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"Your voice gives me a headache." Derek couldn't help much mentally give himself a pat on his back at the affronted look on the younger girls face. He had heard that nothing broke her calm exterior but apparently he didn't fit into the category of nothing. It was true though that he was becoming annoyed. Not necessarily from her voice but her talking was not helping the pounding in his head. The wounds on his back were still open and for some reason they only hurt more with every breath and movement.

"Excuse me, you aren't exactly great company, and hello I'm trying to leave so if you don't like my voice let go of me you over grown man person." Her irritation was obvious and in a way he really did want to let her leave and to never see her again. But her questions made it known that she knew more than she was letting on. No one other than Scott and Stiles really knew what happened in that school, but none of the others had been smart enough to look for him at his house either, not even the two boys. The thought of Scott and Stiles made anger rush through his veins. Mostly Scott though, since he knew it was his idea to say that Derek was the killer. Stiles was annoying and skittish but he was loyal something the other wolf had yet to learn.

"Why do you think what happened in the school had anything to do with Scott? He was just as freaked out as you were, as all of you were."

"He was lying to all of us the entire time, saying it was you. He knew what it was, or who and he lied! Plus he was so eager to leave the classroom to get those keys. Any normal person would agree it was too dangerous, I mean a giant thing out trying to kill people yet you willing volunteer to walk out of the room to find a dead guy. No, no one does that, least not anyone who isn't involved in what is going on. And when Scott said it was you, horrible liar that he is, Stiles looked at him as if he was disgusted. Stiles doesn't lie, he manipulates and uses insignificant things to his advantage but he's like a loyal puppy, and for whatever reason he's loyal to you. So Scott knows something. Ergo, big wolfy attacks us, Scott wants to leave, he comes back and locks us all in a room. No good guy does that unless they want to protect people from themselves or to get them killed and considering he could have easily just left and let us die he wanted to protect us…and since he came back and did it himself he knew something big was going to happen. He was acting weird all night so the only normal thing that makes sense is that he was the one who was going to hurt us, and then decided for whatever reason he didn't want to become a mass murderer."

Derek heaved a sigh in his head as he realized that this little girl had thought this out quite a bit. None of the others had realized anything was out of the ordinary besides Allison had figured out Scott was lying. She at least was so ignorant to all that was going on besides that which involved Scott she dug no further. This insignificant girl though who really had every reason to be scared and less reason to want to dig decided that she would figure out almost every detail in a matter of hours. Details that the three boys had worked hard to hide.

"You're pretty delusional, you know that. Let's say that werewolves really do exist, are you really suggesting that Scott McCall, same Scott McCall that's dating you pathetic little friend is one of them. And not only that but that another giant wolf decided that he wanted that loser guy to attack a bunch of annoying little high school kids?" His goal wasn't to completely disband her thought train, no his goal was to irritate her enough to get her to want to leave once more. He should have allowed her to leave when she had wanted to but she intrigued him. She made him interested in a way that no other woman had, and he wasn't quite ready to let her leave, knowing that once she got away she would never return.

His annoyance though grew as a spark lit in her eyes, they moved away from his to gaze around the burned house, he let out a curse in his head as those inquisitive green eyes connected with his own once more. It was really ridiculous how she seemed to piece things together so quickly, even if pieces were faulty or he could shoot down each theory easily every time, she still came so close to the shoot that it made him uneasy. He knew she was smart, it was easy to tell if you looked just a little harder. Hell he barely knew her what so ever and he knew he knew more than any of those people…besides maybe Stiles cause that kid honestly knew just about everything.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. It would all make sense. Wolves travel in packs, if an alpha wants another wolf in their pack but he already has a pack they want the previous pack killed. That thing in the school was obviously the alpha and wants Scott cause he is somewhat a loaner…except not anymore cause of Allison, who is so not pathetic, and obviously since we all hang out with him we can sort of be classified as a 'pack' and before he can join this other creeper he has to off all of us." Listening to her he was shocked as she pieced everything together exactly how it was. Derek knew that she could easily figure it out, she had given enough of her information away to let him know that she almost had it down, but he was really hoping that she wouldn't know anything about wolves or how packs functioned.

"Say you're right, how exactly do I fit into all of this? I mean you're standing in my home, AFTER Scott AND Stiles said I suddenly decided to butcher a bunch of people. Why are you here, obviously this sounds like it has nothing to do with me." If he couldn't get her away from the werewolf idea he could at least get her away from him by derailing any thoughts she had on him.

Derek watched as a cloud of doubt began to form in her eyes, she wasn't sure how he was involved and if he let her continue to think while she was here he had no doubt that she would find some semblance of truth. Moving quickly he moved forward grabbing her by her shoulders pushing her until her back met the charred wall that stood behind her. Moving down he grasped her small wrists in his much larger hands moving them until they rested above her head. He pressed one of his knees between her parted thighs and moved his head down by her ear as she began to struggle against his hold.

"I could easily kill you, no one knows you're here, no one cares where you are. I could kill you, rip you to shreds and no one would even look for you. You're just the bitchy little rich girl that no one wants. Or instead of killing you I could just take everything you have to offer." Instead of explaining in words he moved his knee upwards grinding into her delicate center as her fear increased. It was obvious she knew what he meant, and though he would never rape anyone he knew it was the perfect way to get her to leave and never come back. Her curiosity was dangerous, years of secrets could be unraveled by this young girl and if she let it out it would only be a matter of time before a repeat performance would happen again with those hunters.

Moving his mouth lower he began to lick at the soft neck that was before him, he could smell her fear increasing, could smell the need to escape as her heart began beating faster than it had the whole night. The strength in her struggling increased, but she never begged him to stop. He found it amusing that even in the face of possibly being raped she still had too much pride to even think about begging.

"Isn't this what you really wanted when you came here tonight, wanted to see if you could get in bed with the towns murderer, Wanted to see if all the rumors were really true, the danger drew you here." Leaning back to her ear once more he whispered the four little words he knew would piss her off even more before he slammed her back into the wall drawing away from her.

"You can't handle it"

Walking away, Derek glanced over his shoulder as he made his way to the door. The look of confusion and anger that lay on her face made him decide that he would definitely be seeing her again, no matter how much danger for him it brought up. He continued walking until he could no longer hear her racing heart.

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