Chapter 1: Return to evil

They did it. They defeated Ultron. The thing their parents couldn't. James laughed. It surprised him really. The hulk helped a lot though. He and his "family" were going back to Ultra city. To finish the robots and help the scavengers again.

Torunn, the daughter of Thor stayed with them instead of staying in Asgard with her mother and father.

Pym, the son of Giant-man and Wasp was talking to his older brother Azuri. Son of Black Panther and the X-men Storm.

He looked to his left and saw his new "brother" Hawkeye "Francis" son of Hawkeye (obviously) and Mockingbird chatting to his last family member his sister Alex. Daughter of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

She clearly wasn't listening to him chatter about his adventures because she was snapping her fingers. Eyes glowing whenever fire came out.

He, James, son of Captain America and Black Widow had a feeling he needed to enjoy this moment while it lasted because it was all about to change.

"Can I come in tony?" James asked softly.

Tony Stark, better known as Iron man, glanced back and said "of course James. Sometimes I wish this thing had an autopilot then I could come out and see if you're all alright out there. I think Alex is the only ones with big scratches… Oh you're Gauntlet is sparking we'll have to check that out when we land in a couple minutes." All in a couple breaths.

James smiled, walked in and sat down in the chair next to Tony "I have been wondering what's going to happen after we destroy all of the robots? Would we rebuild the town? Go help other cities that need help? Or will we just stay with the scavengers?" James asked curiously.

Tony looked forward and chuckled "I don't know yet James. You're just like your father. Can never sit down when someone is in trou…" BOOM!

Something hit the ship. Hard.

James looked over at Tony lying on the ground groaning. "Okay I will steer the ship!" James yelled to no one. He ran towards the steering wheel just as the ship lurked down "Ughhh!" James grunted as he tried to pull the wheel up. The plane wings groaned with the effort. "Dang it!"

"So then I shot my arrow across the ravine. It was a clear shot really." Hawkeye ranted.

"Uh huh" Alex mumbled snapping her fingers off.

"As I was getting ready to jump I saw the robots behind me. I realized I had to…" Boom!

"AHHH!" Everyone screamed as they got flung off their seats.

"What's going on?" Pym screamed as he shrunk.

"Where be James?" Torunn also screamed as she snatched her sword from the air before it impaled Azuri in the chest.

They looked around the room, as much as they could since most were pressed against a door. They gave up until they heard a muzzled "Dang it!"

"James" they all agreed.

They all came into the driving chamber to see/hear James grunting in effort of trying to pull the steering wheel up and Tony groaning rubbing his head. Alex, Torunn and Pym all ran (flew) to tony to see if he was alright. Azuri and Hawkeye grabbed the steering wheel with James.

"What is going on Tony? What happened to the ship?" Azuri yelled not noticing that he yelled in James's ear.

"We were right outside Ultra city when this laser comes out of the cannons. Which I thought was dead. Boys aim for those pipes. It might be safer than hitting the ground." Tony said over all the noise.

No one was sure if they were going to make it in.

Truth be told, they didn't.

They were clearly a foot away, but something happened.

Something… Supernatural.

Once they hit the invisible force they went into the pipe. Spinning all the way around. Spinning until they couldn't tell which way was up anymore. The ship came hurtling out of the pipe, no longer spinning and crashed into a giant lump of dirt.

"What a ride." Azuri and Pym wobbled out although Pym slurred awfully.

"Is everyone alright" Alex examined wearily. Tony's face had a couple scratches, but otherwise everyone was fine.

"How do we get out?" Hawkeye interrogated everybody. Flexing his hands.

"Like this" Torunn stated calmly as she walked towards the back exit.

Interested everyone followed her out and saw Torunn carving a big hole in the door. Easily as someone cutting cardboard. As she kicked the gaping hole out of the ship she flew down to the ground she noticed hundreds of little turrets on fire. All around the ship and everywhere else in the cave really. Like a big wave of fire going as far as she could see. It was actually sort of pretty.

"Oomph" someone grumbled behind her. She swiveled around and saw Hawkeye on the ground picking up his arrows and placing them in his quiver. "Thank you James for giving me such a good boost." Sarcasm pouring out while he rolled his eyes. "A warning would be nice though!" He shouted angrily to the hole. Only then did she realize that she carved the hole while floating in the air. "Oops" she thought. "Sorry" a muffled voice cried out.

Hawkeye looked to see Torunn looking at him. "Hey beautiful" He said smoothly. Looking at the scenery around them "Very lovely isn't it?" he quietly said with a smile tugging at his lips. Torunn blushed… she didn't fully understand why. She never did that with any of the other boys. She smiled too. It was a nice moment.

Until a familiar buzzing noise brought them out of the daze. "Torunn. Alex needs your help grabbing Tony out of the ship." Pym stated in a high pitched voice that got annoying quick. "Yes one second Pym" Torunn said a little confused.

After a couple protests of "I'm fine's and I can do it my self's" the girls finally got Tony out of the ship. The girls were about to grab Azuri and James until they saw Azuri's hands. He hoisted himself up and leaned back down. "Reach James" Azuri uttered. Again a muffled voice rang out. "I'm trying…"

Alex flew up behind Azuri. "Don't worry I'll get him" she said as she laid a hand on Azuri's shoulder and pushed him back a little. "Woah… Woah WOAH!" Azuri shouted as he fell to the ground. "HAHAHAHA!" Pym laughed. Azuri looked and glared "I hate you Pym" he grumbled out as he stood.

"Sorry Azuri I meant to move you so I could get by… sorry" She stated sheepishly as she pulled James up.

James came out of the ship. "Wow do you know where we are Francis?" Hawkeye grimaced "you can call me Hawkeye and no I have no idea where we are… Unless the Scavengers built this while I was gone..." He said loudly his words bounding of the walls of the cave.

"The Scavengers wouldn't have enough fire to redo this everyday a male voice stated.

"Show thy face" Torunn shouted with her sword in front of her.

"I don't need to your not even looking in the right direction." Suddenly a ball of fire came hurling at them. "I got it" Alex called. Water flying out of her hands. Steam covered the cave. "Judging by how fast you squirted that water out of your hands, you can cast spells can't you?" A feminine voice rang out from where the fireball came from.

"Come out so I can blast you already!" Pym shouted. "Why would you shoot at us you're the ones coming to our home and besides I have a friend here who could squish you all with just one step." A completely different male voice rang out.

A light came on behind the figures just allowing the Avengers to see the shapes of their bodies. "GrchGrchGrch" Something sounded behind the figures. (Think of the Chewbacca noise, but in more of a growl) A giant spider like thing came up. Its limbs twisting around in loops and twisting in directions that look impossible until its feet hit the ground. Back arching until they couldn't see it anymore. Its neck stretched with the head spiraling this way and that looking at the strangers. Its eyes opened. The glow piercing through the little bit of fog that was still sitting on the ground. Although there were two blue circles.

James stepped in front of everyone cautiously with his father's shield in front of him. "We didn't come here to invade your home. Our plane got shot down. We had to find out where we were. Lifting up his shield in case another fireball came.

"Oh my god!" a different voice said. The spider thing jumped out from behind the figures on the ledge. To be in front of James although still in the shadow. Its eyes widened as it crept towards James. "You have Captain America's shield. How did you get it?" it's limbs slowly retracting slowly, untangling themselves.

"I am his son if you must know." He said trying to sound brave. "James Rogers."

"You are his son, by extension you are leader of the Avengers. Our fathers were very good friends.' The voice recited with enthusiasm.

Tony was trying to figure it out "I can only think of Peter" (Spiderman)

The creature came out of the shadows revealing a girl about the same age as James. Although slightly shorter. She had sandy brown hair going down to her shoulders. Freckles. She had long arms that looked very weak. Really big blue eyes that were still glowing. She extended her arm out to James despite them being 15 feet away from each other. "Hello my name is Reynard Richards. You can call me Reynie."

Authors Note: I finally got chapter one up I am sorry for that taking so long! If you didn't catch the hint of who they were when I wrote invisible force. I am a little surprised. I tried to give everyone the same amount of lines and stay in character. Tell me if I missed something, spelled something or did anything wrong you don't have to review though. By the way if you are wondering who Alex is she is Black - Star 98's creation.