Reimu was upset.

The Dragon of Gensokyo,or also her father,was being over protective of her. He said he was overprotective because he had been absent in her life for too long.

"Well too bad for him! I am a strong independent miko.I made it this far without him,and I don't need him now!", Reimu thought.

After she got through sweeping the steps of her shrine,she put the broom up and proceded out to the entrance of the shrine,beyond the steps,out to where the sun could shine on her face.

She proceded to do her morning stretches to strengthen her spiritual power. She could feel eyes on the back of her neck,so she turned abruptly,talismans at the ready.

She was greeted with the sight of the Dragon of Gensokyo laying on the side of the roof looking down on her. He smiled and waved at her,and she turned arouned,ignoring him.

"He doesn't get the pleasure of my greetings", Reimu thought bitterly.

She got an idea. She would show him just how much she had grown. She would love to see the look on his face then

She decided to go with the normal stretches. She squatted,breathed,leaned to the side with her hand over her head,leaned to the other side with her hand over her head,back to basic position.

She did a quick blackflip,frontflip,and twirl in the air. Now enough of the basics,time for some spiritual power.

She flared her power,letting a yellow aura incase her. She pulled out her talismans,letting the power coat them. She threw four of them out in front of her to form a blue barrier,then canceled it.

She teleported forward,flipped backwards,then threw out purple talismans that exploded on impact with the ground. She floated, looking at the spot,stealing a glance towards the Dragon.

Seeing his eyebrow raised in approval,she continued with her exercises.

She returned to her original spot,decreasing her aura to a skin tight position,since she didn't need that much power just for these simple techniques.

She summoned her gohei to her hand, performed a quick few swipes in the air,just to warm up her hand and get the spiritual power flowing to the gohei.

She drew an amulet design in the air,and when the crimson amulet appeared in front of her,she put her hands to it and channeled her spiritual power into it.

She then used her energy to make 3 more amulets.

2 to the side(left and right),and 1 to the back. She made them connect to each other to completely envelope her in a spiritual block.

She canceled the amulets and looked back at her roof to see...


Reimu stood there letting it sink in...

And then she laughed and laughed and laughed. She would get her old man later.