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"We, the Wizarding Verdict, find Harry James Potter: Guilty for the murder of a muggle."

The fat judge slammed his mallet down. "Very well, , because of your age, you will be sentenced to 2 years in 'Special Prison'. Meeting dismissed." He slammed his mallet down again, and everyone begin to leave. A bald Wizarding officer grabbed Harry by his arm and led him out of the courthouse. They approached an English cop car, where the bald officer shoved Harry in the backseat and he got in the front.

He mumbled. "I don't know why the hell we need to ride around in these muggle machines..." He then shook his head and looked at Harry through the rearview mirror. "Alright, off to 'Special Prison. Got your wand ?"

Harry nodded. They had allowed him to keep his wand as long as it was neutralized.

"Alrighty." The bald man said, starting up the car and pulling off. Harry reminisced about what had previously happened.

Harry walked in after a rough day at school. As soon as he put his bag down he heard screaming.

He frantically ran through the house, trying to locate where the screaming came from. He eventually found it, in his aunt and uncles' bedroom. He froze at what he saw before he could even enter the room.

Blood was everywhere. All the furniture in the room was destroyed and broken. On the bed, there was his uncle lying, obviously dead. His legs and arms were missing and there was a sword lodged into his chest. His eyes were wide open, so was his mouth. Harry's aunt stood beside the bed, screaming nonstop and hugging her husbands' dead body. Suddenly she noticed Harry.


Harry snapped back to reality. "N-no, wait-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FREAK! GO TO HELL!" She screamed. She grabbed at her hair, pulling patches out. "YOU KILLED HIM!"

"Aunt Petunia.."

She let out one more huge scream before passing out.

Not even an hour later, Wizard officials were rambling through the house, investigating the scene. They had come to a conclusion almost immediately. It was definitely a wizard who caused the crime and Harry was the only wizard in the house. The blame was all on him. There was a thought that occured in his head as he was whisked away..

'The bastard was dead'

And now he was going to this place.. 'Special Prison'...

"We're here." The bald officer said.

They had pulled up to wrought iron gates that were clearly rusting, a sign above them read "The Academy for Troubled Boys" A path led up to an extremly scary, large gray building. It looked like one of the asylums Harry saw in those scary movies.

Suddenly, the gates opened.

"Well, get out." The bald guy said. Harry stepped out the car, tightening his grip on his wand. "Enjoy your life." The bald guy said, cackling as he sped off.

Harry took a deep breath, and walked through the gates and up the path.

After 3 minutes, Harry finally approached the building. There was a huge door with huge rusting handles. He took a deep breath and reached for the handles pushing the large door open. He walked through, entering complete darkness. The door shut behind him.

Harry stood for a few minutes, the darkness making him uneasy. He held up his wand and muttered 'Lumos', light appearing on the tip of his wand. Apparently there was never ending darkness, a he could still see nothing. Suddenly a voice spoke.

"Harry Potter."

"Y-Yes?" Harry squeaked out.

"Advance forward." A light appeared from the darkness. Harry walked towards it. When he reached it, he felt himself suddenly being pulled through and was immediately blinded by light.

"Potter, is it?" a deep, calm voice asked.

"U-umm, yes.." Harry answered, trying to adjust his vision to the light. Finally, he could see.

The room was covered ceiling to floor in velvet. But everywhere he could see there were boys. From what he could tell, they were in some type of uniform, but it seemed to him like they were different from other uniforms he'd seen...

"Harry Potter." Harry looked to the source of the calm voice. There was a man with scraggly black hair that was in a ponytail.

"Welcome to The Academy for Troubled Boys."

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