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Warning: smut. Don't like, don't read.

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September 26th, 1999

Hermione shivered as the cold winter air bit at her skin, causing goose pimples to rise like like an army of inferi on her pale arms. The moon wasn't out, so the street was dark, and her surrounding were cloaked in shadows. Her companion walked silently beside her, his brooding expression discouraging all attempts at conversation-not that she had bothered. She saw his eyes drift over to her ever few seconds, and then snap back, as if he were mentally chastising himself. The thought almost made her laugh, but she stopped the noise from escaping her lips.

Another shiver ran through her, and she saw Tom glance at her again, his eyes flitting to her bare arms with a hint of concern. For a moment, his jaw clenched, and then he tugged off his own jacket and tossed it to her without making eye contact, crossing his arms across his chest. She didn't not thank him, but resentfully pulled her freezing limbs through the too-long sleeves, settling into the warmth and, when Tom was looking in the opposite direction, breathing in his musky scent.

They reached their apartment and Tom shoved the key into the keyhole, throwing the door open and storming inside, not waiting to see if she followed. Hermione closed the door behind her, hanging his coat over the back of a chair and moving to start a fire. She heard Tom bustling about the kitchen, so she went to the bedroom and changed into her pajamas, tossing her hair into a messy bun at the nape of her neck.

Tom was still in the kitchen when she came back, so she sank into the sofa and numbly watched the flickering flames, the silence thumping against the walls of her head. She heard the whistle of the pot, and then Tom sank down into the couch beside her, clutching his own cup of tea and setting hers on the table in front of her. She made no move to touch it, but continued to study the fire, the lightly making the contours of her face harsh.

"I really am trying," he muttered after a moment. She could feel his eyes burning in search of hers, but she refused to look at him. "Really, I am. I feel like a little effort should at least be appreciated-"

"-And you think I'm not?" Hermione burst, her head whipping towards him. "You think I haven't been making an effort? What about the fact that I was socially outcast for weeks because I was dating the former Dark Lord, or the fact that my two best friends in the whole world wouldn't talk to me for a month because they thought I had gone round the bend? Or what about the fact that my boyfriend, whom I love very much decides to slight my best friend whenever he can, just because of a little grudge-holding!" He started to protest, but she glared him down. "Don't you dare tell me that your effort should be appreciated, when I have given up so much for you! This is mutual, Tom! Mutual!"

His eyes were a mixture of irritation and guilt. "So what, you just happen not to hear them, when they insult me, and slight me, but the moment I retaliate, like any human being would, I'm the bad guy! You can't keep holding my past against me Hermione! You keep dangling my mistakes in front of me like its going to fix me. I'm going to tell you now, that this is as fixed as it gets, so if this isn't good enough for you, I can leave-"

"Shut up!" She roared, jumping to her feet and sending her tea flying. He rose too, towering over her, but if this intimidated her, she didn't show it. She simply stepped towards him, jabbing a finger into his chest. "You have to learn to control your temper around them! You know they're only going to try to get a rise out of you, and the reason that I expect you not to retaliate is because I know you're the better man-"

"Oh, right!" Tom scoffed condescendingly, striding around the couch to get away from her. She followed, her short legs struggling to keep up with him. "The better man who's just made so many mistakes, and has just screwed up your entire life-!"

"I didn't say that!"

"But you sure as Hell meant it!" his voice covered hers and she let out a shrief of fury, stepping in front of him and shoving him backwards and hard as she could. He hardly budged. "Admit it! That's exactly that what you meant! That you'd be better off if I had never come around, if I'd never interfered with your perfect little life-"

"Shut up!" She sound of flesh against flesh echoed across the room as the blood rushed to Tom's cheek in the shape of Hermione's handprint against his skin. He grabbed either of her wrists, slamming her against the wall as she struggled against his unbreakable grip. Her heel came down on his toe and he grimaced, pinning her hands above her head against the wall and glaring down at her as she slowly quit struggling, though the fire was still bright in her eyes.

"Admit it," he continued, his voice dangerously low. "You would've been so much better off if I hadn't come around and shown you what real trouble was like." His tone was dark, and it made Hermione's stomach lurch with something that she wasn't ready to admit to. "You would've been much happier if I had never come around..." His eyes had left hers and his head had dropped to her neck. "... to show you..." His lips latched on to the skin there, and her back arched against him. "...how good it feels..." His free hand trailed the skin of her stomach. "...to let..." her eyes lifted to meet his, and she realized with a jolt that they had darkened to an inky black. "...go."

Their lips met and he lifted her hips, grasping her ass as her legs latched around his torso. He groaned throatily as she ground herself against him, taking no care to be gentle. He hastily ripped her shirt off and his lips moved to her breast, teasing and tugging and grinning as Hermione made the sharpest gasp he had ever heard. Her hands moved to undo the buttons of his shirt, and he smirked against her lips, neglecting to aid her in her struggle. Finally, when she got the last button undone, she shoved the shirt off his shoulders and it felt to the floor. His chuckle vibrated between the two of them as her hands ran greedily up his tone chest and over the muscles of his stomach. His skin felt on fire where it met her fingers, and he pressed himself flush against her, looping his arms around her back and carrying her towards the bedroom. With a grunt, he tossed her none to gently onto the bed and crawled over her, looking down at her with a predatorial gaze. She glared up at him, grasping his shoulders and tugging him down to kiss her.

Tom lowered himself, her breasts rubbing against his chest. His mouth left a trail of wet, open-mouth kisses from her chest down to her bellybutton, where he nuzzled her stomach, chuckling as Hermione squirmed, his hair tickling her. He lowered himself further, stopping at her lacy underwear. With a smirk, he realized they were his favorites; Slytherin green. "Someone knew we'd be making up, tonight."

"Who says we're made up?" She challenged glaringly. With a raised eyebrow, he took the hem of her panties between his teeth and, without breaking eye contact, pulled them down her legs, tossing them somewhere across the room. Hermione's chest rose and fell with every breath, but she refused to break eye-contact with him, her eyes still narrowed in an expression between hatred and lust.

"Are we made up yet?" he asked innocently, and she raised her eyebrows.

"Not even close."

He brushed his lips against her womanhood, and she let out a sharp breath, reaching down and grasping his hair tightly with her hand. "Tom..." she warned, but he just chuckled, his lips vibrating against her, making her back arch and her lips part wantonly. Hermione's nails dug into his scalp as his tongue poked out his mouth, tasting her. He continued his ministrations, bringing her to the brink and then withdrawing his face from between her legs and moving back up to kiss her. She moaned in frustrations, biting down hard on his lip, her hips seeking his own. This seemed to turn him on more, as he pressed her deep into the mattress, ripping off his trousers and boxers in a matter of seconds and grinding himself against her, grunting and muttering in such an eager way that Hermione was almost undone at the sight of him. Her anger ebbed away at the edges and she reaches in between them, grasping his length and guiding him into her.

Tom let out a moan of satisfaction as he sunk deep into her, grasping her hips and bringing her, if possible, closer to him. He started to move, and Hermione wrapped herself around him, her hands finding his silky hair and her lips finding his. His grip loosened and the kisses became softer, more sensual. Her mouth left a hot trail along his jaw as she breathed against him, clinging to his shoulders as he thrust in and out of her warmth. His lips found her earlobe, and he toyed with it a moment before whispering-panting-" I love you, Hermione."

She mewled, clawing at his chest as she came closer to her peak. Tom's movement escalated, climbing higher and higher as he thrust more and more erratically. Tom let out a grunt as he came, his form collapsing against her, and Hermione followed soon after.

They laid like that for a few moments before he pulled out of her, rolling off of her and pulling her into his embrace. Their naked bodies fit together like a puzzle, and his hand found the curve of her cheek. "I love you," he repeated. "Really. And...I am sorry. I'll try harder, I promise."

"And I'm sorry," Hermione said guiltily, studying the curve of his bicep. "I...I shouldn't be so stubborn."

He pressed his lips to the junction between her jaw and neck, and then let out a short laugh. "Just do me a favour...next time we argue, don't distract me with your seduction techniques, yeah?"

"My seduction techniques?" Hermione protested. "You're the one who slammed me up against the wall! You know I have that thing with walls..."

"Oh, do you?" Tom's mischievous smile told all. "Must've forgotten."

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