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Severus, Lucius and baby Harry was in the kitchen a day after finding out that Draco wasn't his child after all.

They decided to call in an inspector to solve the mystery of Draco's real father. Baby harry was there just because Charles( aka Voldemort) was away for the day because he got a full time job as an accountant to afford baby stuff and a college fund for harry.

Being a Dark Lord and using mastermind plots to take over the world surprisingly doesn't pay so well.

Lucius was wearing his favorite purple dress with grapefruits that he duck taped to his chest; he refused to wear a bra because he said they were "itchy".

Baby Harry was gurgling happily on Severus's lap, "You know for a drooling little demon that was spawned from my most hated high school enemy…Harry is such a cute little baby."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, "The inspector is here."

A man in a Sherlock homes costume with a pipe in his hand and a large over exaggerated mustache comes into the kitchen. He looked around and sees the baby.

"Is this the son you mentioned to me in the letter?"

"Oh no that one we adopted…sort of."

Baby Harry screams gleefully at the inspector.

"Cute kid…so where is the son that is a product of your wife's cheating?"

"He's in the next room; I haven't told him the news yet, so be discreet please" said Lucius quietly.

"Of course Mr. Malfoy, your son will be completely clueless."

Lucius called in his son and Draco came into the kitchen. "Please sit Draco."

The inspector watched him sit down…then shouted, "HOLD HIM DOWN AND TIE HIM TO THE CHAIR!"

Draco was too stunned to do anything as Severus used his wand to make ropes appear and tie Draco to the chair.

The inspector flipped the table away and Draco screamed in fear. The inspector stated yelling, "ALRIGHT YOU'RE MOTHER CHEATED ON YOUR FATHER SO YOU'RE NOT HIS CHILD!"

Draco looked way too traumatized to speak, but he finally was able to after a long pause.

"What's he talking about dad?"

Lucius looked furious, "YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE DISCREET!"

"Sometimes patience and sensitivity will not bring you answers in these trying cases."

"My mom cheated on you, dad" cried Draco.

"Well…yes…I'm sorry Draco."

Draco looked like a kicked puppy with his eyes becoming large and tears started to fall.

Lucius looked sadly at his non-biological son, "I still love you like a son and you will always be my child no matter."

Draco looked so happy and Lucius untied him and gave him a big hug. The inspector looked so touched that he cried, "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT!"


Baby Harry fell asleep because he was bored.


When everyone calmed down, the inspector began his investigation of who was Draco's real father, "I don't know if I will find the answer or I will live to tell the truth but I will keep you informed of my findings weekly, good day Mr. Malfoy."

The man left and everyone sat in the kitchen and looked at each other, "So what do you guys want to do now" asked Lucius.

"…Want to go play Left 4 Dead on my X-Box" asked Draco.

Severus shouted, "AWESOME, Lets kick some zombie ASS!"

Baby Harry giggled happily and then fell back to sleep.