So, this is my first dabble into the Warehouse 13 fanfic, and i soo hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: I do not now anything, accept for Justin, made him up on the spot

Claudia knew this day was comming,but she just didnt expect it this soon. As Myka, her substitute big sister,helped her into her dress, the were both crying. They knew that, in 2 hours, Claudia would make the walk to her destiny and future, Justin. Her Warehouse family was trying to make this the best day ever. Mrs. Fredrics had arranged for the service to be held in a small church in Deadwood. Pete, Myka, Steve and Leena pooled all their money togather to send the newleyweds on the European Honeymoon. Only Artie, her substitute father, would not be able to attend, due to the fact that he was hunting an artifact in daily correspondence by Farnsworth, Artie and Claudia were able to make amends. A knock at the door was heard. " Who is it? Asked Myka. " ItsPete, Ive come to walk my little sister down the asile. So Claudia, heart beating fast, and standing there stood...

So, what do you think so far, its short, i know, but i have alot of ideas for future chapters, so PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!