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Knowing too Much

"Is there a reason you're in my house?" The angry snarl coming from behind her caused her to turn around quickly in shock. She had not heard any footsteps but as once she was fully turned she saw Derek standing not two feet from her.

She would be lying if she said she wasn't afraid, she was terrified, but at the same time she knew something was off about the whole thing. The police had finally released them after hours of questions about what had happened at the school. Jackson had offered to drive her home, his eyes had strayed to Allison and Scott though as he made the offer and instead of accepting she had broken up with him. Sure she had loved him but it seemed as if the same didn't apply to him.

After walking away from him as he called her name over and over she just continued walking. It took her an hour to get there, and she knew it was the stupidest thing she had ever done walking alone in the dark especially after what happened in the school but she needed to do this.

Somehow she had ended up inside of the cold house that lay in ruins. The walls were beginning to crumble from years of harsh treatment from the weather; scorch marks from the fire lay on the space that wasn't gone. Over all it was creepy and the owner of said house seeking up behind her wasn't really helping the matter of calming down.

"I'm not leaving until I know what the hell is going on." She was happy her voice was strong but her heart was still racing and it was almost like he knew from the smirk that was placed across his face. "I just spent two hours in a school fearing for my life because a giant furry freak was after us, so I want the truth….please?" She hadn't meant to let her voice drop at the end of the sentence her mother always said it was a sign of weakness allowing someone to make you feel inferior, but Derek just had that stare that made you question everything you were saying.

Watching as his glare lessened, and his face lost the feral look her heart started beating a little slower. "What did Scott tell you?" That wasn't what she was hoping for but at least it was a start, maybe if she just worked a little at it she could convince him to actually answer some questions instead of asking them.

"Scott said it was you, that you were killing people and that you would kill us and, it wasn't you though…" Her sentence was cut off though as a vicious smirk worked its way onto his features, mesmerizing green eyes turned ice blue, and she thought for sure she would have a heart attack as fast as her heart was racing.

"You get told I'm a murderer that I want to kill you even and yet instead of running the other way you come to my house? That takes a lot of bravery," She stood perfectly still as he began circling her like he was circling prey, "or maybe you're just stupid." She knew he wasn't planning on ending his little speech on a nice note, but to call her stupid when she knew she was smart was kind of insulting but even she didn't have a death wish, which made it even more surprising as her hand flew up to hit him. She was shocked though as her hand was stopped in midair, his large hand circling her wrist and applying enough pressure that she let out a gasp of pain. "It'd be wise for you to leave, or you'll find out if I'm capable of murder."

Lydia's heart was pounding her chest, a bead of sweat rolled down her neck even as the cool breeze from outside made its way through the walls, licking her suddenly dry lips she decided that she was not allowing the situation to get so out of hand. She came there for answers, and if the older man didn't want to give them to her she would just have to start guessing.

"I think, that you know what was in the school, I also think Scott and Stiles know. I think that whatever it was it didn't want to kill us, it was playing with us showing us how much power it truly had. That thing could have killed us ten times over , yet it didn't it didn't even try to hurt us. We were terrified and it could have ripped us into pieces just like it apparently did to the janitor, yet we all came out alive. It didn't want to kill it…my guess…it wanted Scott to do it." Lydia let out a moan of pain as her wrist was squeezed even tighter in then strong fist. Looking at the look of hatred on his face she almost wanted to back down, he was getting angry though, meaning she was close to the truth.

"Why did it want Scott to kill us Derek? We both know you know what's going on, it locked us in a school and terrorized us for hours, do we not deserve answers? It's killed a lot of people, and my guess it was because it wants something. It…wolf…oh my gosh..." Thoughts began racing through her mind as it all started rushing back to her, the movie store, the book that Allison had, the red eyes. With wide eyes she looked up at Derek for the first time in real fear since the night had begun. "It didn't just want Scott to kill us for mindless fun, it needed for him to do it, didn't he?"

Her breathing started getting heavy as she thought of all the people who had already lost their lives because of this mess. "The day…the day you came to the school, when Scott and Stiles were helping you, Jackson had said there was blood, and you looked like you were drugged up and…" Ignoring the grasp he still had on her wrist her body began sinking to the ground, his face contorting into one of confusion before panic set in as her heart started beating erratically, deafening the sound of his own.

"Calm down." His voice was rough, the command evident, but her heart just wasn't listening. There was obviously something out there besides the giant wolf creature, and it wanted Derek dead. If it wanted Derek dead did that mean it also wanted all of them dead as well? Lydia was snapped out of her thoughts though as the pain in her wrists got worse. Looking up she saw bright blue eyes staring at her, anger was the dominant emotion, and normally that wouldn't be a problem. There was a slight problem though that caused her fear to go up…his eyes had been green before.

"You know, on second thought maybe you were right about me being stupid. So if you don't mind…" Standing up quickly she was prepared to back away and make a quick escape, the only problem…he wouldn't let go of her wrist. "Walking away would be much more effective if you would release my wrist…" Though she couldn't deny the fact she was afraid she knew it was dumb to be so. She had spent two hours trapped in a school with who knows how many people that could have possibly wanted to kill her, Derek shouldn't frighten her. But a his grip tighten further, she realized that even if he didn't want to kill her, he was still not having any issues with scaring her to death.

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