Chapter 1: Denial

Ethan's POV:

After class

Benny- Hey wanna come over after school and play some video games?

Ethan- I don't know, Sarah's babysitting tonight…

Benny- stops walking and looks at me. Speaking of Sarah when are you going ask her out?

Ethan- What do you mean?

I say uncomfortably and look away

Benny- You like her…

he says like it's the most obvious thing in the world

Ethan- Dude, she's just my babysitter, and besides if I did like her which im not saying I do, she'd never like a geek like me.

my face falling and my held hung she was so beautiful and I was ….

Benny- Well if you did like her (which I did, I was blushing at the very thought of her) and im not saying you do, I happen to know she is very into you.

Ethan- my head snapped up and I became very hopeful. And how do you know this?

I say cool, but inside I am screaming. If he knew that Sarah had somehow had even the slightest affection for me I would be so happy! I tried to calm myself before I became too noticeable.

Benny- Well yesterday I was-

Rory- SUP!

NO! I wanted to know how Benny knew Sarah liked me! I guess I would have to find out some other time. I sighed.

Benny/Ethan- Hey Rory.

Rory- Guys we've been over this … call me vampire ninja!

Benny- And why should we do that?

Rory- Because that's what the laddddies call me.

He had no ladies, but I wont either if I cant talk to Benny alone and find out what we were discussing earlier.

Sarah's POV:

Erica- I don't get why you take school so seriously when you can do it over and over.

Sarah- But what If I find a cure?

I Said hopefully.

Erica- Those chances are slim…

Sarah- Look, can we just change the subject?

Sarah hoped with all her heart that her nerds would help her find a cure.

Erica- Sure? Uhh … you babysitting tonight?

Sarah- Yeah…. Why?

I said suspiciously

Erica- Well it's just you've been hanging with the nerds, becoming closer with them …

Sarah- Yeah …

I said knowing there was more.

Erica- One in particular your getting very close with ..

Sarah- WHAT? I don't like Ethan.

I said in a high pitched voice, twitching nervously.

Erica- Oh, come on! I know you like him, plus I didn't even say who I was talking about. Every time your around him all you do is giggle and stare at each other like complete idiots, it's-

Mr. Jefferson- Hello ladies, hope you read last night because we will be having a quiz on chapter one.

Sarah- Yeah, were ready Mr. Jefferson.

Sarah watched him walk away, and smiled knowing she was ready for that quiz.

Benny POV:

I watched Rory walk away, I was so relieved when he interrupted what I was about to say, because I didn't know Sarah liked him, well I knew but I didn't have any proof. So before he could bring it back up I had to change the subject.

Benny- So, I guess I'll come to your house tonight and we can play video games.

Ethan- Sure, whatever. Now tell me how you know Sarah likes me.

Way to avoid the subject I thought to myself, what was I going to say?

Benny- Well seeing as you don't like her it really doesn't matter.

Ethan- Well I still wanna know.

Benny- Yeah, that's the problem umm I know you like her so until you tell me you like her I cant tell you.

I smirked at this knowing he wouldn't admit to liking Sarah. And at the fact that I found a reasonable amount of time to find a better excuse or some proof.

Erica POV:

I so wasn't ready for that quiz, but whatever I would just copy off that nerd Jonathan in class. Ugh, thinking of school was making me sick so I went back to the earlier subject.

Erica- So back to the love of your life..

Sarah- Erica!

Erica- What? You honestly cant hurt him I happen to know he also likes you-

Sarah- You don't know that! And even if you did, I don't care.

She was going to be hard to crack but I had the perfect idea.\

Erica- Fine, you don't like him, you happy?

Sarah- Yes.

General POV:

Sarah and Erica are walking towards Ethan and Benny's locker.

Erica only had a little time to put her little plan into action. She sent a text message to Benny she needed his help he sent ok and got ready for the plan.

Ethan/Sarah- For the last time I don't like him/her! They said this in unison and just as Benny and Erica planned they had heard each other. Erica and Benny ran away leaving them alone.

Ethan/Sarah- Who were you talking about? They both said at the same time.

Ethan- You

Sarah- Oh, me too.

They were both sad, and knew there friends were lying.

Ethan: Benny said you liked me.

Sarah- What? Erica said you liked me.


Sarah- What does oh mean? She said mimicking his voice.

Ethan: Nothing, I'll see you tonight.

He walked away and Sarah just stared till she could no longer see him. She had to know what oh meant.