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Harry decided he wanted to know his way around the school better, and was now wondering around the school aimlessly.

This was a bad idea.. Harry thought. It wasn't even 10 seconds and he was lost. He groaned in frustration.

"You're not masturbating are you?" A voice said behind him. Harry turned around to see a red-headed boy with blue eyes smirking at him.

"Why the hell would I be masturbating in the middle of a hallway?"

"It's pretty normal around here actually." The boy held out his hand. "I'm Ron."

"Harry.." Harry said, shaking his hand reluctantly.

"So, if you weren't masturbating I'm guessing you got lost."

Harry nodded.

Ron laughed. "Don't worry, you'll know your way around here pretty soon. It's almost time for classes though.. Do you know where to go?"

Harry shook his head. "All I know is that I have Mr. Lockhart right now.." Harry saw a flash of pity in Ron's eyes.

"I'll show you the way then..."

Ron had led Harry to a door that read 'The Gild'.

"Well, here we are. Good luck.." Ron said before striding away.

Harry took a deep breath before opening the door. The first thing he saw was himself. He was confused until he noticed that he was looking into a mirror. Then he noticed that the whole enitre walls of the room were mirrors.

"Welcome! I'm Mr. Lockhart. You must be Harry, correct?" A man with strawberry blond hair asked.

"Um.. yes.." Harry saw that only four other boys stood in the room.

"Well, don't be shy and come over here!" Harry reluctantly walked to him. Mr. Lockhart immediately grabbed his chin and pulled it towards him. "My my.. What a beautiful face you have... Those eyes especially..."

Then he kissed him.

His fucking teacher just kissed him. Right on the mouth.

Harry quickly pulled away but was then pulled into one of the boys arms.

"Shall we give him our salutations, ?" The boy said, grinning evilly.

"Yes.. we shall..." Mr. Lockhart said, unbuttoning his shirt.

"W-wait, what do you mean salutations?" Harry said, trying to get out of the boy's grip, to no avail. The boy threw him to the floor, and before Harry could get up, the boys all held his arms and legs down.

"L-Let me go!" Harry cried out, struggling to break free.

Mr. Lockhart, who was now mostly naked with only his pants on, and the boys stripped Harry's clothes off. Harry blushed as his cock was exposed.

"God that blush makes your face even more beautiful.." Mr. Lockhart panted, stroking Harry's face. "Don't you agree boys?"

The boys nodded, observing Harry's body. Harry noticed that they were also naked when one boy took the liberty to stroke himself.

Mr. Lockhart unzipped his pants, pulling them down a little to stroke himswelf as well.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Harry cried out, and begin to struggle again. He stopped aburptly when Mr. Lockhart began to run his hands across Harry's body. Harry trembled at the feeling.

"I think Harry likes it, Mr. Lockhart.." One of the boys panted, reaching one hand out to tease Harry's nipple. Harry yelped, unable to struggle anymore. The boys noticed and let go of Harry's arms and legs, now exploring his body.

Harry's cock began to harden at the touches on his body. A boy was on each of his nipples, sucking and nibbling at them. Another boy was rubbing his inner thighs, and another was licking his neck. Mr. Lockhart however, was rubbing his and Harry's cocks together. The friction sent waves pulsing through Harry's body. He involuntarily thrust up against Mr. Lockhart. Suddenly, all of them stopped and got off Harry, standing up.

"Sit up Harry." Mr. Lockhart said, stroking himself.

For some reason, Harry obeyed, sitting on his knees.

Mr. Lockhart grabbed the back of Harry's head and brought it towards his aching member. "Suck." Harry opened his mouth and took as much of Mr. Lockhart as he could in.

"Us too Harry.." One of the boys said. Harry was momentarily confused but then took hold of the boy's erection in his hand and stroke it. He did the same to the other two boys in his other hand, his hand barely fitting around both members.

"Oh God Harry.. You're such a good student.." Mr. Lockhart panted, looking close to climaxing. Harry stopped sucking and let Mr. Lockhart stroke himself. "Hold your face up Harry. I wanna come on that beautiful face of yours.."

"Me too.." One of the boys said. "I'm close.."

Harry let go of all of them and, for some reason, anticipated for them to come.

Mr. Lockhart groaned, white hot liquid shooting from his member onto Harry's face. The other boys followed. Soon Harry's face was dripping with the hot liquid. Mr. Lockhart kneeled and turned Harry's face to the mirrored walls.

"Look Harry. Look how beautiful your face is.." He smiled and then kissed Harry.

"Welcome to my class."

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