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One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew

And then in the darkness I saw a voice say "I'm you"

Inside me a light was turned on

Then I was alive.

-Waterproof Blonde, "Just Close Your Eyes"

Ramona watched the match on the screen in utter silence, her mind alight with bitter thoughts. Phil was losing to The Viper…again. She sighed to herself as Phil was tossed across the ring once more. She hated that he demanded this rematch after he'd already lost at WrestleMania. He should have just cut his losses and moved on to some other feud, but he didn't. No, he went straight to Vince after the match and managed to whine his way into a rematch at Extreme Rules. And all for what? To have his ass thoroughly kicked by Randy Orton. She remembered asking him to let the feud die when he'd returned to the hotel after WrestleMania. Orton had hurt him badly enough for her to have to lay several ice packs over his back and legs. She couldn't take seeing her fiancée in that amount of pain again, and she'd hoped that he wouldn't force her to.

"You don't have to do it, Philly. You don't have to prove anything to anyone by beating Orton." she said, begging him with her eyes not to proceed. He didn't answer her right away but, when he did, Ramona completely regret say anything at all.

"Why?" he growled out, his face twisting up in rage. "You don't think I can beat him?" he questioned. Ramona barely even opened her mouth to respond before Phil's hand came out to wrap around her throat.

"How dare you fucking doubt me." he growled out before throwing her onto the floor and standing over her, fists clenched at his sides…

She shuddered at the memory and dropped her eyes to her trembling hands in her lap. That was almost a month ago and she still felt like it'd happened only hours ago. She took a deep breath to calm herself as she stretched her fingers out, staying their shaking, and began to play and twist the large engagement ring on her left hand while chewing her bottom lip. She studied the ring with her deep brown eyes, smiling slightly as she did so.

It was truly a magnificent ring. The band was made of white gold with a beautiful design etched into its surface. There were three 9 karat diamonds balanced on the top of the ring, the centermost stone being larger than the two on the sides of it. Phil had it made especially for her, going as far as to hand draw the band's design and special request the size of the diamonds. Though she wasn't much for flashy engagement rings, she loved this one all the same.

A sharp knocking on the lounge room door ripped her from her thoughts and caused her to jerk upright into a standing position. She smoothed out her plain black tank top, dark blue skinny jeans, and tugged up her black biker boots before smiling brightly.

"Come in!" she called as she ran a quick hand through her jet black, bobbed hair. The door opened slowly, revealing the large form of Mason Ryan. He smiled at her as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Her smile widened at the sight of him as she was truly happy to see him.

"Hi, Barri." she said brightly, opening her arms to hug him. He smiled deeply upon hearing his given name; she was the only one that he knew outside of his family that called him Barri.

"Hello." he said, his accent slipping through as he wrapped her up in his massive arms. He held her tightly for a moment before releasing her and taking a step away from her.

"How have you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in so long." he asked, as his eyes drifted over her form. She smiled at him despite the slight fear that rose in her as he examined her; she hoped she'd hidden her bruises well enough today.

"I'm good," she lied. "I was a little sick last week, but I'm okay now." she added, offering up an excuse for her recent absence. He nodded to her.

"Phil told us. I am glad that you're feeling better. I was beginning to worry." he said. Ramona nodded in agreement before looking behind Barri quickly.

"Where's Joe and Dave?" she asked, noting that the Welshman had come alone.

"They're at Gorilla position waiting for Punk." he said, plopping down onto the plush leather couch and tuning into the match. Ramona followed his lead and sat, turning her attention back to the match. She winced as she witnessed Randy swing a Singapore cane down across Phil's back. The look on Randy's face was one of pure rage, a look that no one could ever fake. She couldn't blame him really; Phil had said some nasty things onscreen and even nastier things off screen. Phil was lucky that Randy hadn't killed him by now. Ramona sighed at that thought and turned to look at Barri again.

"Was he still upset about the ban?" she asked, referring to the anonymous Raw General Manager's decision to ban the members of the Nexus from ringside. Barri nodded.

"He was very upset again, as if he didn't know that this was going to happen. I don't even want to know how he'll be if he loses the match." he said in that bassy tone of his. Nervousness rose up in her as he spoke those words causing her to go back to fiddling with her engagement ring and chewing at her bottom lip. Mason noticed this and reached out to her. He wrapped his hand firmly around her right wrist, staying her fidgeting and getting her to look back up at him.

"Are you all right, Mona?" he asked, his concern evident in his tone. She forced a smile onto her face, revealing to him her straight white teeth, and placed her left hand over the one he hand on her wrist.

"I'm fine," she said, though it was obvious that he knew she was lying. She could tell from the way he furrowed his brow and frowned at her that he didn't believe her, and she desperately hoped that he wouldn't push her further. She was very good about hiding the bruises at this point so that no one would question her, but she hadn't accounted for anyone noticing any sort of change in her behavior. Phil hadn't ever warned her against speaking to anyone about what went on between them, but she had a hunch that her opening up to anyone wouldn't be received well by her fiancée. With that thought in mind, she made sure to keep the smile plastered on her face. He was silent for a long moment before letting out a sigh and looking at her sternly.

"Okay, but I want you to know that you can talk to me if you ever need to. You do know that, right?" he asked, still gazing at her intently. She didn't respond immediately, instead choosing to think about that fact. She trusted Barri more than anyone else she knew. She'd trusted him from the moment she met him; he'd been like a brother to her for a very long time now. She wanted to tell him about what Phil did to her, what he'd been doing to her for several years now, but she wasn't sure if she should do that. He could probably help her somehow. She knew that he wouldn't be the type of person to just stand by and allow someone to get hurt. She could tell Barri, and he would help her fix this whole thing. He could help her get away from Phil. A pain built in her chest at that thought, sadness working its way through her veins. No; she would not tell Barri about the abuse. She loved Phil still and honestly couldn't bring herself to leave him because of that fact alone.

"Ramona?" Barri asked, breaking through her thoughts. She took a deep breath before forcing herself to smile again.

"I'm okay, Barri." she replied, ignoring the pain that bloomed in her chest as she lied to him.

"And you would tell me if you were not?" he asked in that same concerned tone. She smiled brighter and took both of his large hands into her smaller ones as best she could.

"You're the first person I'd come to." she said in what she could only pinpoint as truthfulness. A blindingly white smile erupted on his face again as he nodded and brushed a light kiss across her knuckles.

"Good, chwaer fach." he replied, finally bringing a true smile to her face at the use of the endearing term. He released her hands and opened his mouth as if to speak again before he was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. Both Ramona and Barri whipped their heads towards the source of the sound to find Phil standing in the doorway of the lounge room. Ramona ripped her hands from Barri's grasp, shooting him an apologetic look before quickly looking back at Phil.

"Am I interrupting something?" he asked in a dangerous tone, a smile playing on his lips. He was still wearing his ring gear, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. His face was void of any real emotion, but his hazel-green eyes burned with absolute rage. Ramona paled under his gaze, fear ripping through her instantly. She knew that look all too well. She stood up quickly and faced Phil, her hands automatically coming together in front of her so she could play with her engagement ring again.

"No, baby. Barri and I were just talking." she said quickly before taking her bottom lip between her teeth once more. She mentally cursed herself for how obviously nervous and afraid she was in the way that her voice trembled, and she could only hope that Phil hadn't noticed it. Though she wasn't looking at him, she could feel Barri looking at her curiously as he stood up beside her and faced his leader. Phil scrutinized them both before he lifted himself from the doorway and approached his fiancée. He stopped just in front of Ramona, his eyes burning down into her own. Her lower lip began to tremble, and she suppressed a whimper as she lowered her gaze to the floor.

"Mason, you may leave now. I need to speak to my fiancée alone." Phil growled out, not even bothering to look at the other male. Barri hesitated for only a moment, sensing the obvious fear radiating off of Ramona, before grunting an affirmation and exiting the room. Phil took in a deep breath as soon as the door was closed and let it out slowly, his breath washing over the top of her head. He was very still for a moment before he reached out and gently tucked her bangs behind her right ear. She quickly looked up at him in confusion, unsure of why he was being so gentle with her. As usual, his face did not betray his thoughts, which only caused her fear to deepen. He brought his hand up again and caressed the side of her face, running his fingertips down along the curve of her cheekbone and his thumb across the soft flesh of her bottom lip. She began to relax under his touch only to have him violently grasp her jaw, holding her in place and eliciting a small whimper from her. He glared down at her through his green eyes, his face contorted into a look of pure rage.

"Did you have a good time with Mason, Doll?" he growled out at her, tightening his grip on her. She winced at the increased pressure on her jaw, reaching her hands up to tug at his wrist out of instinct. This only caused him to tighten his grip further, and he bared his teeth at her as the heat of his rage boiled hotter and hotter. Tears built up in her eyes, but she willed herself not to let them fall.

"Philly, we only talked." she said, managing to speak through the pain in her jaw. Phil brought his face closer to hers, his eyes taking in every inch of her pained expression.

"Really? Then why did I catch him kissing your hand like he's fucking Casanova or some shit?" he asked angrily. Ramona swallowed thickly at his words; she'd hoped he hadn't seen that. She hesitated for a moment, earning herself a tighter grip from Phil.

"It's not what you think, Philly. Barri's like a brother to me! He would never do anything like that with me!" she cried. Phil narrowed his eyes at her, causing a new wave of fear to wash over her.

"I'm not so sure that Mason's the one that I should be worrying about pulling anything like that." he said in a low tone, as if he didn't want anyone but her to hear the words despite the fact that they were the only two in the room. Ramona looked at him wide eyed. She couldn't believe that he'd say that to her. Her tears spilled now as the hurt from his words sank deep into her heart, settling there and swelling with each beat it made.

"I would never do anything like that, Philly. I'd never cheat on you. I love you too much to do that." she said, speaking honestly. She wasn't sure that he even believed her, but he was silent as he looked at her, seemingly searching for any sign of a lie in her eyes. He took a deep breath and released her, throwing her away from him and causing her to stumble backwards a bit. She managed to keep her footing and reached up to wipe her tears away just as he raised his right hand high and slapped her with all his might. Her head snapped to the side from the force of the blow, and stars instantly bloomed across her eyes. She was sure she tasted blood in her mouth, but didn't get the chance to check before Phil grabbed her and pulled her towards him again. He wrapped his right arm around her waist, holding her tight to his bare torso. He crushed his left hand into her hair and wrenched her head back so that she was looking up at him. He glared down at her silently for a quick moment before he crashed his lips down onto hers in a violent kiss, his lip ring pressing painfully into her bottom lip. His tongue probed at her lips and she parted them, allowing him to claim her mouth with his tongue. He quickly sucked her bottom lip between his teeth and bit down on the soft flesh there. She fought down the whimper building in her throat as Phil lifted his face from hers and looked back down at her angrily.

"You are mine, Ramona. You hear me? Mine." he growled out, tugging on her hair for emphasis. A small cry escaped her from the pain of her hair being pulled, and she began to nod at him as best she could.

"I'm yours, Philly. No one else's." she said in a small voice. Phil huffed out a laugh before smacking a heavy kiss to her lips and then releasing her.

"Damn right you are." he muttered to himself as he turned away from her and began to change into his street clothes. Ramona stayed where she was for a couple of minutes, taking the time to dry her tears and compose herself before she turned to Phil. She watched him dress for a moment while she ran a hand through her now frazzled black locks, thinking of something to say that wouldn't upset him. She could only think of one thing that could possibly appease him.

"I'm sorry, baby." she said as he pulled his sweat shirt up over his shoulders. He lifted his bright eyes to her as he zipped up his sweatshirt, a devilish grin splitting his face.

"No, Doll. You're not." he said as he walked over to her again. He ran a hand up her arm, barely grazing the skin there and getting her to shudder beneath his touch, before bringing both of his hands up to cup the sides of her face.

"But, when we get back to the hotel, you will be sorry for everything you've done to me. And, if I'm lucky, I'm gonna make damn sure that you regret ever meeting Barri Griffiths." he said. Ramona was silent as fear erupted within her again. When it came to things like this, Phil was always a man of his word.

Phil was right; he was certainly able to make her regret the things she'd done to upset him. The moment the hotel door had closed behind them, he swept her up by her waist and threw her down onto the hotel bed, not bothering to turn on the lights in the room. He climbed over her thin form and straddled her waist as he pinned her wrists down into the comforter. She didn't fight him; she knew better than to struggle at this point. His grip on her wrists was painfully tight and she couldn't help the hiss of pain that escaped her from the sensation. A sadistic smile spread across Phil's face as he closed his hands on her wrist more, watching the pain creep further into her features.

"You could have avoided this, Doll." he said as he leaned down and pressed a light kiss to her neck. Ramona instinctively lifted her chin to expose herself more to him, receiving a small grunt of approval for her efforts. "I don't like having to hurt you, but you leave me no choice when you do things like the shit you pulled tonight. It makes me think that you don't love me anymore, and I can't have that. Because I love you so much, Doll Face." he growled out, his words devoid of any emotion but anger and pure lust. He pressed several more wet-lipped kisses to her exposed neck before his lips trailed down the length of her slender neck and rested over her collarbone. After over 10 years of being with her, he knew very well that this was the most sensitive place on her entire body. He placed one gentle kiss there, causing her to shudder in something akin to pleasure, before he began to suckle the skin there lightly. A moan escaped her then, one that she could not stop, as he worked his lips over the sensitive area. She was completely wrapped up in the sweet sensation until he opened his mouth wide and clamp his teeth down over the delicate bone and thin layer of skin above it. A shriek escaped her as she felt his teeth sink down deep into her flesh. Tears immediately began to spill from her eyes as she attempted to rock her hips to throw him off of her. Phil clamped down harder on her collarbone, ignoring her screams of pain and the taste of her blood in his mouth. After a long moment of her screaming, he released her and lifted his head back up to look at her, his sick smile present once more. His lips and teeth were stained with blood and he licked it away before huffing out a laugh. A sob escaped her as blood seeped from the stinging teeth marks on her chest, the wound throbbing painfully. His smile deepened at this and he leaned down and swiped his tongue over the wound, causing her to gasp and jerk in pain.

"You still love me, don't you, Doll Face?" he asked, looking back up at her with his sick smile. She could feel that familiar, thick hardness pressing into her pelvis that she recognized immediately as Phil's erect cock threatening to burst from his Dickies, and she sobbed a little harder. Why is he doing this to me? she thought as Phil shifted a bit over her and demanded that she answer him. She was sobbing too heavily to speak, so she nodded furiously to him instead, hoping that he'd accept the answer. A scowl crossed his features as he hovered dangerously over her wound. Quickly, he bit down into the gash again, this time harder than he'd previously done. She howled in pain again, thrashing violently against him once more in an attempt to get him off of her. She was in agony as pain ripped its way through her body, sending her nerves into a frenzy that caused her to twitch. She knew she'd become numb to the pain eventually, and she prayed that that moment would come soon. She sobbed in relief when Phil lifted his teeth from her flesh again and quickly released his hold on her wrists. She didn't have much time to enjoy the relief before Phil wrapped his left hand tightly around her throat, cutting off her airway completely. He leaned down towards her, bringing his lips right up to her ear.

"I wanna hear you say it, Doll. Tell me you love me." he growled out. He sat back again with his hand still firmly attached to her throat to watch her struggle beneath him. She could feel her face reddening from the lack of oxygen, her veins popping as well, as she brought her hands up to scratch at his thick wrist. She hadn't answered him yet which obviously displeased him as he brought his right hand up to the bleeding bite mark on her chest and pressed the heel of his palm down onto it. She wanted so badly to scream out in pain, but Phil's grip on her kept her silent even as she writhed beneath him. Her vision began to cloud over as she began to slip into unconsciousness, so she used whatever breath she had left in her lungs to finally respond to him.

"I love you." she mustered out, though none too loud. Phil's grasp on her neck loosened, allowing her to take a small breath as he leaned towards her again, his ear turned to face her.

"What was that?" he asked as he raised his eyebrows. She took another breath, giving herself enough oxygen to speak louder.

"I love you." she said in a much louder tone. Instantly, he released her, lifted his hand off of her aching open bite mark, and allowed her a moment to cough and sputter before smashing their lips together. She could barely breath beneath the pressure of his kiss, but she allowed him access to her mouth once more, ignoring the ache in her chest from the lack of breathing. When he finally pulled away from her, she gasped in huge lungfuls of air as her body attempted to make up for all the oxygen she'd been deprived of. She brought her hands up to her neck, feeling the painful hand shaped bruises already coming to the surface there, before looking back up at Phil tearfully. He looked back at her with cold, green eyes and he brought his hands up to the side of her face, holding her face tightly in his calloused hands.

"Tell me again." he said in an icy tone. She caught her breath again before nodding to him.

"I love you." she said in a hoarse voice. Phil leaned down to bury his face in her neck again to place heavy, wet lipped kisses down her jaw and neck.

"Again." he said as he licked her battered neck, causing her to wince. She wasted no time in responding to him.

"I love you, Philly. I love you so much." she said, fighting down a cry of pain as he roughly bit the flesh of her neck. He did not bite hard enough to break skin this time, but he still bit hard enough to likely leave a mark behind the next day.

"Good." he said as he sat back up and lifted his shirt up over his head, his sadistic smile back on his face. Tears threatened to flood her eyes again as she recognized what was coming next. It was another one of Phil's lessons; she knew it only as pain.

Nearly two hours later, Phil was finally finished with her. He rolled off of her broken and battered form, pat the inside of her thigh, and grabbed a pair of boxers and sweats before heading off to the bathroom to take a shower. Ramona laid naked and panting on the bed, fresh tears forming in her eyes. She fought them back, refusing to cry again, and waited for Phil to get into the shower. It wasn't until she heard the sound of rushing water did she finally lift herself from the mattress, whimpering and hissing in pain the whole way up. Her body ached everywhere and the stinging she felt over her collarbone signified a desperate need for her to clean the wound. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, forcing herself not to feel; if she focused on the pain, she'd be crippled by it. She willed herself to feel numb all over and sighed in relief as the pain subsided from her consciousness. She stood up and felt around the room for her clothes. She could only locate her underwear and tank top in the dark, and she decided that the items would have to suffice for the time being. When she was semi-covered, she walked to the front of the hotel again, passing the mirrored closet, and flipped the light switch near the front door. The room was flooded with a somewhat dim light, but it would suffice for her to locate the hydrogen-peroxide that Phil kept in his gym bag. She looked around the room in search of the black duffle bag, but stopped upon seeing her reflection in the reflective doors of the closet. A small gasp escaped her at the sight of herself. She was a lot more beat up than she had originally thought.

Her bottom lip was a little swollen and there a small split from Phil's lip ring there as well that she hadn't known was even there. The hand-shaped marks on her neck were an angry red color, the right side also shown with a dark purple ring of teeth marks. The wound over her collarbone was the worst by far: each puncture wound had a small ring of purple and yellow around it, and there was dried blood coming down from each hole individually. She twisted and turned delicately in front of the mirror to reveal small yellow-green bruises all down her legs and arms. Tears brimmed in her eyes again and this time she let them flow freely. She looked truly beaten. Some of the bruises were too dark to cover up with makeup, and the gory bite mark was something she'd be hard pressed to hide with all the tank tops and sundresses she liked to wear. Her suddenly deciding to wear long sleeves and turtlenecks would probably seem suspicious to others, namely Barri, which meant that she'd be forced to stay at the hotel again. This is wrong, she thought to herself as she ran her fingers lightly over her marred body. She closed her eyes at that thought and walked away from the mirror, walking blindly until she came to the edge of the bed again. She opened her eyes then, wiping the fresh tears from her cheeks only to have new ones form as she looked down at the ruined furniture below her. There was blood all over the stark white bedspread, and it occurred to her that every drop of it belonged to her. Wrong, she thought again as she turned away from the mess and sat on the edge of the bed with her back to it, head in her hands. She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath, thinking deeply on the matter at hand.

Phil had hurt her like this many times before, though the areas of damage were not as widely spread as it was this time, and she could always hide the damage easily with a bit of makeup. It unnerved her that he was getting so careless with her. It made her wonder whether or not he actually cared if people saw the ways he was harming her, though she was certain that this was not behavior that he'd like to have broadcasted to the world. It would surely destroy his career, and that was not something she could abide by. The bite mark twinged with pain causing her to wince a bit. She brought her pain down once more before delving back into her thoughts.

The beatings were almost the same every time: he'd yell for a while, harshly beat her, then savagely fuck her until he was just too exhausted to continue. Then he'd leave her there with the evidence of his anger written on her skin while he went off to take a shower or hang out with some friends; anything really that he could do to leave her completely alone and shaking with the pain she felt. Granted, he didn't always do things in that exact order, but each one task was done every time. Her thoughts again drifted to the wrongfulness of the entire situation, and she sighed in frustration at them. This happened after every beating. She'd recognize how incredibly fucked up it all was, then she'd get these ideas of telling people about and getting help or just running away all together. And every time those thoughts and ideas flooded her brain, she'd convince herself out of leaving by telling herself that Phil didn't mean to hurt her or that he was just stressed out over a match and she was helping him in some way with that stress. She'd tell herself over and over again that he would never hurt her unless he had a good reason to, even if he never made that motive clear. And if he did, in fact, make his motives clear, she'd convince herself into agreeing with what he said. I deserve it, she'd think. I need to be punished. At that, she opened her eyes and stared blankly at the carpet in front of her. It occurred to her quite suddenly how stupid that all sounded, and everything became quite clear to her almost instantly. This whole thing had to stop; she couldn't allow this to continue and escalate until eventually she was so wrapped up in the idiocy of it all that it lead straight to her death. No. Tonight would not be one of those nights that she convinced herself that it was all okay, and she refused to ignore how incredibly wrong this was. Phil claimed to love her yet he managed to beat her down to a bloody mess almost daily for years now. Fuck that, she thought to herself. She had to end this here and now. There'd be no more ignoring it, no more excuses, and no more lies. She couldn't stay with her fiancée any longer, not with this violence he inflicted on her. No matter how much she loved Phil, it was clear to her that he didn't love her in the way that he should.

She came out of her thoughts then and back to the world around her with a sense of determination she hadn't felt since she was 16 years old. She lifted her eyes to the bathroom door and listened intently for any sign that Phil would be out to join her soon. She could still hear the water spattering around in the shower, so she stood up from the edge of the bed, ignoring any ounce of pain she felt. She took a few deep breaths and then set out around the room to collect as many of her things as she could and shove them into her canvas back pack. She grabbed a few pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts, her favorite two sundresses, and a few pairs of underwear before grabbing her shiny green iPod with it's matching Skull Candy headphones and her heavily used Mead notebook that carried all of her poetry and a pen. She luckily had her flat iron laid out on the dresser, so she grabbed that as well and shoved it into the pack as well. She collected her other random toiletries from her travel pack and stored those away as well before making sure she had most of what she needed. She was about to close her pack until she noticed Phil's wallet sitting out on the bedside table beside his phone. She glanced over her shoulder in the direction of the bathroom as she flipped open the wallet and removed from it any cash he had in it. Surprisingly, he was carrying close to $700, and she smiled as she folded the bills and folded her hands around them. She walked away from the side table and set her bag on the floor near the door before she ran about the room to pull on her clothes from earlier in the day. She made sure to put her bra on before she made her escape on the off chance she had to run anywhere; running without a bra was not only problematic with her full D-cup breasts, it was quite painful. As she buttoned up her jeans, stuffing the wad of cash in her front pocket, and pulled her socks back on, she began to formulate a rough plan in her head.

She'd need to get out of the hotel as fast as she could so that Phil couldn't find her when he realized she was gone. She could probably make it to a high traffic street and hitch hike her way to the next city. Then she'd need to call someone for help when she was out of harm's way. Ramona racked her brain for anybody she knew that wouldn't let Phil in on her whereabouts as she wrenched her boots back onto her feet. None of her friends from back in Chicago would probably do anything as she stopped talking to most of them many years ago. She cursed under her breath as she stood up again. At this point, most of the people she knew were associates of Phil's and most all of them were likely to at least tell him that she was with them. Everyone except for Barri, she thought suddenly before rationalizing how easily she'd be caught with him. Without another plan, she decided to at least call the man when she figured out what exactly she was going to do. She immediately went back to the bedside table for Phil's phone and scrolled through the contacts for Barri's number. She searched around for a scrap of paper, but found none. Instead, she grabbed one of the hotel pens to write the number on her arm. She scribbled the number down quickly just as Phil shut the shower off in the bathroom. She stalled for just a moment as panic rose up within her upon hearing him throw back the shower curtain and step out onto the tiled floor. She found herself considering calling the whole thing off, before she remembered exactly what would happen to her when Phil found out she'd thought about leaving in the first place. She shook her head, bringing herself back to her senses, and exited out of Phil's contacts before dropping the phone onto the bed. She made a run for the front door of the hotel room, quickly sweeping her pack up onto her shoulders, just as Phil opened the bathroom door. She didn't look back as she wrapped her hand firmly around the handle of the door and wrenched it open, taking off quickly down the hallway. She fought down the feeling of pain growing within her aching muscles as she sprinted down the carpeted hallway and rounded a corner towards the elevators. She could vaguely hear the sound of the hotel room door opening and Phil screaming her name, but she didn't look back, she wouldn't dare look back. She was prepared to round the next corner in order to get to the stairwell until the dinging sound of the elevator caught her attention. The doors were just opening up and decided to take a chance on the elevator. She picked up speed as she sprinted towards the spreading doors at full speed, not noticing the tall being taking a step out of the wood paneled shaft. She saw the man far too late and found herself colliding full force with him, shoving him backwards into the elevator on his ass with her falling in right on top of him. She began to quickly utter her apologies to him though she was honestly barely paying him any attention. Ramona rolled off of him and looked behind her, smiling in satisfaction as the elevator doors slid closed. She collapsed down onto the floor of the elevator with a triumphant laugh, smiling at the ceiling as the elevator worked its way down the floors of the hotel and far away from Phil.

Chwaer fach= little sister (in Welsh)

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