakened around three in the morning and found himself not alone in his bed. Sirius was climbing in beside him.

"What's the matter?" Remus whispered.

"Nothing, s'all right," Sirius answered groggily.

"Why are you awake?"



Sirius shifted closer, pressing himself against Remus, who felt a distinct bulge against his hip. "No, a good dream. Too good."

Remus felt his face heat up, grateful his blush was invisible in the darkness. "Oh, I see."

"Just want to sleep with you," Sirius murmured sleepily.

"'Night, Padfoot," Remus whispered.

"'Night, Moony."

"Morning sunshine!" James pulled Remus's bed curtains back and froze. James had found Sirius in Remus's bed before and never questioned it. Both of them suffered from occasional nightmares, and James and Peter had treated the subject with respectful silence.

However, this morning James had no choice but to really notice his friends. Sirius was curled against Remus's side with his head on his chest, and they were holding hands, fingers intertwined.

"Oh, Merlin," James muttered, closing the curtains and heading off to the shower.

James thought perhaps he'd mistaken what he'd seen. He watched his friends dilligently throughout the day, and noted with some relief that they weren't behaving toward each other any differently than usual.