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Summary: Voldemort found out that Harry was a Horcrux and had hm kidnapped right from his relative's home. In his attempt to remove his soul from Harry, he tries making Harry a baby again just before he was made into a horcrux to cancel out what happened. However, the spell backfired and only turned Harry back into a six year old boy.

Even worse, the Horcrux is exists and Harry has no memory of who he was in his real age. Then the sh*t hits the fan when Harry starts thinking that Voldemort is his dad.

This is a little OoC for humor or course and just to make you laugh. This chapter isn't funny, yet it's more of an intro into what happened.


Taking Harry Potter from his home was so easy that it almost made Voldemort laugh out loud…well almost. When he found out that he mistaking made Potter into one of his horcuxs he finally understood why he couldn't kill him, because he was a piece of himself. With this in mind, he would have to remove it without damaging his soul and find another vessel to put it into.

He already had Harry unconscious in one of his many guestrooms in the Riddle Manor. His servant Severus Snape was already looking to find a possible potion that could be used to carefully remove the soul fragment. After about six days, he found nothing so it was up to Voldemort to do some heavy research.

Back at Hogwarts and the wizard world, everyone was in panic when they found that Harry was missing. Massive search parties were sent out to hopefully find Harry in one piece. Though Harry was safe, under a heavy sleeping potion that is, it wouldn't be long before Voldemort would kill Harry once his soul was safe.

Eventually he came up with a good but risky idea. There was a possibility that if Harry was de-aged back to when he was not a horcrux, in this case a newborn baby or at most several months old, the horcrux might be negated from Harry's soul and leave his soul fragment unharmed. It was a stretch but his options were limited.

Harry, of course, was still under a powerful sleeping curse while he was placed on a stone slab that was conjured by Voldemort in his manor one day night.

A de-ageing spell was very complicated because it was basically reversing time and age on a living being. One false word or stutter could end in disaster.

Several candles were laid out in the correct pattern around the slab as well as incantation symbols and other necessary tools to perform the spell correctly.

Once all was laid out precisely, Voldemort uttered the magic words slowly and exactly as they were to be told. Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy as well as some other death eaters watched with held breaths.

Once the words were spoken…nothing happened. Voldemort blinked in confusion, he was sure the spell was done correctly.

Suddenly, Harry started convulsing wildly on the slab. His breathing increased and sweat appeared on his brow. Snape and Voldemort rushed over to him quickly to see what went wrong. If Harry died, then a piece of his soul would die with it, thus bringing him closer to his mortal state again. That was something Voldemort couldn't allow.

Snape checked over Harry with spells and saw that Harry temp was running at about 106 degrees. If his temperature increased anymore, the boy would die.

Snape quickly took Harry back to his room, he was gasping for breath at this point. Voldemort and the rest of the death eaters watched in shock and confusion. What had gone wrong? Could revering Harry back to his state before his body was made a horcrux be impossible?

Harry's life at this point was in Snape's hands as he gave him potion after potion and scan after scan.


About an hour later, Harry's condition had stabilized and was no longer at risk of death from a dangerous fever.

Snape couldn't pinpoint the exact cause of the fever but could say that his body was under enormous stress in a short period of time and then suddenly stopped.

What a bizarre turn of events. Voldemort knew he had to do more research.

However, back in Harry's room, Harry started to shrink.

His clothes became too big and he disappeared under the covers. He was still asleep and the adults in the other room had no idea that the spell worked…sort of that is.


About two hours later, Snape returned to Harry's room to give him some mediceine when he say that Harry was no longer in bed. He rushed to the bed and looked for any possible sign of him, when he noticed a large lump under the massive covers.

When he removed them, he was stunned to see Harry Potter…as a child! He looked to be around six years old maybe seven.

The clothes he was wearing were baggy and way too big for him.

He was sleeping soundly while Snape went to report this development to Voldemort.

They returned to the room just as Harry was waking up, with a soft sigh, Harry looked at the snake faced man and the man with longish black hair.

Suddenly Harry gave them a huge smile and leapt out of bed and hugged Voldemort, "DADDY!"

Snape fainted.